The Super Damage Thread

All damage values apart from for dedicated anti air supers tested on standing Ryu, for anti air he is jumping. (Big Bad Explosion is of course tested on PTX since its giant only)


Shinku Hadoken: 8,887 (8,635 Fullscreen) (720 per hit until the last which does 1040)

Shinku Tatsumaki Senpukyaku: 12,535

Shin Shoryuken: 16,560


Kikoushou: 9,686

Hoyokusen: 8,936 (Launcher, can air combo afterwards)

Schichisei Senkukuyaku: 20,800


Finishing Shower: 13,671 (All Rockets hit) 11.151 (No stick movement point blank)

Valkyrie Turn: 17.126 (Max hits) (Can combo afterwards)

Darkness Illusion: 19.426


Boomerang Raid: 13,098

Stun Gun Headbutt: 4,925 (Leaves opponent dizzied)

Hyper Bomb: 25,960


Super Guts Bullet: 10,352

Super Guts Uppercut: 10,692

United By Fate;
>Hadouken type thing: 20,666 (Not going to try to spell whatever he shouts for that)
>Double Guts Upper: 21.507
>Combo into kick: 30,526 (Again not going to try to spell whatever he shouts for that)
>Dead Partner: 30,902

Megaman Volnutt

Macine Gun Sweep: 9.374

Max Power Drill Uppercut: 13,823

Max Power Shining Lazer: 14,832 (Unmashed) 18,475 (Mashed)

Kaijin no Soki

Sword of Purification: 12,366

Oni Tactics;
>Green charge no followup: 7,200
>Green Charge B+C followup: 9,100
>Blue charge: 18,684
>Red charge: 25,673

Onimusha Transformation: N/A

Oni Cutter: 28,160


Roll Mop Up Turbo: 15,783 (All hits only guarenteed in corner, 1440 per hit, 4800 for broom swing at the end)

Roll Down Time: N/A? (Will hit the opponent and make the stagger but no health loss) (Heals between 6,363 and around 7k don’t know about guts effects)

Oh. No. You. Didntt!: 22,751


Positron Storm: 12,734

Load Super Armour-Piercing Shell: N/A, Shell does 10.000 once loaded

The Worlds Greatest Attack: 20,930

Viewtiful Joe

Desperado: 16,800

Mach Speed: 6,363 (Launcher, can air combo afterwards)

Slow & Zoom in: 20,916


Arsenal Barrage; (To be honest this move is a bugger to test, damage seems to vary a lot, please correct me if I have something wrong, if more people want to test it and put the results together in averages that may be a good idea)
>Rocket+Chaingun: 13,301 + 20,550 (Missiles)
>Rocket+Shotgun: 14,862+ 20,550 (Missiles)
>Rocket + Missile: 30,966 + 20,550 (Missiles)
>Rocket+Rocket: 25,522+ 20,550 (Missiles)
>Chaingun+Shotgun: 9,865+ 20,550 (Missiles)
>Chaingun+Missile: 15,209 + 20,550 (Missiles)
>Chaingun+Chaingun: 4,261 + 20,550 (Missiles)
>Shotgun+Missile: 20627 + 20,550 (Missiles)
>Shotgun+Shotgun: 15,981+ 20,550 (Missiles)
> Missile+ Missile 28,978+ 20,550 (Missiles)
Ending missiles seem to do around 400 per hit per missile, ending missile values posted are max values produced by walking Lightan through the explosion, damage will vary.

Tactical Calibur: 15,010

L-P Buster: 23,652

Frank West

The Real Mega Buster: 9,785 (Full Screen) 10,072 (Up to around 75% screen distance)

Dead Rising: 10,252

Zombie Charge: 20,590

Big Bad Explosion: 19,440


Rekkoha: 14,382

Sogenmu: N/A

Dark Hold: 21,000


Super Passion;
>Uncharged: 2,400 (Measured for one pass through, it can bounce and combo into itself depending on positioning)
>Half Charged: 10,422
>Full Charge: 13.115

Omotchamas Roll
>Hundred Hand Slap: 1,925 (Will sometimes combo straight into another one for more damage)
>Single Hit Dash Horizontal: 3,500
>Single Hit Diagonal Dash: 1,500

This Weeks Surprise Robots: 21,745 (Unmashed) 28,601 (Mashed) (Possibly 31K with more mashing)

Joe The Condor

Condor Magnum: 12,223

Bird Missile Strike: 8,194 + 15,000 (Missile)

Science Ninpo: Tornado Fighter: 22,852

Tekkaman Blade

Crash Intrude: 9,958

Voltekka: 13,987

Omnidirectional Super Voltekka;
> Opener Hits: 22,051
>Opener Misses: 20,350

Golden/Silver Lightan

Gold/Silver Kick: 16,800

Gold/Silver Crash;
>Grounded: 14,240
>In Air 2 hits: 13,200
>In Air 3 hits:

Gold/Silver Finger crash;
> Grounded: 23,440
> In Air 2 hits: 22,400
> In


Grand Slam Attack: 15,155 (Only does 6,392 at point blank on a cornered enemy though)

Final Reversal Breaker: 8,800

Come Fourth: Gyakuten-oh!
>5A/B: 2,400
>2A/B: 1,600
>8A/B: 5,200
>C: 34,400


In The Beginning: 8,000 (Per hit)

Punching Bag Fiesta: 16,143

Supreme Evil Plan: 30,398


Zan Ei Jin: 15,134

Shiranui: 14,600

Hiei Zangetsu: 20,600


Yatter Wan Special Attack: 14,053

Yatter Wan Flame: 12,602

This Weeks Surprise Robots: 29,136

Hurricane Polimar

Single-Handed Vacuum Spin;
Ground: 16,518
Air: 11,966

Tenshin Polimar Drill: 22,726

Illsusion Destructive Fist: 30,177


>Ground: 16,251
>Air: 17,563 (May vary depending on positioning)

Super Spinning Tek Lancer;
>Lance hits: 9,756-19,461 (Varies based on positioning)
>Just beams: 20,230

Space Knights Formation: 28,225


Scrap Android: 12,258

Brutal Ax: 10,005

Super Destruction Beam: 25,552

Jun The Swan

Talon Burst: 10,217

Mirage Swan: 11,481

Science Ninpo Phoenix: 23,671

Ken The Eagle

Gatchaman Attack: Lightning Strike: 12,163

Science Ninpo: Bird Smash: 9,160

Science Ninpo Phoenix: 27,895

Feel free to mention if I’ve missed anything or got anything wrong, or to take the information for character threads.

Edit 1: Updated Yatterman-2’s lvl 3 mash damage from 24,485 to 28,000
Edit 2: Added Polimar’s Air throw super damage and updated Volnut’s mash damage from 15,542 to 18,475 changed Yatterman-2’s mash damage to 28,601 (Good old waxing the buttons with sleave method can’t believe I didn’t think to use it during testing)
Edit 3: Mentioned that Chun and V.Joe can combo after certain supers
Edit 4: Mentioned that Morrigan can combo after Valkyrie Turn.
Edit 5: Edit to Yatterman-2 mash damage.
Edit 6: Added Ryu full screen shinku hadouken damage, added damage per hit on it, Roll’s super and Missiles, amended missile damage, added missile damage, added Lightan arial super damage
Edit 7: Added all missile damages and lightan ariel vairiations

I’ve mashed Yatter2’s level 3 to 28K, so it does at least that much if you mash it properly, if not more.

Ok I’ll update that then, figured the mashing parts would be the first to need correcting, thanks.

Polimar’s air grab and ground grab do different damage.

You can get more out of mashing Rockman’s lv3.

Thanks, edited the main post again.

whats the deal with this big bad explosion move? i never saw it on any move lists.

I thought Jun only does 18 billion with he lvl 3 HC. I’m really surprised about how much Doronjo does with her lvl 3 and Batsu when his partner is missing.

It’s on the in-game movelist, it’s the varient on Franks Level 3 when he does it to the giants.

Karas’ Zan Ei Jin is one of the most powerful level 1 supers in the game.

I’ve heard Morrigan’s Darkness Illusion can be mashed but I could be entirely misinformed.

Also I’ve been told by a Roll player that her second super heals any robot characters who intercept it and hurts non-robots… probably old news though even if true.

i think any supers that allow for combos afterwards should be appended as such, similar to how alex’s stungun is listed now

like, going by the list chun’s houyoukusen looks terrible, but if you add a standard combo after it does like 17b or more

I’ll give mashing it a go this afternoon and see if it does anything, I think Roll’s second super just hits the opponent for no damage though, nothing shows up on the damage display and their character portrait doesn’t even flash red when getting hit.

Ok I’ll add that to what I know of for now and do a little more testing later to see who else has it besides Chun and Viewtiful Joe.

Mashing Morrigan’s lvl3 doesn’t do anything. Valkyrie Turn can be comboed afterward provided that the last hit connects at near point blank. Comboing into it can be a pain in the ass though. I can only do one or the other, and only the former with various VHCs.

Ah thanks, I’ll add that to the move then.

Did you guys decide to have This Week’s Surprise Robots average be placed at 28k?Because I’ve managed to mash to 55 hits and 31k.

I’ll post it up in brackets but are you sure you didn’t combo into it or have your damage set higher?
I know if you mash too fast it actualy doesn’t count as many button presses (since I just got out a turbo controller to try and validate that)

As I said I’ll stick it up but a video would be nice if you have the equipment, or a screenshot to get the exact damage value.

I actually trying to do it again right now.I keep getting 56 hits and only 26.345 damage :confused: This is gonna be a long night.

Roll Down Time deals 1 pixel damage AFAIK

Also, AFAIK you can mash Yatterman 1’s This Week’s Surprise Robots

Do we have an accurate read on how much HP roll gets back from healing, and if scaling from guts affects it?

It did do 1 damage in CGoH and from what I saw, for the most part, damage for both games were the same (I was planning on updating the “By the Numbers” threads but saw they were the same so I skipped it). The differences usually started coming if the opponent got juggled in the air (like Ryu’s Tastumaki Senpuu Kyakuu). Also, I did find a few rounding issues between games as well with how some damage is calculated so there is a difference, but only like of 1 or 2 (gets higher on some multi-hitters). I was going to verify some of these when I got home and off work. I do know off the top of my head, Ryu’s Shinkuu Hadoken’s damage depends on where you are on the screen, but not by as much as in CGoH. But, it did do 19 or 20 hits resulting in 2 different damages. I’ll post more later, since it looks like I am about done.

Editing with some results on a few tests and comparisons from the CGoH

  1. General information. By in large, damage is the same as CGoH with some exceptions/caveats. A number of supers have lost up to 10 damage from CGoH. If you follow the scaling formula to calculate out what expected damage will be, you’ll see somewhere in the middle it starts losing 1 point of damage for a various number of hits up to a net total of 10. CGoH did have this kind of rounding issue, but it wasn’t quite as noticeable. Combine this with the fact that more damage is inflicted upon opponents in the air, and that is why some numbers may not appear to match their original totals.

  2. Ryu. Shinkuu Hadoken will only hit 19 times from far away for a total 8635. Up close it will get the full 20 for 8887. Each hit of the super does 720 (scaled) and the last hit does 1040 (scaled).

  3. Saki - Just a general comment. Because of the damage boost against aerial opponents, her Positron Storm does just over 3200 more damage now (buff), while her Super Shell does 2000 less now (nerf). Her L3 Counter Super incidentally does 10 points less that before (see above note). So I remember reading that this was improved and it’s not the case (very slight nerf in fact).

  4. Roll - What I stated in her By the Numbers thread still stands. Unless you do the Mop Up Turbo against an opponent in the corner, each hit is not guaranteed to hit or combo, and the last hit can possibly miss or be blocked. So the damage listed is only correct against someone in the corner. If you use it against a grounded opponent, the damage for the super is only 13608 scaled (each hit is 1440 scaled, and at a minimum, it will do 7560 against a grounded opponent). Just for reference, the last hit (when Roll swings with the broom) does 4800 scaled. Also, her L3 if performed against a grounded opponent will do 6400 scaled (8 hits at 800 scaled each, 5280 at most as I listed in her BtN thread, 2240 at a minimum, which is what you’ll most likely end up if you did this. Ouch.)

Also, Roll’s healing super does 0 damage now.

  1. Gold Lightan - They fixed 1 issue and nerfed him in another. In CGoH, the Gold Crash (and L3 version) did less damage against another Giant at full screen. This has been fixed, so the damage is consistent regardless of opponent. What did change is if he performs the Gold Crash in the air at close range so it hits twice, as it and the L3 version both do way less damage.

As listed, if Lightan is on the ground, the Crash will do 14240 and L3 will do 23440. If Lightan is in the Air, performs the Crash, and it hits once, the damage is 13200 and the L3 will do 22400 (this is the same as CGoH). If Lightan’s Air Crash hits twice, the damage is now 12980 and the L3 will do 20800 (down from 14140 and 22880 from CGoH).

  1. PTX-40A - I’m just going to point you here: since it also included the 2 Chain Gun scenario along with combinations with the Missiles. (I called the Chain Gun, Machine Gun in that thread). 2 Chain Guns still do the same pathetic damage - 4354 (1 point less than before in fact). As for the rest of the numbers, there are a lot of factors that can adjust how much damage is done in fact. Since the explosions juggle the opponent in the air, more damage will be inflicted, but at the same time, I’m finding the explosions don’t seem to juggle as easily as before so you may not get as many hits. Doing this super against taller opponents as well as opponents stuck in the corner also tend to lead to more hits (esp. with the Shotgun). I think I posted the most was able to do with each combination back in the day, so take it all with a grain of salt.

That’s about all I have for now. Hope this fills in some of the gaps.