The Super Damage Thread

^Thanks for that, didn’t even know PTX could get missiles outside of the second part of his super.

Not really sure how to check Roll’s healing accurately, I’d put it at around 6 or 7k from eating a Ryu super and then healing in vs mode, might try messing around with ippatsuman’s robot to get it more precise.

Oh and Mashing makes no difference to Yatterman-1s super in UaS.

Edit:It’s at least 6,363 that Roll heals

The missiles for PTX-40A happened by accident in that I got stunned in the middle of the super so I was left with them on my shoulders. This is still possible in UAS. Also, don’t forget Lightan has 2 aerial damages with the Gold Crash / L3 based on how many hits you get. The net damage is less if you hit twice. I should update / finish the other characters with their normals too.

Thanks for that sorted the missile supers and lightan stuff now.

roll’s heal super deals 1 damage if it hits any non-robotic character, iirc

It doesn’t anymore. It does 1 hit for 0 damage now.