'The' Super Gem (Pocket) fighter Thread


It’s a shame this game doesn’t get the love it deserves…or a sequel.


How do you do morg air dash?


For Morrigan: Hold S and double tap forward or backwards and hold.


thx man.

could i have a list of all the hidden moves?

When I have cpu felica she does 3 dp/dive kick move and blanka ball and i cant figure out how to do them. =x


This game rules. I never thought Gief was so good, but I had an inkling that Chun Li was.

I use Hsien-Ko and abuse the fuck out of her multi projectiles (lvl 2 is best), and her super gong.

Gotta land the umbrella super to make it rain gems, but that’s not too hard.


We should have a GGPO Tournament. I really want to play this game again. There is never anyone on GGPO playing this. This game is good and had depth though on the surface it may seem like cheese. anyone interested in trying to make this happen. hit me up. There has to be someone out there who still wants to play this game.


if u guys do something like that then record matches!


You know I definitely will, but first I have to find some people willing to play lol.


I’m definitely willing to run some matches on GGPO. Pocket Fighter’s a really underrated game; beneath the surface there’s some rather deep and interesting stuff you can do. I only wish Ken didn’t suck in this game. :shake:


Yeah, I know. It’s unfortunate that Ken is some garbage in this game, fortunately I play Sakura lol. I’m definitely looking to create a small revival in this game, we just have to find a few more willing souls. Then maybe we can get this thing organized and have some Pocket Fighter fun. I think it will be awesome.


me and 2 other ppl r down with this tournament, when it gonna start?


To be totally honest bro this idea just came to my head yesterday after playing a few matches with my girlfriend. So as of right now there is no date set as I’m not really sure how to go about this. I’m no tournament organizer by any means. I was just hoping to throw the idea out there and spark some interest. That’s what brought me to this forum, to find players. Once we get a few people we can set a date, create a bracket on challonge, then get on GGPO, play it out, and have some fun! Any inputs are welcome…


it real easy to run a tournament, ill make thread telling ppl about it… it’ll prolly start on sunday jun 10, 2012 next week


Cool lets do it! if you make the thread let me know. a few people i know are trying to get in on it too. should be a blast!


Be ready in 2 weeks, bro.! Have fun!!!


Let’s do it bro. that’s perfect! i’ll be settled back in the states just in time!


BUMP because of this sick footage: http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2013/apr/06/super-gem-fighter-professional-play-japans-cho-arcade/

Someone wanna gimme a rundown of how Chun-Li plays? I wanna start playing this game, and I might as well start with the best. Even if I don’t end up playing her, I should probably know how to beat her.



Albeit late, had a blast playing this at EVO. Tessa Dive Kicks for days! Link below shows high level play for a lot of the cast esp Chun / Hsien-Ko. http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2013/apr/06/super-gem-fighter-professional-play-japans-cho-arcade/

If anyone is on GGPO / SuperArcade and wants to play hit me up!


does anybody play this on Fightcade???