The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


It seems our Psycho Power exceeded what our last host body could hold. A new body is needed to contain our awesome power!!!

This is the new body! LONG LIVE THE NEW FLESH!!!

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The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread

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Uh… no… Why has this been moved to the Fanfiction section? This isn’t really fanfiction. Move it back to SFV forums and sticky it at the top. This is probably one of the more active SFV threads…


Yeah, I got tricked by the second link above was in Fan Fiction for an unclear reason. Interesting threads. Fixed.


Has the story thread kinda split now? Chun-Li_Forever opened another thread shortly after the previous one closed and the discussion moved them, maybe we should just merge the threads?


Yeah we are already posting stuff and material in the other one (wich should get sticked)


So I was looking at Falke’s trailer again, and looking at her moveset, it occurs to me that it looks like her moveset was designed around her holding a rifle instead of a staff. A lot of her moves look like how you’d smash someone with the butt of a rifle, and she straight up fires it like a rifle in several moves.

I’m curious if maybe she didn’t originally have a gun during development and it ended up getting changed to a staff later on?

If so, then good on them, because I don’t want a gun wielder in SF. But some of her moves still look odd.


Psycho Guns > real guns!


I think you’re impression would change if you saw the Capcom Unity stream.


Hey story peeps, if you noticed that our beloved story thread has been closed. Apparently, after 10k replies, it automatically locks it down. So I’ve taken the liberty of creating a new one so we can continue our discussions, talks, debates, and shenanigans. Maybe it’s only a temporary thread, but until then, Feel free to tag those involved.



“… And they say that on that day that giant Green Bison face was so ugly that everyone died. The end.”


Blame @YagamiFire for misgendering Cammy. Even the servers knew of the obscene comment.

That, or we exposed Cammy+Juri’s K-pop career.





My prediction is Falke is in some kind of Shadaloo Psych ward, having nightmares after being experiemented on. (First fight w/ M. Bison.)
Ed then comes to the rescue. Falke, still traumatized by her nightmares, attacks Ed (Second fight w/ Ed)
Ed offers Falke to join his team.


It could be just Ed waking up to Falke’s turning and tossing and maybe screaming and checking in her.
Just got to wait until one of our translator squad comes in.


Yo, Bison looks hella creepy in that image. I’m excited for this.


Falke: “Ah… Aah… Help…”

Falke: “…Leave?”

Falke was locked in some Shadaloo facility (in Germany?) and Ed came to her rescue. Judging by the last image, it looks as if she even had trouble thinking about leaving in the first place. Poor girl.


It’s good to be back! Thanks to @Chun-Li_Forever for starting up the thread again.


It’s great and all but the 10,000 reply limit is a daunting thing, which means that we’ll burn through this thread within 3 months. I hope they can fix this reply limit .



Today (4/17) marks the birthday of M. Bison.
But for all of us except @Daemos