The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread

So the thing that Capcom both Japan and US tries to leave ambigious is the form of Kage? Right?

Probably intentional.

So Kage is probably description by those that encountered him not a name from both Capcom US and Japan standpoint.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Im glad because of Kage there won’t be some kind of SNH Sagat rumor lol. Never liked those ideas to arise.

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Most definitely, this is shown in SF4. Ryu’s 2 Ultra’s are both SnH based Metsu Hado/ Shoryu. Ryu’s proficiency for SnH in this point of the story is akin to Goutetsu as he can use the SnH during certain attacks yet not be totally overcome by the influence of it. By SF5 Ryu surpasses this plateau by using Denjin, an attack which uses the SnH as a catalyst for the attack instead of using SnH directly.

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I think there’s not shortage of PP, unlike SnH that come inner spirit, Bison have ways to generate it from others.
The problem in PP case is that even if much less rare is find a body host that can handle it in great quantity, that’s why Bison have to rely on technology external hardrive (that can be destroyed) and is obsessed with Ryu.
SNH is like an hammer, who handle it can easier use it to it’s full potential… it’s an individual generated power and the more SnH you develop, the more it corrupt your body to handle it. Essentially the heavier the hammer get, the stronger the arm become

PP is like the bullet of a cannon, have the potential to do more damage but without an equally powerful cannon you can’t use it. Bison’s tech can easilly create an incredibly powerful bullet, but it’s not able to create an equally powerful cannon. To not count that the bullet ever burned the cannon in short time, making it a short life weapon.
Ed body may become that cannon that not decay, we don’t know how much PP he can store inside himself, but for the first time we seen his body does’nt seem to reject/get damaged PP

On paper Necalli’s power seem the best weapon, he just got fucked hard by the story writers…
Necalli can get his power from others and even in a quickly way, and his body evolve to handle it
On theory it got the best points of SnH (evolution) and PP (accumulation), all while being a fast af road to power.
Again, story fucked him up and you can’t beat story, but dude was going to become planet-threat winning 3 fights LOL.
Necalli was like a JPRG char that start weak at Lv.1 but got potential to reach godly Lv.999 just grinding exp, preying on lot of weaker enemies before aim at stronger ones.
Problem is he never try that, story had him ever straight challenge too strong opponents for his current level, and make event fuck him up his lunch when had the chance to eat something he can chew
Ryu was one, while strong he was attacked by two sides (Nec outside and Kage inside), but Sim saved him
The middle tier group was in danger, but they managed to escape… and even if they don’t they was too many.
A smarter Necalli will have target as first lunch some smaller prey energy wise, got no doubt that if he was put in the condition to eat some dolls, Birdie, Ibuki/Mika or some other minor first bite from SF universe, he could have evolved enough to eat also the ones he attacked in SFV
But for story purpose Nec got douchebag brain ever aiming too big, like an hungry rabid dog that attack elephants lol
But still on paper his power was tremendous

While at it both G and Gill can hide something crazy powerful.
G is clearly holding back, and if our guess that he gan get power from peoples it can have storage property similar to PP, and we don’t know if have same weakness.

Gill despite being a less new char is even more mystery, feel is we never seen show his true power.
Even Oro got interessed on him like he did with Ryu, meaning Gill got an incredible potential.
But in Gill case seem an individual source of power (like SnH case) so that can be a limit

A detail i noticed is that the ki of both Ryu and Gill seem able to handle pretty different kinds of “path” and probably in huge amount, wich is likely what got Oro interessed in them, as he will probably see somebody locked in a single path as a limited individual

Lol, no need that card, Sagat story clearly show it beyond debate
When Sagat was “fighting” Kage the lil girl from outside will see only

Just as when SnH/Kage gave Sagat allucinations on her too

It’s not like the lil thai girl transformed into an azure demon shark LOL, it was all in Sagat’s mind

Speaking about the card will have been cooler if they wrote “not measurable” on height/weight… but we know recent SF just love spam dat “unknown” as much they can

It’s not about ambiguous, in Jap case it works without ambiguity and in US on don’t because stupid (lack of) localization
The name is descriptive only for jap audience that understand kage mean shadow

So in JAP you got the char named Kage(shadow), and Sagat/Akuma/Ryu caal/consider it a kage(shadow)… all is clear

Western you got the char named Kage(exotic version of Steven probably), and Sagat/Akuma/Ryu call/consider it a shadow… most ignored the “shadow” adjective(not as metaphor, but actual description of kage’s nature) and just think Kage(Steven for friends) is now a roided up physical devil-man with fluo horns

Just like as today majority of western fans think “Akuma” is Gouki’s personal real name and not

On other hand nobody will believe TheRedCyclone is Gief name, even if it was under the health-bar… that’s because you understand the meaning behind the word


As for the naming or label I agree it’s likely that.

I was just wondering where did the guys in wiki came with the idea of

Kagenaru Mono or The Shadowed One

Is that from an official source? Is it from Capcom Japan? Or a made up interpretation a theory using the gouki/akuma analogy?

Because if that wasn’t an official source. It can also known as Ryu’s shadow, a shadow that came from Ryu, Ryu’s silhoutte and etc?

for the physical spiritual or mental spiritual is still kinda ambiguous. Since there still a large area of confusion in the community even here. So it’s hard to justify.

Yet I like it in a mental spiritual aspect.

A spirit that fights in the mental realm not the physical realm.

影ナル者 kage naru mono means “A person who is a shadow”, literally. That naru is not the Modern Japanese 成る naru “to become”; rather, Capcom used the Classical Japanese verb 也 nari “to be” in its adjectival form, as they often do with Gouki’s dialogue. Gouki and Kage don’t speak Modern Japanese at all: if Capcom wanted to convey the nuance, their English wording should have been more like Marvel’s Thor…


Thanks guys for clarifying. I have been separating what are fan theories and speculation to what Capcom meant to avoid myself be confuse in future topics.

edit just found in reddit

Twitter made me realize that Kage’s story also gave us this:

Which naturally leads into this:


Everyone is a little ka-gay on the inside.


In toy community.

Fighting EX Layer is getting it’s action figure.

Been waiting for Garuda!!

and this


They should have done this instead for Bison


and with a mini Bison on the front seat



Hah, that’s the thing I’ve been going back and forth on. I was bummed out we didn’t get even a hint of other characters and I was initially rolling my eyes at him coming back, but he does add to the lore and adds to the storyline, so I can live with it. They did put quite a bit into his design and aesthetics, so even though I’m not gonna spring the fm to get him, I can respect that they did put something forth for him.

Agreed. I want the story to have stronger bonds, so filling in things or later expanding them is fine by me.

@Midgardsorm Welcome back dude, how’s life treating you! I hope all is well!


Akuma is not a ‘mortal’ figure. He has transcended humanity and is Asura-like, hence the Heaven kanji. Being ‘beyond humanity’, however, does not necessarily mean closer to enlightenment. Tantric Buddhism is not 100% in line with standard Buddhist practices and Wrathful Practice is not the same thing as the path of the Asura or the state of reincarnation as an Asura (Akuma’s current being). Akuma is drenched in negative karma and is ignorant of his failure. Wrathful Practice, even if it were to be applied to Akuma, would further reveal him as a failure because, in his arrogance, he presumed to know what should and should not be destroyed.

Demonstrably untrue.

He destroys things that do not need to be destroyed out of acts of egotism and vanity. He believes destroying other fighters makes him better and proves that. This is an ignorant, transient view because victory in the moment is not victory in eternity. By killing fighters he prevents them from improving which, in turn, prevents Akuma from having the opportunity to further improve.

His hypocrisy is even more thoroughly revealed via Ryu…because he feels Ryu can improve and challenge him, he lets Ryu live but ONLY because Akuma sees in Ryu the power that Akuma himself has. This is a further act of vanity because Akuma only recognizes potential greatness when it mirrors himself. This is not a methodology that can ever lead to enlightenment as it is rooted in the self. Similarly, his ‘mercy’ towards Gen was also an act of vanity. He did not spare Gen out of a sense of actual mercy but rather as an act of vanity because killing a sick foe was “beneath” Akuma.

The ultimate fate of Akuma and his path of the fist is well illustrated (literally and figuratively) in Ryu Final. He recognizes his utter failure as a martial artist and that he was entirely wrong about essentially every thing in his life. He is (again literally and figuratively) hollow inside, cored out by his negative karma, incorrect path in life and his egotism. Akuma’s fate is not to ever be enlightened on his current path. The Asura is an undesirable reincarnation and it speaks of obsession with vanity, wrath, violence and egotism (Akuma in a nutshell). It does suggest a person may have had good intentions, but their actions were overwhelmingly negative. Again, Akuma’s path is admirable…the path of the true martial artist is a potentially virtuous and admirable thing…but Akuma has never been right about a single thing in it.

Ryu, on the other hand, makes mistakes and learns from them. He improves and adapts. As a ‘human’ still, he always remains more capable of enlightenment despite being less powerful than Akuma. It is always nearer to him than Akuma despite Ryu’s missteps because he is still human and a human incarnation is more desirable than that of the Asura.

I have transformed myself into an enlightened, wrathful being.”

This is exactly Akuma’s failing that he is forever trapped in and why he can’t become enlightened.

In fact, the only way he could ever reach enlightenment is more than likely through Ryu’s fist and through rejecting everything he has ever done after seeing the utter failure of his previous efforts. His karma would still need to be accounted for, however, so, more than likely, he would have to live a life of virtue and wisdom. A good example of this character archetype would be Liu Zongwu from Fist of the Blue Sky


He’s sexy af. I think only Bison in VT1 has better looking combos. <3

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I really liked the spiritual aspect Kage brought to the table. Just shows power goes deeper than physical prowess.


Seriously, they should do an announcement as soon as possible lol


Now if only Storm Collectibles made their figures in 1/12 scale as they advertise instead of 1/10 and they were cheaper…
At least for Garuda the size doesn’t matter, though.

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They need to say something before the new year (maybe during Christmas). January is RE2 Remake’s release and February is EVO Japan. We don’t know jack shit about the future of the game lol, so the radio silence shouldn’t last too long.

Obviously they would release a batch of costumes and stages to make up for the gap for feb.

Since we didn’t still get classic Evil Ryu costume yet.

I have been waiting for a long time for a Garuda stuff since there is no merchandise like gashapon in japan stuff related to SFEX.

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Am I the only one who doesnt give two shits about costumes or stages? Id rather they spend that money on making new characters.

In fact, id prioritise stages over costumes. Go back to the days of each charcter having thier own stage. Make it so that the stage is part of the characters development budget.


The thing is we can still hope for something in feb for a possible new mode and set of characters.

It would be great if they would reveal a new single player mode before end of the year or within jan.

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