The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread

I feel the same way too lol

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Lol bald monk is Sim



Fun thing Capcom considered the mechanic arm idea

Thats one ugly ass Ryu lol althougu chun and cammy look really cute.

At least the art isnt as bad as falgoon lol. Cant believe he got a job at snk at some point wtf lol.

And if there are two artists for 2nd impact I like them both. 3s art isnt too shabby either.

Somebody in the Lounge thread called Kage an edgelord character. I asked how the hell was the embodiment of somebody’s repressed energy supposed to act.

Apparently the physical manifestation of Ryu’s internal struggle had gone over people’s head.


I stand corrected: Kage doesn’t speak Classical Japanese as does Gouki. I admit I only saw a screenshot of Kage’s story mode with the occasional obsolete word and jumped to conclusions, but now that I’ve watched the full video I can and must rectify my mistake: Kage speaks a modern and very rude Japanese, with a few archaic words here and there. Gouki remains the only one who speaks in Classical Japanese. It’s interesting that this “shadow” speaks the same language as Ryu, but obviously contaminated by its own conceit.
Speaking of which, there are interesting notes to do about Kage’s V-System’s names.

His V-Skill, 穿波活殺 senha kassatsu, is “life and death piercing wave”. 活殺 Kassatsu is literally “let live or kill”, and is linked to the four characters idiom 活殺自在 kassatsu jizai, “let live or kill at will”; so it’s the power of life and death over someone. Again, the Asura’s arrogance to decide for others.

V-Trigger I, 大逆無道 taigyaku mudō, is another four characters idiom, normally variously translated as “heinous, treacherous, diabolic, atrocious” and all the other very merry and joyous meanings you can think about. :sweat_smile: Its etymology is enlightening: 大逆 taigyaku is usually translated “high treason”; however, its broader meaning indicates an action totally contrary to human ways, such as killing one’s lord or parents. In Buddhism, such an action guarantees a reincarnation in hell (地獄 jigoku, literally “earth prison”, or 奈落 naraku, derived from the Sanskrit नरक naraka).
無動 mudō “no way” is going against 人道 jindō “human ways”. Apparently, a synonym of taigyaku. However, mudō also carries the meaning of an horrible act, or any of the eight unpardonable crimes of ancient Japanese law: overthrowing a government; conspiring to kill the emperor; espionage and taking arms against Japan; killing one’s parents (or the wife murdering her husband or husband’s parents); mass killing; not paying due respect to high temples or the emperor; disrespecting one’s parents (such as suing them… Yeah, you really couldn’t complain about anything with your parents back then…); killing one’s lord.

V-Trigger II, 六道鏖殺 rikudō ōsatsu is “Massacre of the Six Realms”. While 鏖殺 ōsatsu “extermination, massacre, annihilation of every living being” is clear and straight to the point, the Six Realms of Existence are a Buddhist concept. Here, 道 means not a “way, method, path”, but an entire realm of existence. As we know, these are
天道 tendō, the God realm (Sanskrit देव deva). Notice the 天 ten, that is what Gouki ultimately desires. Too bad not even the gods can reach enlightenment. There are numerous classes of gods, from those without a form nor interaction with the universe to those who are most similar to human beings, only with superpowers and an extremely long life. Usually, a being is reborn here as a reward for past good actions that have earned them good karma. Every god, however, ultimately dies and is reborn in a different realm, because living a life of happiness and bliss doesn’t encourage to reach enlightenment.
阿修羅道 ashuradō or 修羅道 shuradō, the demigod or titan (Sanskrit असुर asura) realm. The ashuras have superpowers but suffer from envy towards the gods, whom they constantly challenge without success because the gods are much more powerful than them. Gouki is on this path, even if theoretically ashuras don’t dwell in the human realm. Ashuras and devas can see each other because their realms are close.
人間道 ningendō, the human realm (Sanskrit मनुष्यलोक manuṣyaloka). The realm where is easier to attain enlightenment, because humans, though plagued by worldly sufferings, aren’t distracted by pleasures like gods and demigods or by pain and constant suffering as the beings of the lower realms.
畜生道 chikushōdō, the animal realm (Sanskrit तिर्यग्योनि tiryagyoni). Animals dwell in the same physical world as humans, but live in a constant state of fear of being eaten by other animals. Generally, a rebirth as an animal is due to having succumbed to apathy. Humans and animals can see each other, like devas and ashuras. In modern Japanese, chikushō is also a common insult (akin to English SOB), and more often an angry exclamation (like “damn it”, more or less).
餓鬼道 gakidō, the hungry ghosts realm (Sanskrit प्रेत preta). Although they live in the human world, human beings cannot see them, if not very rarely. They live in a state of constant insatiable hunger and thirst (remember Samurai Spirits’ Kusaregedo? Exactly), and cannot reach what they want to eat. On the rare occasion they do, the food burns their throats, causing them intense pain. In modern Japanese, gaki is also a common insult for annoying children, usually translated as “brat”.
奈落 naraku, hell (Sanskrit नरक naraka). There are eighteen different hells, of which nine are cold and nine hot. In each of them you live for a veeery long time suffering to eliminate the evil karma due to theft, murder and so on.

@Shockdingo Thank you! I’ve had some bad moments, but let’s hope this new year could bring something good.


The fact that it makes sense for him to act like an edgelord doesn’t make him NOT an edgelord.

It’s still an edgelord character because, guess what, the physical embodiment of somebody’s repressed energy is not a character Capcom HAD to make. The entire CONCEPT is edgelordy. Capcom decided to make that concept into a character. Ergo, they made an edgelord character.


There’s a bunch of posts in this thread explaining why you’re wrong but you still said all that bullshit.


Well they’re all wrong and you’re their wrong king.

Nothing is more edgelordy than “living evil” and that’s all Kage is. I don’t care what stupid Japanese mythology it’s pulled from, it’s just means that mythology is 1000-year-old tales of edgelording.


It would be pretty much impossible to make a character MORE edgelord than Kage


Add “The Hedgehog” after that and he’d truly be the most edgelord thing ever




The irony if somebody with an Urien avatar calling anything else the most edgelord thing.

Edgelord’s are partially defined by being “OH SO SUPER KEWLEST EVER GUY!”

Urien is explicitly a second banana.

That is why I like him. I like the 2nd rung guys typically WAY more than the top dogs.

That said, Urien absolutely has edgelord tendencies with his “CRUSH! KILL! DESTROY!” awesomeness. Why would that bother me? I don’t think I ever said Edgelordness is inherently bad.

Any edgelord qualities in Urien (or any other character) don’t negate the fact that Kage is an edgelord-supreme character.


But both Kage (to a extent) and Shadow the hedgehog aren’t even edgy.

… …

I can’t even tell if you’re joking or not.

Shadow is like the go-to example of an edgelord character inserted into a franchise. Sonic was already “edgy” as a mascot in a Bart Simpson sort of way and then Shadow went full Poochie TO THE EXTREEEEEME and is just a full-on edgelord.


Eh, I think that Shadow wasn’t edgy unil his spin-off game came in with guns and took a crap on his backstory with ailens. If anything his story was quite similar to Cammy’s SF2 story or even Zero in the MMZ game only not as good.

It’s kind of irritating how Edgy nowadays means " thing that isn’t cheery I don’t like".

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Yeah that’s DEFINITELY what edgelord means nowadays…

Nah, it isn’t

Look, you can like Kage. More power to you.

He’s Edgelord AF.

You can like Shadow too.

He’s Edgelord AF.

Also Shadow was ALWAYS edgy. He’s a super serious “OMFG tragic backstory!” version of an existing character colored red & black with the same powers but EVEN BETTERER and he’s a bad-guy

Oh and he “doesn’t play by anyone’s rules” and is a wild card even against the bad guy.

FANG isn’t cheery. He also isn’t edgelord.

Necalli isn’t cheery. He also isn’t edgelord.

Edgelord means edgelord.


Only in his debut game since then he joined the Sonic equivalent of InterPol

Wow so he became a super secret super spy!

So let’s put one more checkmark in the “Edgelord” check list


@Pertho Concept wise Kage is edgelord af, but it’s coherent with the nature of the character
Execution wise is bad (an wrong)

Ironically if i was the one to design it i will have made it EVEN more edgelord (and i don’t like forced edgy shit), as it will look much more like a specter-demon as the incorporeal energy based being he is

The thing for me is that if you really want to do this Kage thing (personally i will have preferred get +1 martial artist, something ever more rare in SF sadly), then go for it and develop it’s design

Instead they just slapped there evilryu for the loud crowd that wanted it, then changed name as half excuse for all those that hate evilryu lazy card

To me the problem is’nt his edgylordness, is they gave a fucking slot to evilryu (pretending is’nt evilryu) instead use it for more interessing characters