The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


I think it’s safe to imagine that Sean was intended to be American. He does fit the stereotype of an USA street youth that plays basketball and chews bubblegum, sort of like Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

I’ve even seen some people criticize him for not being Brazilian enough, even though his yellow gi does give some Brazil vibes. By 2nd Impact they gave him a Sao Paulo stage, likely to compensate. Personally I think that they made the right choice, as there are tons of Americans in SF and the only other Brazilian character at that time was Blanka. His fighting style was also more unique than most shotos.

But either way, it’s good to have a source.


I think a chapter 2 can cover easily

_The G Show
-A bit of Neo Shadaloo
-A bit of Metro City chars
-Sagat v Ryu
-a bit of Menat saying things
-Akuma short cameo (think Urien in ASF)
-More little Illuminati hints

This covering S2 and S3

Then last chapter covering S4-5 and working as SF3 prequel, like Tom v Gill, Sean starting his training, how G is connected/became Q etc


You just described a montage of clips and character stories. What’s the main plot? Who are its main protagonist(s) and antagonist(s)? How is it relevant to the narrative that came before it or after it? Does serve a purpose or is it actually filler?

ASF despite its flaws had solid answers to each of these questions. A second General Story needs to be solid and purposeful otherwise it is a waste of resources.

The only story worth telling right now is the rise of the Illuminati in this time period. One solid story that elaborates on the aftermath of ASF and the chaos that ensued, culminating in the reveal of Gill at the end. SF3NG would take place several weeks after the end of a second general story basically.

Urien, Kolin would be the main villains but G would be the secret big Bad here. Abigail gets an honorable mention here.

Cody, Viper, Chun-Li (cuz of her daughter), Menat, Rose, Sakura, Blanka, Zeku would be the protagonists.

There would be a neo-Shadaloo subplot that involves Ed trying to find release from the nightmares that keep getting worse, and his gang of goons try to help their young leader. This leads them on an anti-heroic quest. Rose or Ryu possibly saves Ed from himself. Neo-Shadaloo more or less resolved but open ended to be picked up anytime in the future.


Are there any fan translations for Ryu Final?


What I liked about some of the latest quotes is that some of them seemed more like a direct reply than an actual win quote. Based on the order of the quotes, of course.

A few examples:

Zeku to G : “Form is emptiness, for this world is but fleeting. You too lack substance.”
G To Zeku: “Form is emptiness, emptiness is form. These are wise words citizen of Earth. They are me.”

Menat to G: “You’re working hard on something stupid. Does that make you a hard worker or just stupid?”
G to Menat: "Am I stupid, citizen of Earth?! The answer to that lies within us all!”

Sagat to Cammy: “Is that it? You’re not even fit to be Willa Maiu’s plaything!”
Cammy to Sagat: “I sense a large cat… Willa Maiu?”

Sagat to M. Bison: “It’s over. You and I will never share the same path again.”
M. Bison to Sagat: “Path? What path? The ravings of the weak have no meaning.”

G To Sagat: “Let us do glorious battle, citizen of Earth. Your fight is my fight. It is my power.”
Sagat to G: : “My fights are my own. They belong to the king, and no other!”

Sagat to Birdie: “Go and train. Or would you rather die a fool?”
Birdie to Sagat: “Trainin’? Not my thing, mate.”

Sagat to Blanka: : “You think your claws and fangs can threaten the king? Ha! You’re like a little kitten!”
Blanka to Sagat: “For me, a tiger’s just a regular cat.”

You basically get the sense of them responding to each other in the above quotes.

What does Sagat, G, Balrog, and Ed all have in common?


Sagat to Urien: “Foolish arrogance. How dare you look down on the king!”
G To Karin: “O, beautiful citizen of Earth, you cannot and must not look down on me!”
Balrog to Sagat: “Next time, watch yer mouth! Nobody looks down on me!”
Ed to Sagat: “Nobody, but NOBODY looks down on me!”

They hate being looked down on :rage:

We’ve completed another season of SFV :hugs: Now I’m looking forward to what we’ll see from Capcom for the time being. Since Capcom Cup is in Dec, that leaves us with a lot of downtime. Story content would be great, but not expected. Costumes are a given. Balance changes are very likely. I just hope they keep things interesting for the next few months until Capcom Cup.


My hopes for the Metro City arc:
It would have Cody and Zeku as protagonists, and G & Abigail as antagonists (Cody vs. G didn’t happen in G’s Char Story, so this battle would be expected). Zeku will probably have found several fighters worthy to join his Strider program by the time of a 2nd General Story, and they’ll fight Abigail’s Scrap Metal goons (similar to Kanzuki Ninjas fighting Shadaloo Soldiers in ASF). It would also be nice to have a beat’em up style battle where you have to use Cody and fight some former Mad Gear members (maybe with CPU Zeku’s help, but that’s wishful thinking already lol). And this time they should focus on Cody not just as a street fighter, but also as the Mayor, so he’ll basically have to defeat G both physically and politically.


Some cool rambling theorizing that I found on reddit and that originally came from 4Chan of all places.


It’s why Sagat hates Abigail. He’s taller than everyone else :wink:


Not sure about fan translations, but Udon translated both volumes of Ryu Final around 10 years ago, I got them from Amazon. Unfortunately the Udon editions are now out of print.


After reading that there about jungism and G, I have a feeling that G and Jedah would get along well.:rofl:


I’m not the writer, so up to them to link the dots lol

Btw chapter 2 can work as filler, waiting a chapter 3 made up of S4/5 to close SFV saga and link to SF3 begin

Btw the AE trailer may be a tray to follow

G having that tv show thing (tournament?), with Menat trying to read his intentions
Use the tournament chance to give some spotlight to many chars
Cody, Zeku being on same side, with the former as the protector of the city being possibly the one to fight/stop G (as G started in his city)
Abigail cause a bit of FF style chaos with his punks (and likely Zeku to kick his ass)
Use the G tournament excuse to make Ryu v Sagat happen.
Show Ed (and Falke) first steps as Neo Shadaloo, if trailer is any indication, they will use the G show to kidnap Ryu.
Akuma being more or less a presence, as his moment is’nt SFV (or even SF3)

Even the whole AE graphic style (all gold and tv spotlights) hints now it’s G’s time to shine

Also lol at be “worried” at more story chapters being a waste of resources :smiley:

As usual i just think you want ASF to stay the core of SFV for usual reasons lol


Lazy response.

ASF is the core of SFV. What I or you want or wish is irrelevant. So unless Capcom are going to legitimately make a second general story, any half-assed attempt will end up in the shadow of ASF. Pun intended.

So yes, telling a story for the sake of telling a story is stupid and bad business. Whatever Capcom do needs to have purpose. Most ideas for a second General story let alone a third being pitched here make no sense.


Lol “lazy response” cutting 90% of the post

I find lazier go couch analyst and stamp it as “bad business move” (as if should be our concern to begin with lol) to push away a possibility that most fans want and you seem to don’t for fanboysih reasons
Tbh seem you the one on (anti)wishful thinking mindset

Also SF games typically have theyr arc evolved in more chapters, they don’t get stuck to the start story

SFV (hopefully)

SFV cast already expanded well beyond ASF, even hinting interessing story new paths… Neo Shadaloo, G, SF3 prequel etc
And we will get S4 and S5

Hope to lock the whole SFV on ASF to keep Bison at the centre sound petty as fuck LOL

-from a Ryu fan that had no problem with Alex in SF3 or will like to see Cody take on G


He’s not wrong about it being a bad business move. How many fans who are interested in SF’s story are still playing the game? SFV is over 3 years now and the people who are still playing are the competitive community. Most of them won’t be interested in a second story mode and I doubt it will bring anyone back at this stage of the game. Capcom probably better off doing any additional story as animated shorts or a movie.


I’m sorry, but until I see 100% definitive proof of this, the “beta version of SF3 without Ken and Ryu” is complete bullshit. Why are we still talking about this?

re: Next Gen image

Yup, that’s Next Gen alright. A bunch of Virtua Fighter nuthuggers, they were.

re: Smash and huge cast

Not feasible for SFV when you compare the detail of the models. There’s no way to have 60+ characters a la Smash Ultimate with SFV-level detail and quality unless Capcom spends vastly more money (I’m also pretty sure that Sakurai’s team is much bigger and their budget much higher than SFV’s team/budget), which is extremely unlikely because there would be no financial pay off for it.

Don’t get me wrong: I’d love to see it. But I can’t see it happening. Only way I can see such a project, assuming they wouldn’t just call it SFVI and be done with it, is if they pulled a Smash Ultimate and released an updated Super SFV on next gen console(s).


Not remotely enough elements to judge that

Cost (imho overrated fir a ASF like thing), times, how work the chain of work, what format they can use to make it avaible and so on

Easy solution on theyr side may be use another cinematic story to sell a bunch of stuff (stages/alts) as CPTlike kind of pack and single ones at higher price

Also, side argument but the core of it, that’s not the reason @Daemos push against it lol


Damn, I didn’t know Udon translated. Wish I’d known at the time lol. Thanks


Yeah, It’s hard to say how much the story cinematics cost compared to an anime, for example. Models are mostly already done but for the few new npcs that might be needed. It would be just animation and voicing.

Let’s recall that SFIV got two animes. They were paid stuff, not included in the game, though. Could they make more cinematic chapters for free for SFV? Could they charge for them? Low sales surely make any strategy hard to work well.

An option would be to sell it. Imo they’d need to make sure the story mode is fun to play, maybe with branching paths or specific fight conditions like 2vs1, invisible health bars, poison, unlimited super bar, specific winning moves, whatever. It would be wise to bundle it with other separate fun-to-play game modes; the effort of working the story mode would make it easier to justify the price, and in exchange the other modes would make it easier to justify having to buy the bundle instead of watching the story on youtube.

They could also use the new story mode to raise attention over a new physical release for Season… Four? Five :scream: ? We’re reaching quite a bit into the cycle of the game to be thinking about attracting buyers with story modes, but what do I know, it might work.

It’s hard to come up with winning ideas when the game is not selling that well in the first place.


Of course business is a concern. When SF is successful, more money is poured into it and by extension the lore. I prefer to keep my wishful thinking proportionate to reality and keep it on a leash. That’s just who I am.

True, and there is good reason to believe that SF5 will have a story expansion based on precedence - BUT - No SF game before SF5 attempted to make canon happen like this before. We don’t have to wait for a future game to know what is or isn’t canon. The story is laid out bare for you to watch and dissect.

SF5’s story also probably cost more resources than usual, and at launch SF5 was not an instant commercial success. This likely impacted the business decisions and financing of the game over the course of the next few years.

Capcom didn’t even give Rose a VA in the latest character story. They are penny pinching when it comes to the DLC characters.

I do believe that SF5:AE exceeded expectations and Capcom overall as a company is experiencing a resurgence, this gives me hope but that’s it.

Let’s break that down shall we?


Akuma’s character story extended beyond ASF in the timeline and only to set up a final confrontation between Ryu and Akuma that happens WELL BEYOND SF3.

Ed’s took place during and immediately after ASF, it ended on a very open ended ominous or positive note depending on how you see it. You see Ed months after ASF, which should be within the SF3 timeline that we know of, therefore not in SF5’s territory anymore. Everything about Neo-Shadaloo reads SF6 to me.

The rest all take place during or before ASF.



Builds on Ed’s character story and adds a dimension in the form of the motivation behind Neo-Shadaloo (that they will go search for people like them and save them). Again open ended, and nothing that screams second General Story. Capcom could add the other 2 Neo-Shadaloo characters and keep expanding this tale via character stories. As I said this arc is better left for SF6 when it actually has the opportunity to mature.


Took place shortly after ASF but self contained.


Took place shortly after ASF but self contained.


Took place after ASF (implied due to “financial situation of the city”) but self contained.


Took place before ASF most likely due to state of the city. Menat references her fighting Bison which didn’t happen as far as we know but she came close during her character story which also took place before ASF.


Took place likely during ASF.

So I am not sure where you are getting the feeling that we have “expanded well beyond ASF”. There is a reasonable probability that G is just a weirdo like Q and Neo-Shadaloo will be a forgotten footnote. Expecting a second general story about them comes off as strange to me. There just isn’t enough fat there to make a solid General Story out of them that involves much of the new cast.

As I said, the only story worth telling right now (if we are even going to bother) after ASF is the machinations of the Illuminati before Gill’s coming, and we would do that to SERVE SF6 - NOT SF3. So unless Ed and G are directly or indirectly part of that, their story is filler and not purposeful IMO to the grand scheme of the SF plot.

Lastly, if we ever get another SF5 General story, it will be tied with another physical re-release which I don’t see happening until the final season. It’s business, and never forget that.

I never really said that though, you did. How about you stick to what I am saying, rather than what you think I am thinking.


As much as I’d like a 2nd general story covering everything, @Daemos is probably right. G is filler until the SF3 arc and I would personally like to see Neo-Shadaloo developed as a “B-plot” in SF6 because it allows for:

  1. Characters such as Balrog, Bison and Ryu to remain relevant in a plot without adding baggage.
  2. It’s not worth it to have characters who have been built up since SF4, end up as a sideshow to the main plot (G). I can see the NS arc going side by side with the Illuminati arc.

I think that while we are halfway through, we’re nearer to the end than the start but as we go on, the possibility of a 2nd story shortens, Capcom needs to work on adding other content and refining the content it already has before they begin to think about another story. If it does come then I can see it coming with S4 or 5.