The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


I’ve try to 100% stick with how SFV color system seem to work, as if we got actual Color Edit mode
Just to proof it will be possible do pretty cool stuff with it

Problem is we did’nt have CE and they’re too lazy to add themselves good/complex color schemes
I mean as “special color” we’re getting this kind of crap these days


If you don’t want to do your job just let me edit them and fuck off LOL :smiley:

Only thing they should add is the option to chose if disable the view online, so instead the fluo pink hair golden speedo troll colors of douchebags you will see the default #1 color of the char on your screen


Lime Ken, like Banana Ken, is one of Capcom’s classic SSF2T alternate color palettes, Even Capcom realized its classic styling, as they’d…already given Ken a lime color set (Color 06) for his story outfit…

And wait… I don’t play Ken, I never noticed… They didn’t even include Banana Ken?! Only some kind of Aged Banana Ken (heavily suntanned Ken with a dark yellow outfit)… That’s the real wtf Capcom.

But seriously, yes, a lot of the official SFV alternate colors are uninspired. They don’t even manage classic wonkiness, they just seem hollow “throw weird colors together and hope someone makes it a thing”.


More Darkstalker costumes coming at the end of the month!

Chun-Li as Morrigan - Morrigan Aensland is a succubus and main protagonist of the Darkstalkers series. In order to protect Morrigan from her own immense power, her adoptive father Belial had to split her soul into multiple parts. One of these parts ended up becoming Lilith, who was the inspiration for a costume for Juri. Seeing as how both Chun-Li and Morrigan are some of the most recognizable characters in their respective series, this playful costume is perfect for the first lady of Street Fighter.

Ed as Demitri - Demitri Maximoff is the embodiment of evil and one of the most powerful vampires in the series. He sees humans as walking meals and feeds on their blood to turn them into his servants. He’s mostly known for his Midnight Bliss attack where he drains the opponent dry of blood. Although Ed couldn’t be any more different than Demitri, perhaps this costume represents what Ed could have been if he had succumbed to M. Bison.

Menat as Felicia - Felicia is an energetic and cheerful catwoman who yearned to be a musical star. Unlike many of the more violent characters from Darkstalkers, she believes in peace and only resorts to fighting when absolutely necessary. She was raised by a woman named Rose who cared for her despite Felicia being a catwoman. Mentored by another woman named Rose herself, Menat should be more than happy to have the Felicia costume.



I can’t believe he stole this too.

Give me Pyron-Bison and I will forgive you Capcom!


Totally called Menat getting a Felicia costume.

I have a strange feeling Darkstalkers is coming…


MBison should have been Demitri… What were they thinking?


I agree with M.Bison being demitri but maybe theyre thinking of making him Jeddah. Ed as demitri seems really stupid though.


Abigail – Large, muscular, and a bit…simple, Abigail can focus further on the VROOM VROOM with just one eye as a menacing cyclops!

Falke – As a shinigami, a spirit who invites humans towards death, Falke ignores her lifelong goal of saving those in need.

Guile – Perhaps Guile decided to become a zombie in order to make his best friend Nash feel better about his undead status. Are they…zombros?

Kolin – We’re not sure if witches often use ice magic, but we can let it go. We wouldn’t want to end up in Kolin’s “Kol”dron!


Frankie Nash meets Zombie Guile…

With those costumes… Why can’t we have Revenger Balrog?



I always found it weird that the translators of Cannon Spike (GunSpike in Japan) did not change Fallen Balrog to Fallen Vega, and even more so that Capcom themselves let that slip, they are usually very iron clard with the whole SF Bosses name switching being applied for international versions of games and merch.


The Darkstalkers one keep being awesome, very Capcom style

Demitri should have been M.Bison, definitely

Wiil have liked Abigail as Victor
Maybe Blanka as Talbain and Gief as Sasquatch too

The halloween pack is kinda trash, kinda far from capcom (or SFV) graphic style as often these dlc are
(Kolin looks nice though)
Will have preferred more Darkstalkers at this point, so many good possible ideas intead that stuff

BTW one of the two leakers specifically called Morrigan for Chun Li and Felicia for Menat iirc

Maybe can be interessing see what else the leak says


Flowtrown leak

EventHubs user Flowtron — who correctly leaked SFV’s entire Season 2 character roster — has also gone on record as to which World Warriors will be receiving a few of these costumes.
Chun-Li will embrace the dark by getting the Morrigan alt; Karin will be elegantly dressing as Ingrid;
Ryu will be carrying the company’s mascot mantle as he dons the armor of both the classic and Mega Man X (as well as Jin Saotome); Guile will be enforcing futuristic justice as Captain Commando;
_ Urien will continue his cleansing ways as Donovan — _
_whose look Dan will also don as an NPC; _
_Ken will create Reuben Langdon-caption with the Dante alt; _
Cammy becomes an honorary member of S.T.A.R.S. with Jill’s costume; Menat will embrace her feline side with the Felicia alt; while Ed craves more (Psycho) power in Vergil’s attire. X-Kira has even confirmed that the original “Devil’s Never Cry,” from Devil May Cry 3 will playing during the Extra Battle event to obtain Ken’s Dante costume. An extremely nice touch, if true

Some of these become reality

Also Nash instead Guile getting CapCom and Ed being listed to get Vergil innstead Nero, are easy to understand mistakes


Flowtron wasn’t the one who leaked a second story mode, was he? Or was the Kira?


Cant believe Dhalsim hasnt for a Saturn alt yet.

Also all four warzard characters need reps
Akuma - Leo
Zeku - Kenji
Kolin - Tessa
Juri/ibuki - Mai Ling

Laura needs to be Yellow Iris from battle circuit

Vega should get his concept art English crusader alt.

Could do wil a lynn kursawa and a michelle heart too.

Lastly Elf, Thief and Fighter from dungeons and dragons would really suit Cammy, Menat and Ryu but got so many alts already.


My Warzard pick will be

Leo - Alex (code version Human/Barbarian Leo)
Kenji - Zeku (young form get straw hat Kenji design)
Tessa - Kolin (mostly due ice powers, design wise will have preferred Menat)
Mai Ling - Juri or Chun Li

Hauzer - Birdie
Kongou - Abigail
Gi Gi - Necalli
Blade - Sagat
Scion - G


I believe that all came from x-kira.

And the vergeben guy.


Doctrine is right, Flowtron never had said anything regarding additional modes other than characters and costumes.


I’m loving all the recent Darkstalker love, I hope one day it’ll be revived better than ever!

Also, Capom is following up the Captain Commando love. I love this commercial, I…I want more:


Had no idea all of these titles were referring to Darkstalker characters.

I might be crazy, but this Darkstalkers push is very real. Between that and Ono making an offhand remark about Darkstalkers at San Diego Comic-Con…we’ll see at Capcom Cup.


Yeah, I agree. I hate to get my hopes crushed again, but this, the increased showmanship of Sf5, the 30th anniversary, DMC5’s return + bigger budgeted looks, the Beat 'Em Up Bundle + it’s presentation, Ono’s remark at SDCC and now this all make me feel like Capcom’s gearing up for their second wind in a loooooooooong time and DS may be waiting for an October hype train. Hopefully TGS has some surprises for us.