The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


The thing is too many Ryu versus Akuma before SF3 can make it feel redundant. Yet as of now that they fought again in SFV. Imagine we will see another again in a possible cinematic 2? then another in a future SF title.

When people may feel stagnate about the fight being redundant Capcom might even just kill Akuma, but that’s a bad idea because Akuma is one of the most sought out characters in game and also fanbase. I’m no Akuma fan and I don’t care if Akuma would die but in brand standpoint it’s a bad decision wasting a character mostly played because for fans whining to the story being redundant, same goes to those that want Bison out of the picture.

The difference with Bison and Akuma is that Bison already has a clear written effective plot device to return and recur to SF game at any timeline, while Akuma has none of those plot device. So eliminating him and returning him back to life is a bad choice of writing. Also beating Bison 4 more times or making Bison stay in the background isn’t gonna make Bison weak because his always meant to be in-complete or either out numbered(I really like SF2 Aftermath Bison defeat), So beating Bison doesn’t lose his status quo it’s like beating Dr Doom(which both Bison and Doom are the villains I am fan of). So Bison doesn’t lose his appeal, greatness and sense of superiority unlike Akuma.

Every time we pit Akuma to Ryu that Ryu survives it makes Akuma looks weak and lose his character appeal. Every Ryu is spared Akuma also lose his appeal. Ryu versus Akuma has a different approach compare to Sagat and Ken.

Sagat versus Ryu and Ryu versus Ken isn’t something that people will demand a conclusion because those were fights that are more into self improvement of those characters. This is the same idea seeing Karin versus Sakura and Ryu versus Sakura, it does not take something out of the character appeal because the outcome is not something needed to conclude.

I just hope the things between Ryu and Akuma doesn’t ends into death, but rather disinterest and finding Ryu something inferior while Ryu sees SNH to be inferior too. Then Akuma waits for the grand battle not to a specific person(not Ryu or somebody) but someone he deems more brutal and reckless. Capcom needs to return Akuma’s pride and free him from obsessing with Ryu.


It will definitely the end of an era
The Ryu we know, the eternal disciple, will become a Master

After that, will not be surprised if the next time instead be in the first line to fight the new baddie, you see him in his dojo start training 2 kids lol


Gill stage was pretty apocaliptic itself, with the lava sea, skeletons and crazy sky lol

Outside use it to increase fighting abilities, we don’t know if Illuminati know some elemental secret to cause mass destruction… what we know for sure is that they’re second to nobody about knowledge of natural elements

Is definitely possible they got access to mass destruction secrets to defend themselves if they’re no more in the mood/possibility to keep play hidden as world government puppeteer

Also considering how focused SF3 was on 80/90s animes, Illuminati ever reminded me (aside other things) the Neo Atlantis cult member of Secret of Blue Water* (SF3 Elena is modelled after the main char of it)
They used to got low/secret profile, but they were also building some kind of super weapon using ancient technology

*Still Gill was without doubt much more Saint Seiya inspired

EDIT- more on SoBW Neo Atlantis


A gif from the video above

it remind me


My initial thoughts was that they were inspired by BigFire from Giant Robot. One of their members apparently inspried Necro too:

If I had to guess the Illuminati’s ideology, then it would resemble that of the more radical humanists.


I just posted this in the main thread, so apologies if you’re already seen it, just thought it’d be worth posting here for the folk that only check in on this thread.

Hopefully bullshit, but hope that PS4 users here already know this

In short, some PS4 exploit reportedly doing the rounds - like the SMS nonsense a few years ago, which suggests it’s possible. I hope it’s nothing, but takes only a sec to set your message privacy settings.


True, true. I was jumping the gun, I was thinking more of a landmark improvement where maybe like in SF2 V, Ryu’s beaten, but he shows he’s able to keep getting back up and maybe a draw of sorts? I don’t know hah, I wanted something that showed Akuma he’d make a major leap and bound. A close one chapter, open another type of thing, but yeah, I agree with you guys it’ll most likely end like Ryu final in game someday.


I guess soon we will get info on new contents

This friday is the last piece of Mecha Zangief
And iirc today end one of the fighting chance costumes (Mike i guess)


Hey guys, I’m back. I’m about to skim over the crapton of replies, so please forgive me for being a bit random and rambly here, just gonna post about the points that stood out to me

1) Regarding G:

  • Still don’t believe he’s the precursor to Q, and I’m not sure how or why did Capcom come to conclusion of “hey let’s do some Q fanservice with this guy”. They’re not even remotely similar outside of some animations. It’s like throwing bones off a king’s dinner table - they’re not gonna give us ACTUAL Q, but still wanna capitalize on the fandom’s love for the character. I’ll agree that G doesn’t seem like a hero or a villain… dude’s straight up fucking insane. It also makes him that much more similar to the likely inspiration of a madman from the 18th Century who just went around a city calling himself “leader of the planet” or something, including the looks and general attitude.
    I do like, however, that he’s pretty chill when it comes to winquotes with other characters. Also, as much as I wanted G to be an entirely new force in the SF universe - I’d prefer Capcom just straight up (not) telling us whether he’s aligned himself with the good guys or the bad guys, rather than hyping us up with Necalli only to completely fucking blueball us on that in the story.
    I also do hope that SFV isn’t the end of G and he’ll return in 6 in some capacity, as I still would like to know what’s up with his powers and the skin that basically shows us the world map and why it’s golden of all elements/colors. The mystery is still there and his character story did not shed much light on that. I mean there’s gotta be more to it than him just being a crazy motherfucker, right?

2) Ryu should be able to stand on his own:

  • What I mean by that is he’s clearly a strong fighter. He has an incredible potential, he’s been training his whole life, and we see the seed of said lifelong training in his 3S ending where he lifts up Oro on a giant rock. And apparently that’s not even his final 100% state.
    They should just get rid of any Satsui no Hado shit from the story. Well, ok, Akuma is way past the point of no return, but the random appearance of SHN in Sagat’s story does not make sense. It goes against his philosophy and his character. Not really liking this decision at all
    Ryu is the ultimate Ansatsuken fighter. He doesn’t need some evil energy to become the best there is. The random appearance of SnH during the AE opening is also weird. Didn’t Ryu clean his soul of that when he beat Necalli?
    In general I’m just tired of Capcom sticking to older plotlines as if they’re creatively impotent, see: Satsui no Hado, Bison, Shadaloo

3) Guest characters

  • I’m not against them at all. If done well and right - they can fit really well into the game and not seem out of place. Of course if you bring somebody like Ogre from Tekken into Virtua Fighter, or Glacius from Killer Instinct into Street Fighter, or Blanka into Dead or Alive it’s gonna be weird as shit. Geese and Akuma in Tekken, Terry in Fighting EX Layer, Jason Vorhees in Mortal Kombat aren’t weird there. They’re good picks and were adapted to fit the mechanics and the contraints of the respective games. That’s why I’d like to see Capcom explore this idea. Yes, it takes away slots from veteran characters or possible newcomers, but it also brings something exciting and allows for some creativity on the developers’ part, like what Capcom did in SFxT. That’s why I advocate for Kazuya so much lol

4) Returning characters for SF6

  • Would like to see: Rashid, FANG, Zeku, Menat
    Would not like to see: Ed, Falke, Necalli
    Don’t care about either: Laura, Kolin, Ed

5) Cinematic Story v2

  • Give me: Cody cleaning up Metro Cty, Menat and Rose reading prophecies, Guile honoring Charlie’s sacrifice, Gill making the first move towards his plan on bringing humanity to the Promised Land, the formation of Neo Shadaloo, Sakura’s regular day at the barcade, Ryu and Sagat meating in a battle after so many years since the SIN tournament, Cammy taking care of her sisters, Chun becoming a motherly figure for Li Fen, FANG’s intention for avenging Bison’s death

6) Regarding the graphics/visuals in a hypothetical SF6

  • Somebody mentioned it here earlier, but I have to say this: Street Fighter V is a huge hit and miss in the visual department. The special effects and the character models look excellent. But some of the faces and stages look kinda bad. The animations on several characters need clear reworkings. The shading makes the characters and various objects look like low-resolution clay. There’s a clear clash of “style” because nearly every stage has different lightning. The ink effects, while certainly add some flavour, look a bit out of place since they seemingly coun’t throw away the initial concept from the SFV alpha days. I think the next game should either explore a much more stylized approach like what Samurai Spirits is doing with the Japanese paintings coming to life style, or explore a more anime-ish/cartoonish style similar to Guilty Gear and DBFZ. Realism is just not the way to go for this series and I can’t see Capcom investing enough dollaroos to go back to sprites.
    It doesn’t help that the weird shading on combination with the lightning just makes stages like the Halloween one look like fucking garbage, previous Street Fighter games have never had an issue with looking clean across the board, even if SFIV did have some low-poly models on background NPCs and a few characters (Zangief comes to mind with his PS2-like body textures)

Page 16 - PLS step on me Miss Kanzuki

8) Regarding Season 4

  • For now I don’t want to believe or listen to any of the ongoing leaks. Too much bullshit floating around and I hope Flowtron can swoop in and clear the mess. Remember how there were like 5 leaks last seasons of only one came out to be true? Stay woke my friends
    Either way, the only character I absolutely 100% want to see to finally appear in the game is Fei Long. Give my boy a Nunchakus V-Trigger and non-locked Rekkas.
    Current wishlist - Fei Long, Gouken, Eagle, Makoto, Rose, Abel. I could do with maybe 1 new character instead and 5 veterans, but then I’m not really seeing anybody interesting enough outside of bringing over a guest from Rival Schools, Final Fight, or Slammasters

9) X-Kira

  • sigh… so we’re back to this shit again huh? I guess I should’ve expected the guy to come out once more since the next Season is just a couple of months away.

How crazy are his “leaks” this time around? Is he claiming Evil Ryu to be added again?

P.S. Hey @bakfromon I saw a post on r/StreetFighter about the fundraiser. Holy fuck, man, I really hope that you and your family will come out of this whole thing in one piece. Losing your house and belongings to a fire that was caused by a completely different party must SUCK. We certainly don’t wanna lose ya as you’re one of the biggest contributors to the lore discussion on this forum. So you get back on your feet ASAP, you hear me?


Ryu did purge the SnH. I’m pretty sure the SnH was there purely for hype as Evil Ryu is pretty popular… but even then Ryu didn’t become Evil Ryu, he immediately returned to his regular state, so what they tried to show is, Ryu was able to conquer his inner demons. We won’t likely see Evil Ryu again.
As for Bison and Shadaloo, I agree that they should stop with this recurring plot. We want something fresh. We have Ed, G, Shin Necalli (possibly) and Gill, so I’m confident that they’re finally moving on from that.


My SF6 would be Makoto, Sean, Urien, Elena, Abel(mma), Mika, Feilong(bruce lee), Lee (jacky), Viper(joli), Balrog(tyson), Hugo(andre), Adon, Q, Rolento, Fang, Bison and Claw.

And my favorites:

Maki, Sodom, Haggar, Eagle and Zeku.

3 from Slammaster, The Scorpion, Great Oni and The Wraith.

New Characters.

TOM, Effie, Shin(SFO), Gotetsu, Gouken’s niece(plays like EX hokuto and KoF kazumi)

I just hope Capcom would reveal the Season 4 like they did in S3, it was a good job. So the only thing that needs to be speculated is the costumes, stage, moves and storyline.

Recurring plot is okay if it is a retelling of Alpha with SF2, but SF3 onwards doesn’t need Evil Ryu anymore other than something that Ryu did bested and overcome, and we don’t need Shin Necali too because Necali should just stay ordinary and just be Necali, plus we Got Akuma already in SFV story that already did trash Necali in SFV and we got “G” and Fang which is more interesting to be expanded as the new antagonist either villain or anti hero without the problems that Necali has. Let Necali just stay in the background a sudden attention to make him badass will just make more confusion.


His story mode establishes that he’s taking advantage of YouTube/streaming to establish and build popularity. This opens the real possibility that some things or even everything about “The President of the World” is a deliberate act rather than insanity.

He creates an eye-catching persona. He goes around challenging people in street fights, with someone (either himself or hidden associates) uploading the videos. He’s honest and honorable (or appears to be), doesn’t lose his temper, or show other negative traits even as he embarrasses his opponents. He looks like a harmless loon, but is an entertaining and capable fighter.

This causes people to spread news about him, he gets a fan base, and people start to listen to his message. His arcade ending shows him winning over various parts of the world, as well as (gullible) people like Dan, Elena, and Hakan.

This on its own (at least with constant successes) may be enough to generate some real global influence. But if you want to get into conspiracy theories, you can build even more. A Shadow Falls didn’t really sell the idea that Shadaloo’s moons were a global catastrophe, casting them as more of a global inconvenience, but G could exploit such catastrophe to spread his presence. If you tie G directly to Illuminati plans, then you have the potential that they are building him as a figurehead for their own purposes.

Heck, who knows, maybe G is Gill in disguise… G… Gill… G’s powers are fire-based… Gill has fire powers…


Just played a bit again with Capcom artworks edits, most i’ve already posted but i think Juri/Bison/Falke i never posted

(double click to see full size)


Really wanted that “normal” Juri.


That Bison is to die for.


^^^ Blessed image
Except Falke


That Falke costume is NOT eSports friendly


that Rashid reminds me a lot about Cervantes the Dazzling from Giant Robo, I would have liked him more like that




I want that for Juri, also Ryu looks cool in Gouken’s clothes.