The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


Good stuff dude! hmm, it’s interesting to see what has changed. Things like:

Sagat being blinded in his other eye as a child being the impetus for him learning to fight being retrconned into an attack from Gou Hibiki.

Is it just me, or did this imply Ken and Ryu were both from Japan (“make their home country proud”)

Hmm Sagat and Adon being mentioned as being involved with illegal Thai kickboxing? What’s that about?

Birdie went up from 6’7" and white to being 7"+ and black hah


It’s always nice to look at the older material and compare it to what we have today. Street Fighter has come a long way.


So basically Lee was supposed to be the Akuma of SFI.


Maybe, erm Bison just has a thing for them. Besides you can have blond and blue eyed Arabs and Latinos so this only narrows it. But his clones don’t look anything like those ethnicites so hm…

I always thought he was Caucasian anyways.


As said many times, if eve revealed imho the best background for Bison will be him being one of these nazis into esotheric shit that travelled to asia in search of secrets

This will connect so many points

But i guess they will ever keep it a generic mystery, wich imho is an error

ps: of course, it works if we ignore the very first chinese Bison design


Ryu and Ken went from nearly 6’ to 5’9". Sagat is 6" shorter yet and more realistic 86lbs heavier. Hell in general, the height’s and weight’s of the cast are reasonable. WTF happened between SF1 and SF2. Did Ryu’s DP stretch Sagat’s spine 6’ and rob him of all his muscle mass? :rofl:


I think the eye thing wasn´t fully retconned more than altered, if I recall correctely the newer canon since Apha is that Sagat´s eye was wounded (lost a lot of its vision, but was not completely gouged) when he was a child and that indeed became impetus for him learning to fight. Many years later Go Hibiki fought him and discovered his damaged eye as his weakness, which he attacked and finally gouged it out.

EDIT. Just to talk how much I love Sagat as a character and his evolution, I know not a lot of people here aren’t fans of Udon (I like them for the most part), but if there is a change that Udon did from canon that I quite liked is the fact that in a short story from their original SF run, they show Sagat and Adon’s fight shortly after Sagat was scarred by Ryu. What I liked from Udon’s version is that Sagat ends up beating Adon instead of the opposite (like the actual canon states). Coincidentally I never bought Adon beating Sagat no matter how lost or mentally messed up Sagat was at that time so that was a change I gladly welcolmed.


I liked them intially but halfway into their first story it turned to trash VERY VERY fast. I also despise their depiction of Zangief.


Halfway into their first story seems a bit to harsh IMO, but to each his own I guess. Now I gotta confess one of my biggest disappointments from UDON was their Akuma graphic novel, so much potential squandered there; just so you get an idea, I MUCH prefered what the live action series SF Assasin’s Fist did with both Akuma and Gouken story than whatever the heck UDON was trying to do.


I heard a lot of the same criticisms the Akuma story as well.

The main gripe I have is that they try too hard to be “funny” and “current” (which is ironic because the only people who read this are SF fans who tend to be around 20-40 yrs old) but instead comes off as really shallow and patronising.

However there are some good parts every now and then. The first one that comes to mind is when Dan finally beats Sagat in the SF3 tournament.


About Sagat, canon version with Adon beating him is better, as extremize the vortex of crap is life became after Ryu fight, giving fuel to his obsession/revenge desire.
He is like a wounded tiger getting harassed by smaller predators that will never dare in his prime… that’s how low the king fall has been and was necessary for the char

About Zangief as much i crap on udon, must be honest and say that nobody in decades ever treated Gief fair untill SFV happened


The true, horrifying secret behind Gouken’s teachings, mutagenic mischief! *Ryu throws hadouken at a spider he hates, it in turn travels to New York and bits a young Peter Parker in the MvC blended canon lol

Ah, good point, it’s been a long while since I read that, thanks!

I actually did enjoy their works and only had minor gripes here and there, but I really wasn’t a fan of them having Ryu go next level and be the one to beat Gill and whatever happened with Alex…also, I love Darkstalkers a ton, but I never liked the idea of them crossing over. If it was an elseworlds I think that would have been better, but it just throws things off for me. I’m just waiting for them to start telling stories again now that it’s over and so I can come back.

The Q and Ibuki short was pretty cool though. Hope to see more SF3 stuff and I’d like to see what they could do with G.


Hi guys something that probably not posted here,

This is a license SF game by Capcom exclusive for Tencent China.






That’s cool (shame Capcom never makes anything like this for a Western market, i’d love a SF beat 'em up), but at the same time it makes me sad. That footage EASILY would be perfect for a bunch of quick cuts for a Street Fighter animated series! I’ve started making Pitch bibles for shows as practice for a personal SF project and now I want to make one for SF, augh, I really want another show! Be it Western or an anime!


Yeah we need an SF beat em up…

The aesthetics is more SF4 in vibe along with the characters yet this was just release late 2018.

I hope will get a new animated SF even just a mini series re-telling of SF1-SF2 like the 3d KOF destiny.


“what’s up bro?”? “keep yoga and carry on”? Are these guys serious? LOL. Anyway, yeah, they should bring it to the west.


No Juri ?

Sad times…


What platform is that on?

I wouldn’t also mind a mini-series retelling the series’ most important battles throughout all games or even just minor ones.


Mobile, Someday a decent beat em up mode for would be interesting. Like Shadaloo Soldier and Doll ambushes as a setting would be great.

I just hope they would create a less complicated SF1 retelling something simple but works for every character interaction done recently, rather than experimental and dismissive.


Obviously Capcom is trying to cater to the booming mobile game business in China, smart.

Now that I think about it a RPG/Beat-Em-Up SF game would really lend itself really well to mobile. And on a Capcom general note a MM Power Fighters style game would also be really nice to see too.