The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


All I see is how they turned Cammy’s leotard into some kind of pants.



If the art is any indication, they also gave her a large coat. It also looks like the shorts might have been painted onto the already completed artwork? The edges, which would have otherwise have been bare skin, are visibly lighter than the center, which would have already been covered.

Actually, I kind of like the coat look, at least as an alternative (rather than a replacement) to her SF2 outfit.

Not really a surprise that it would be censored. Heck, ESPN in the US ordered an Cammy player to switch outfits at 2017 EVO because they felt it didn’t match broadcast standards. (ESPN had, the year before, ordered an R. Mika player to switch outfits.)



Hopefully it’ll rain tarot cards this weekend. The Makoto fanboys are already triggered that Rose will probably be included this season


Then all of a sudden Capcom pulls a Rose sister, mentor, cousin, rival or etc bff…

Plays in the background…


That’s exactly what I said in a Discord server a couple of days ago)) I believe they’ll use the tarot cards rain to tease Rose.
And they showed 2nd V-Triggers at the Red Bull finals last year, so I won’t be surprised if they show us Critical Art II Teaser, too.


So how long until a possible season 4 tease? Another day or?


Did y’all know Momotaru was gonna be in SFV? Just found that out recently


Yep, that’s old news from 2016, here is the tweet if anyone’s wondering:

Putting it through Google Translate makes it this:
“Momotaru was going to make it as a playable character for a while. It was a character saying that the barrel shook from outside the screen with a V skill and threw it to the opponent. I played birdie and suffered so I could not get out.”

For those who don’t know who Mamotaro is, he’s from Pirate Ship. I get GT is nowhere near a good translator so maybe if someone reads Japanese can translate it then go ahead.


fullsize download:


I guess this BS confirms the next character.

Yun? T.Hawk? Gill? Rose? Dudley?


Red confetti is either red for crimson viper or as in a res Rose. I.e Rose.

I think the firsr DLC for s4 will be c.viper


Kira said that a queen who everyone expects would be the last. Viper is mentioned in all the leaks, meaning she’ll be the last, and Rose will be the 1st. And since there are red petals, that might be the case.
Yellow and blue are just Capcom colors.


Blue, yellow, white and red. It’s Red Bull’s colors, not a character hint.


True, but then the amounts seems messed up, should be way more white than yellow.


Whatever it is, the hint is lame.


What’d I miss?


We were watching the North American finals at Red Bull Conquest.
The teaser was really stupid tbh, if it was one at all. But that means we’ll see a TON of new stuff at Capcom Cup.


Just hope they reveal all the characters in one go like they did last year.

Really hoping for a sick ass guest character. Nothing less than Terry Bogard or Scorpian would do for me

Edit: blue yellow red and white is also Terrys colours


Might be an entirely new character to start the season, you know.
Especially possible if they’ll anounce the rest of the characters right afterwards. This is, announce a new character to get people’s attention and then show the portraits/names of the returning fan favorites to please and hype everyone.