The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


Not all shotos.

Dan, Gouken and even his Daughter are all better deals than fucking Evil Ryu.


Had forgotten Gouken. Since he lacks a regular DP and his tatsu is vastly different I do promote him to uniquely enough character. If he fills the shoto slot then it’s awesome. Loved his heavy hitting combos.


Got you fam



Lol wtf is that. Would like S.Long but not in a gi and not as a shotoclone.


Something for Daemos, he’ll get it based on our previous conversations on the subject.


I was asking everyone, I wasn’t quoting you or tagging. As for me i expect silhouette to return but I like it more this season.

Sheng long topic.

I won’t mind a Sheng Long direct character but as A joke character which people believe a legend or from tall tales but in reality is just a Mr Satan and Norimaru but as a shoto spoof.

Which also serves a tribute character that reflect sheng long in how people ans fans do percieves him in EGM.

Dan is not a shoto spoof he but more rather the AOF spoof. Sakura was a shoto and yuri spoof before but she evolve latter very differently.


Sheng Long is alive and should be added to SFV



I dunno about making him a joke character. It could be interesting, but he may just come off as a more ridiculous Dan depending on execution.

I’d rather that Capcom go in the opposite direction and make a rather interesting Kung Fu fighter, not shoto in the least, not another anatsuken-bros fighter. I want to see some ominous, Chinese grand master stuff. Heck with the power of the hadou and its reputation, I could even see a counterpart of sorts. In the way Sagat made his Tiger blow to rival the shoryuken, I could see a style being made to counter another style. In the end, I’d rather total artistic freedom and make someone totally new.

Shoryuken? Instead of a rising dragon punch, how about a diagonal energy kick that hits multiple times? Infernal Dragon flails?

Hadouken? What about charging tackles? Make Shen Long the projectile?

Hurricane kick? Conflagration wave slashes that travel across the battlefield and burn the ground?

I mean these are just ideas I threw out, but having something drastically different from what we typically see with direct shotos and loose shotos could be fun. You’ve got all these people doing fireballs and rising uppercuts even if they didn’t train under Gouken, so why not break the mould and start a teensy similar if you must and go hog wild?

(Ever since seeing Hak Fu in Jackie Chan adventures, I’ve wanted more of a comically self-serious, but TERRIFYING zodiac animal fighter guy, this would be fine for me. If the joke aspect came from his personality, but he was a legitimate, but insane and aesthetically threatening fighter, I’d be all for it. I don’t so much want to laugh at his moves, but rather aspects of his character.)


JCA was some strange stuff growing up as a kid. Thank God they don’t make cartoons glorifiing celebrities.


WHAT?! That show was awesome!


It was average I guess. I never been cool on those celebrity cartoons because most of them are “ooh, look how rich I am” but this show actually doesn’t do that. It was the end of an era. There’s better shows than that.


To each their own.

RE costumes: Huh, so this is the first alt that Cammy has pants? Lol amazing.

I’m digging these, was hoping for a Mr. X with battle damage for G. Normally I don’t take stock of what X-Kira said, but it seems like he’s been right about some things lately. I wonder what’s next.


That’s because it isn’t Cammy. It’s her stunt double Kammi.



Still not that hyped, give me real SF costumes pls

These day best shit come from fighting chance and these took ages to be released lol




I think there was a Cammy outfit in SF4 where she had pants too


Honestly, Cammy with pants just sounds blasphemous at this point.


Weskien is the fusion I never knew I wanted but now can’t live without!


They used Bison’s theme in the trailer.

That must mean only one thing… THE CAPE IS COMING!