The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


Ah, you are confusing Cammy with Kammi too


At least Cammy is finally halal.
I do think there’s another costume in SFV where she does have pants on but is still showing off her mid-riff.


He could still be Sheng long like EGM describe his special moves but not as shoto.

I don’t necessary view the costumes as accuracy of xkira like the resident evil costume or xmas costumes that includes every holiday celebrated. Or other famous capcom event or franchise that is active today that needs cross promotion. Those where obvious picks.

He failed on numerous costume and stage guesses lately that he tries to make people forget and ignore. Because he likely just tries to label every new encrypted code with possible relative patterns using previous release earlier but he fails to see new stuff that doesn’t belong to any pattern and don’t forget the bunch of stages and costumes that never happened.


Between Akuma and Gouken. Sheng Long’s move set is covered. Akuma is essestially SF2 April Fool’s Day Sheng Long and Gouken is essentially SF3 April Fool’s Day Sheng Long.


They could still do this Sheng long but more like a Mr Satan that was talk on legends

His moves can be not Shoto basing on his EGM description…

He could feature those moves but instead making it in a comedic interpretation like his special are mostly short range and his so called tiger shot a sole projectile was just a exclusive super move because he has no special move for a projectile attack like Sean. His DP is a single hit dash forward uppercut attack not something that is an anti air. His spinning bird kick is horizontal straight upward no angle but cause him to fall down in a out balance and loose momentum in recovery animation that can be an overhead attack if fall upon the opponent area.

You might have seen this before and It’s the first time I have seen this… black haired cody…


That guy in the background with the striped shirt ironically looks more like Cody.


Like Mr. Satan? Fuck that. I hate that guy.


Literally one of the very few characters I genuinely like from Dragon Ball D:


Meh, My fave is his daughter, Videl.


Videl is cool. I actually like her. Mr. Satan is the worst character this side of Garlic Jr. though.


Would be cool if it was actually 10 dlcs with the 4 free ones as rumoured.


I never liked DBZ. More of a Detective Conan person :wink:.



Happy, happy Thanksgiving to all you Americans, and to everyone else, I hope you’re all doing well. Take care and be well! I’m thankful for all of you bright and interesting people and your interesting contributions! Cheers and may you all have a wonderful night!




A little late, but Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!


Happy street-meat day to everyone!


T.Hawk is quaking in those giant boots of his

Anyway, during December I plan on writing a SF retrospective of 2018 looking at what this year brought us both in terms of Capcom and this forum as well as a prediction of what 2019 will bring us. If I’m feeling nice, I might write up a silly short Xmas story featuring Ibuki.


Nice, Capcom added sound effects for Cyberwaifu!Juri. I hope she keep pushing to make the costumes special. By the end of this game’s life cycle, I hope they go all out.


I too hope this is a sign that costumes are about to get hyper customized!