The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


Test your SFV knowledge ala Jeopardy style!
(couple story and character questions in here too. Have fun!)
*I did not create these questions.



I’m sure I’m not the only one who picked up on this but on Katuragi’s bio it mentions:
“Had a hand in the creation for the motions for Street Fighter V Season 4.”

Just food for thought. I hope we get see interviews for the Alpha and SF3 era, you don’t get to see alot of info on that so I’m looking forward to that…


As we all know Street Fighter is featured in the latest Smash Ultimate which has began leaking over a week early to the public. The game will feature spirits that can be used on a character as equipment the replacements to the series long standing tradition of the trophy.

This list may give us an idea of who Capcom sees best fit to represent the Street Fighter franchise as a whole ooooorrr Nintendo made some requests.

E. Honda
Chun-Li (Street Fighter Alpha)
M. Bison
Fei Long
T. Hawk
Dee Jay
Yun & Yang


Haven’t been here in ages.

Bison in Smash would have been crazy as well.


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You’re that person with the necalli stories, right?



It’s not that I outright dislike the character. I’m just making fun of the fact that he didn’t really do much in the S1 story presentation and got jobbed in the most humiliating ways


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@Daemos -


Now we just need some cape goodness and we’re all set!


Will unlock because is a must, but damn, SFV not-enough-jap art style manage to make everything looks like crap

Too round, soft, flat, weak… this style really lack charisma

-pray for a good SF2 Ryu-


Hope we get a proper Killer Bee Cammy as well.


Looks cool, but I’m not sure it’s different enough from the default to warrant the reading purchase for me. Not a fan of the whole gambling system.
I’ve got Mike, Sagat and Vega so far. Skipped CS Cammy and Nash.


Well, Fighting Chance costumes don’t have an Easter egg code, so we have to wait till the Alpha Bison event for the cape, I’m afraid.


Did x-kira specify if Alpha Bison is through fighting chance as well?


Capcom are a benevolent god. They wouldn’t deprive me of a cape more than they have to.


Don’t believe me 100%, but I recall the leak specified Alpha Bison as DLC while Classic SF2 Bison was to be attainable through Fighting Chance (as we already know the later at least turned out to be true).


Sf2 Bison, SF1 Ryu fighting chance 2018

Sfa Bison, SF2 Ryu dlc $ 2019


What about Birdie SF1? These are easy guesses and will happen sooner or latter. Every is concern of him getting stuff obvious by chance but not reminding everytime he misses and comparing the ratio.

Edited after sending me again PM because of this post

Why are you so creeping by sending me tons of PM defending xkira guy, Are you desperately convincing me that Xkira fake leaks are proven all true and would all happen in the future? and Capcom only delayed stuff Xkira predicted in the past because of Xkira leaks like he claims and said?

Should I be me amazed by xkira? because of SF2 Bison alt, SF2 Ryu alt or having Shadow Lady and Cyber Akuma extra battle? Would that make him credible with obvious stuff? Unlike flowtron?

Do you even believe Xkira has he own connection in Capcom that he didn’t used flowtron as reference?

Are you a spokesman, operative or representative?

Don’t forget that he also produce showcased extra battle fights and stage demo leak preview that never happened in his old/former youtube account that he deleted.

And don’t also forget that he stole from other data leakers and claims which is his own.

Are you hurt?

Does connecting my vergen issue corrects xkira? while denying this whole bunch?

Xkira already spoiled storymode 2 in this thread to you and also the most of the characters you posted here for the next season I’m not talking about Rose. Which you try to convince me with bunch PM to delete my quote on your post. Very shady?


False I never said flowtron was wrong and where did you get those ideas. I was SKEPTICAL but I never said he was wrong. And making stuff you weren’t even registered here during that time? Your making up stuff.

Yes it was impossible, “to guess and hit so many times in a row”, Wait was this about data mining stuff in SFV patched? not speculation or guessing by referencing past release?

Yup he really do guesses… does many fake stuff and mix speculation in his previous accounts that he tries to bury in the depths of the internet and do even caught stealing other people’s datamine stuff. That cannot be ignored and denied if were using logic here.

As for Vergen it was and was discussed in reddit that moment thats why he was ashamed that time and never brags about it. Vergen was that bad since the beginning in MVCi leaks so I didn’t bother to look at him, Yet his TMNT issue is something the made me interested that moment but what I actually got and found out was angry reddit edit posters that caught him editing.

The only thing Vergen got confidently in his leak was SMASH released. Which was a game filled with protagonist and deuteragonist along with villains and rivals from past video game franchises and a game that was capable of having a huge roster. Don’t tell me Soul Calibur reveal was something to be amazed with his prediction.

Unlike flowtron event that was amazingly true everytime. No denials and something to ignore. to make them feel right.

So if my vergen argument was otherwise would it make xkira leaks all true in the future? That’s an obvious false equivalence. Stop using misleading and misdirection to desperately attempt defend xkira and to forget xkira blatant fakes in the past.

You want people to forget their missed and focus on there obvious guesses. Xkira has been fake from bunch of stages, custumes and modes? Are you saying Capcom just delayed stuff like he claims because Capcom delayed because he leaks and Capcom want’s him to be wrong? Like Xkira brags on twitter.

He want people to forget if he got something it’s mostly different from the final product and most of them where pattern so they are obvious.

His just digging string of encrypted codes and variables that added in a particular categories in scripts. So if there would be changes on those areas like those that was assigned in costumes and stages but he can dig it but he can’t label it. So he tries to link it with previous pattern of releases using guesses,

Datamining activity in SFV can only provide you encrypted codes and values that cannot spoil the whole focus and plot of 2nd Cinematic Mode that was posted here earlier from him, which are obvious fakes.

He just even bandwagon flowtron and the extra costumes prediction with wishlist many di earlier than him.

New PM


So why are you connecting and bringing those up as reference or doubt against my xkira recent post? Was there about vergen I have mention there… answer none. And yes you are misleading and misdirecting. You are acting shady.

So everything I have said here was accepted by you. That you just notice a portion that you cherry picked?

So on something special you notice… What’s vergen has to do with that original post of mine anyway? Does it hurt you? Why are you triggered? Why bother doing shady hidden activities and PM me again with Vergen and Flowtron stuff accusing me being wrong?

If I was wrong with them it doesn’t erase the whole xkira fiascos.

I like how you accuse me of “Vergen had nothing to do with xkira accuracy”… When your clearly the one connecting it and doing it against this original post of mine?

Then all of a sudden after defending and separating myself your accusing me back with your intended doing? Wat da? That’s again clearly misdirecting.

This post of mine do really trigger you to pm me with unrelated stuff like flowtron and vergen to misdirect and make me agree on xkira?

Oh please stop sending me SHADY PM for your devotion towards Xkira. If you think you are entitled to point out his lucky guesses that makes also other people to point out his errors.

Last PMs of yours that I would read and waste time.


Yeah I wasn’t talking about Vergen your the one that PM me with Vergen and flowtron? Is this misdirection again? clearly I was talking about xkira and you after you bombard me with PMs.

Obliviously I was talking about you hurt because the post is about xkira yet your clearly misdirecting it here.

No I was the one saying facts because they are historical and did happen. How can misdirection be facts anyway.

How can you confidently say to me your making people to be aware with facts?

When ironically your sending me message privately? Is that your way of making people aware of facts? or to hide your dubious activity?
Facts includes truth especially non-isolated cases and recurring events. A person that persaudes a person to deny and ignore is not a person that represents truths and facts.That is clearly a decesive person.

While I’m the one that is true that is making people aware not you, Why because I am answering you in a very transparent way unlike your activity that contradicts your claims.

And in the first place trying to ignore a bunch of historical data like failures and mistakes isn’t about being factual.

See your misdirecting your bringing up different topics, people and events after my original post which is this. Very unrelated.

Triggered Eh?

Wow this is very reliable information is this facts again? Would this guarantee me? Is this supposed to make me laugh? So why bothered flood me with PM pleading to delete your Xkira post of character revealed in the past and this recent post about Birdie also?

Where did you get the motivation to send me shady PM and unrelated stuff regarding flowtron and vergen today because of that short post about SF1 birdie?

Your activity says the otherwise.

You have clearly misleading, misinforming and misdirecting in this recent activity from your reactions and your claims are very much contradicting explaining your actions.


Holy crap guys keep that shit in your PMs. We dont care.