The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


That’s exactly, I wouldn’t say editing the post 20 times just to reply to PMs about leaks in a story thread was a good idea.


As the resident thread dictator, I must insist that you cease and desist! X-Kira is meaningless! Stick to SF story and canon please.


@The_Shakunetsu is an obsessed little dude lol

To be fair the other guy does’nt seem as much fanatic lol

My 2cents on all this shit

X-Kira for sure got some datamining skills, and he’s on a good streak.
He’s not 100% or whatever% accurate, sell his guess as a solid thing and sometimes probably even lied to get clicks

Still, considering his record of somestuffleaked i will ever be more interessed to read one of his “leaks” than a theory from most of internet nerds hating on him lol



Jesus christ at that long ass essay, its called PM for a reason.



Classic Vega/Bison also have his SF2WW/CE winning quotes, it seems that even the japanese ones were included/translated:
HOW DARE YOU THINK YOU COULD DEFEAT ME LIKE THAT?! (jp, I don’t know from which version, I don’t think it’s from WW or CE)

Don’t know if there’s more, and I don’t know if Balrog/Vega also has the same Winning Quote pattern.

Pretty interesting. I wonder if the nostalgia costumes will have the same treatment one day. Also, he’s with normal costume when you face him in the final stage of SF2 ladder. I wonder if they’ll change that someday.

Speaking of translations, I’ll post Ryu’s SF2 WW by the end of this week.


MikeRog was’nt istant SF1 path either, then they fixed that iirc


Low-key me everytime a leak argument breaks out:


Ok so the Bison costume looks a lot better in motion. It’s still not the best we could’ve gotten but it is quite faithful to his SF2 sprite, keyword being sprite.

Because they could’ve been more faithful to his SF2 design as a whole if they kept the Shadaloo insignia on his hat, gave him a cape and/or a cape intro, and made the shoulder pads protrude out over his shoulders more.

We basically got this:

When we could’ve gotten something closer to this:

(Note the proportion of the shoulder pads to shoulders).

Default SF5 Bison is best still.

Hopefully they will now go back and replace his SF2, SFA, and flashback story mode appearances with this nostalgia costume. Unless they really plan on giving us Alpha Bison as a separate costume as well.


@Daemos agree, that’s what i mean when i say SFV love to keep shit flat and weak

On other hand i got decent hopes for SFA dlc $ Bison to end up cool, they tend to don’t do weak crap when they do money costumes

Same Ryu

SF1 will be shit, calling it now (and who care, fuck SF1 Ryu lol)

Pray for legendary SF2 Ryu to be $ dlc and get proper work on it


Maybe your describing exactly @Tatsuroko the xkira apologist that registered in various gaming forums to spread a new update about xkira prediction as he have returned from social media after his tons of fiasco prediction that led him to quit his previous accounts.

He who usually defends for xkira behalf in this thread, and would even flood my inbox with d*ck riding xkira PMs. Even I told him to stop a lot of time… How far can he go?

I’m obsessed with no one. What leads me to post that way is because inbox was spammed by the obsessed Tatsuroko.


I’m frank, transparent and unfazed. I don’t came here for the likes and be agreeable to everyone, I came here as a fan SF even before those things went throught.

I dont want the thread be corrupted and polluted by xkira worshipers by mixing his prediction with how the story should be.

because of this comment that was also talk in the thread

I didn’t bring xkira topics here anyway, I only replied when he was discussed here with this

What’s so offensive that can lead Tatsuroko to those weird actions spamming someone inbox with PM with unrelated discussion.


I’m maybe no hacker, but I have a good understanding in custom game engines, game hacking, modding and scripting past PC related games like doom, quake and diablo in some forums. And I have a strong professional background in the current software development trends that I need to collaborate with different people before any ideas went into production, because I also design workflows not just visual concerns and branding alone. I very consistent with my claims unlike other people in this thread.

So I need to understand the restriction and limitation of specific people part of the dev team. I also need to understand, review and design functionality stuff while they are still on paper before it went to any development stage, So I can easily identify what’s plausible for work to avoid mistake in implementation without the disastrous risk from financial, time and advertising.

That’s my I’m very good in ideas on paper, That some may even refer into and take inspiration with also not just a guy that post random ideas on the internet. I just hope your not into this because of other reason like hate or etc.

I am the technicality aspect and consistency on things specially on branding or other stuff.Yet I know your the guy that is good in some areas of popular reference like martial arts and sports stuff, and I also admit and respect your thoughts even we disagree because I’m never in that area or very much familiar.

As for clicks

The only thing xkira could dug into are encrypted codes assigned, if he would have dug left over graphics or visual stuff… He would already brag on it in social media because those were potential attention grabs that can cover his tracks anyway if he is going for clicks that would be headliner like eventhubs and some youtubers does if you are talking about clicks. Which is no.

He doesn’t do it for clicks because the whole content isn’t just misleading by title but everything is.

Xkira on Cinematic 2 and Story Spoiler


There’s no way Xkira methods of datamining can give story spoilers posted here for season 2 cinematic mode like who is the story focus and dominant enemies unless he already played through it or read the director’s script by internal leak, or seen left over videos which everyone can also dug through if it was release to the PC. We’re living in the age we’re DLC isn’t a premature thing like what happened in SFXT and SFV isn’t in a stage that is vulnerable for getting those types of content.

And also the fact that Xkira is getting fame and credibility for his datamining skills, reminding some for the missed is no reason for someone to like @Tatsuroko to act shady and bombard me PMS asking for deletion of quoted comments of his being scared of something.

It’s doesn’t change everything that is real and undeniable even if it’s a billion times of editing.


Editing the reply 20 times is the way to read it one whole topic rather than you spamming inboxes because of xkira apologist. I have told you many times never PM me with Xkira stuff. I’m not interested.

Man what’s your problem anyway? I have said to you before stop sending me xkira discussion and sending me topics unrelated stuff in my inbox.

I have said this before:

I don’t care if you would discussed xkira in different threads, You won’t see me there, I don’t care about his followers, apologist and worshipers of his predictions, but If you try to say something how credible he is in the story-thread that is public-ally discussed, You will be reminded how inaccurate he was.

When people are talking about accuracy in public there no wrong for someone to point out the inaccuracy because were in a public thread and the story thread, not just because they are unrelated topics but i can also cause confusion for what’s reliable and unreliable.

Again stop flooding my inbox with your Xkira obsessions and apologist opinions. I always prove you wrong with your inconsistency and misleading claims in previous numerous topics, That you even went further pleading me in my inbox to delete a quoted post by you from an information xkira said, because you feared him or something? WTF.

As for the other guys I’m sorry for the trouble, but I want to exposed how obsessed Tatsuroko flooding my inbox with PM that I’m not answering or talking to him because this comment in the recent comment.

There’s nothing wrong with that comment… but there’s a something weird, strange and wrong for Tatsuroko to spam my inbox because of his obsession with xkira for me not being agreeable to his belief along with also unrelated stuff that I never converse into but he continues to do so. And I also did say to him in comment in this thread in the past to stop sending me PMS but still continues… That’s clear obsession along with registering for a new account in various gaming forums to spread xkira return.

He might rather accuse me with stuff I didn’t do and plead me to delete stuff he posted that I quoted to forget the errors he says. While he convince me to ignore and deny stuff that did happen which aren’t isolated occurrence regarding the subjects credibility.

I don’t want to talk with a obsess person like Tatsuroko in the PM that can lead to some kind of weird things.

And the thing is I as a person, I can assure everyone wouldn’t bother any tatsuroko that would talk about xkira greatness in the public other than the story-thread. The thing is there is nothing wrong with a person reminding inaccuracy using truths that really happen when the topic is discussed about accuracy and predictions within his place of concern, love and passion is.

On Topic I loved what the current Classic Costumes are implemented from Bison and especially with Sagat, unlike the earlier Classic Costumes interpretation that was never really same like Alpha Ryu and Alpha Ken.

Why? because from the Classic Sagat they have made it look like SF2 Sagat that with body physique likeness and similarities included not just SFV Sagat that look younger by face and cosplaying as Sagat SF2. Without having the need to alter the whole SFV Sagat physique in return also, So I can say they did a very good job.

Thats also the same thing they did with that Bison which is also a great thing. I just hope the Cape stuff is in their rather than separate thing. I like Alpha Bison too but I still hope the cape is still in it.


Me: logs on
Sees that the leak argument is ongoing

Honestly, at this point BOTH OF YOU are as bad as each other. You’re aware you can just mute each other? If you both don’t want to continue with your little leaks war then just drop it. Be the better one.


TBH I was sure it stopped yesterday, but here he is with yet another essay… the last one, I hope.


Don’t jinx it!!!:zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:


Story Thread Episode IX: The Last Essay…


Alpha bison will just be sf2 bison with a cape and 4 extra stones


The armor design is different and the color options are way different. Not necessarily different enough to warrant a separate costume altogether, but if Capcom are gonna charge me for the cape then they should just do it already.


Looks like a cool book.


@Doctrine_Dark Is that book covering only the SF designs or their whole fighting game catalogue. It’d be great to see Darkstalkers, Space Gladiator, Rival Schools and Power Stone on there.

There was also a book like this by Akiman in '96 to teach new illustrators how to draw Capcom characters but I think people only know it for the Ken nudes.


You mean this one?

That was also posted in CFN lately.

Probably the newer book will also cover some of those, Since it was in CFN lately but the previews on the pages seems to be more on the modern SFV designs.

I don’t see any SF4 references in the previews.

It would be better if they include the whole Akiman book and SF4 since Juri, Evil Ryu and Gouken design along with some alts was awesome that time.

Im not aware, I frequently not active in the forum like I used to, I usually just drop by the forum for a bit of info to post or read a new one.

Since I’m not even conversing with those edited spam of annoying PMs in the first place.

Please can you help and assist me with the mute functions. That would be great.

Thank you very much.

All I can do now is use the “leave conversation” in PM and unsubscribe in my email when it sends notifications.

Since as of today his still sending me PMs.

because of this reply in the thread


You mean one message that was the conclusion of “the debate”.