The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


OH stop please. Your the only one who is talking in those inboxes, no one is reading your messages to respond with.

I wasn’t even answering you via PM. The only one that I entertained was the one I posted here AFTER a series of PMs that was edited and deleted pile of request TO REMOVE a information from xkira that I quoted from you because you said you were scared and in fear of him knowing. WTF

A word of advice and best thing which everybody wins.


Like I said your welcome to create your “xkira appreciation thread” say everything there you PMed me on how great xkira prediction is for you with full of confidence and proudness towards of it. Compile it with his latest twits so you can track his greatness rather than mixing it here

Do you fear having separate appreciation thread for Xkira filled with positivity and without any negative talks about his and no other topics other than his latest datamined discoveries and prediction? Is that wrong? or is that a wonderful thing? Is that clear? that promotes clarity.

No one is limiting you here to talk about the story and canon here anyway.

That’s a better idea right rather than abusing PM function to force a person to believe xkira’s prediction is great or something, to deny truths and delete a prediction posted by you from him. You said you spreading awareness and you talk about facts to people in defense of xkira then do not in my inbox or unrelated threads.

I said this before. You won’t see me there commenting on how truthful or wrong he is, I won’t bother you their, I’m not interested anyway with Xkira talk. My concerns are only my interest is the storythread, myself, game aesthetics, games extra featuresa and upcomming games.

This is turning both ridiculous, annoying and funny at the same time.


Is this some kind of internet cult movement parody joke prank horror movie or something? The last thing missing is for someone to stalk me at home and leaving messages at my doorstep or my mailbox about the good news of his idol. This would be a nice plot for a short film on internet cults.

Lol there’s nothing wrong with my original comment to drive a man to spam me via PM.

My original comment reply was very bland, generic and ordinary to begin with.

This one is entirely strange and different it’s like I’m dealing with cult follower that will trivialize and glass light any undeniable truths by convincing me in secrecy that everything his master’s predictions will happen and real that I should turn off my logic and ignore non-isolated cases of events to compromised to their agenda.

To be fair, I believe Xkira skills in datamining that he can still track down updates by seeing new encrypted code in every patch, but lately and even his return he is still mixing speculations to his datamined works, while the likes of Tatsuroko that would register to various gaming sites to spread the news of his return wants denials and ignore events that did happen, while spamming inbox for those that disagreed.

I don’t judge a person by belief, race, fame, popularity, recognition, followers, age and not even a particular isolated case, but rather focus on the actions from the specific person without others influence him to do so…

So flooding my inbox because of that comment and also requesting to delete a quoted information is full of wrongs, I’m a very considerate person so my exception is if it is a personal information to protect a privacy of an individual not a “video game leak”. He is not the only thing he concern is stand for is xkira credibility.

I believe I have the right to exposed the way he is triggered and abusing my inbox because I posted a reply comment here and it’s both weird and strange reaction from him. He claim he posted here because he wants people to be aware when I am the one giving awareness and clarity.


Total nonstop action wrestling.
I was done with this discussion yesterday, man, and we know nobody wants to see the continuation of it, so let’s finally move on to Street Fighter news and lore.


By the way mark the date today something has change and confesses already or something special has happened and declare it today, Something on his twits lol. It’s confirmed haha



I’ll take your word for it.

Okay that’s great. So stop sending me PMs, Thanks.


Check out @XKiraDatamining’s Tweet:


Fingers crossed, still… grain of salt


GorillaGripp incoming!


If he’s just making stuff up again I will write very pungent words about him in comment sections around the internet.

You don’t want to see me when I get pungent!


He’s been promising another story since at least 2016. Eventually, Capcom might decide to make and release one.


I prefer that other leaked list which was:

Goliath (Gorilla)


Who leaked that list? 4 females is “too good to be true” kind of unlikely.


It appears to trace back to a guy who pretty accurately leaked gameplay details for G. He’s claimed a number of the same things X-Kira has claimed, like a second story and various costumes.

Mind, like X-Kira, he also appears to have had some misses. For example, he claimed Cody had his SF4 knife behavior and rock throw, without realizing they’d both been moved to V-Triggers. I say “appears”, because at the same time he did claim that a lot of work was still to be done with Cody, and it is possible that his info legitimately came from an earlier version before Capcom moved those moves into V-Triggers.


Seriously speaking tekken has fighting animals why cant SF? Would also like to see Beargief in future SF gamss


But the 2nd story was completed in June 2017, and considering he’s stopped doing datamining and he only posts info from QA servers, I think there are more chances of the 2nd story mode happening soon this time.
And remember we’ve only got 2 stages this year, excluding Dojo and Ring of Power. The 2nd story mode is needed if they want to add many new stages in Season 4.


@Tiger-J probably from this guy.

@Baines? You mean this guy.


I’m quoting from resetera

From what I saw from the Reddit post, it’s someone who made educated guesses about G after we saw the Q alternate outfit, where most of them were wrong. - FuxWaveZ

I like how the guy tweeting says this would be the worst lineup they could come up with, THEN SAYS HE WANTS SODOM. - Rickenslacker

From this page

So probably unreliable too. seeing G having Q alt can give you already hints and patterns.

If he claims Cody would have a pipe instead of a knife, I would have believe him even he was wrong.

Weird license product in japan lately a plug and play music player for mobile?

in Cartridge format?

Now I wonder will someone make and license a SF2 game in Cartridge for mobile, for novelty and collecting purposes.

Product Preview:

Other preview in summary


Plus other new stuff


I am all in on an actual fucking gorilla in Street Fighter. Hopefully, like Kuma, he doesn’t speak any human language and people can still understand him, because video games. The rest of that theoretical season can kick rocks though.

That said, if we DO get the gorilla, then the knife guy is 100% guaranteed for Season 5.


Lol 4 females in a 6 char season and the only human male being Dan

Sound realistic


Also i’m ok with the gorilla

While at it is a cyborg-gorilla wich can give them the chance to something pretty unique rather than just blanka-gief hybrid char


The gorilla is the most boring character design to me…
Its been done to death and its rarely interesting, i dont like the design of the other guy in Ed’s gang either( from the one image so far), but the gorilla is by far the one i was most dissapointed in.


I can remember like one from a fight game (BR series), and there imho it worked

You can say 2 if we add the DC game, but there blame comics

“Done to death” sound like a stretch to prove something lol


Other NeoShadow guy is the most interesting looking IMO. Im thinking if he ever becomes available he might place like a mix between the mummy guy from Captain Commando and the dude that fights with a deck of cards in KOF.

I don’t really feeling that S4 lineup at all, and believe it will turn out to be fake. Whats the point of Dan when we already have a joke character in SF5. Hes names Necalli