The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


I’m just excited with what’s in store with the new features, modes, costumes and stages.

I dont have high hopes.

I don’t hope for Sodom anymore… He and Maki are the characters that I want to see return. And I really did play Sodom in Alpha.

The rest I am interested are characters that are mechanical based in feature

As for new characters that would from Delta Red yet that’s impossible by the moment. I like to see a Ginyu type character from DBFZ and they would be the fitting.

A Tag based character that swap per round like in RS, that fits Yun and Yang.

And a 2-in-1 character like Choi and Chang in CVS 2.



It’s like it didn’t have any SF4 reference at all in character creation and design but were getting something else.

And there is a surprise they are including The Making of SFV STORY also


Was thinking more of the design of an intelligent Gorilla in general, not just fighting games.
Not a huge fan of animals who act like humans, in a setting with humans in general.


I know it would cause a disturbance in the continuum but I really would’ve enjoyed it more if we got Mountain Beard Ryu as the SF5 Ryu like in that artwork, at least for General Story Mode.

It would’ve been more meaningful IMO if Ryu developed that chest scar sometime in SF5 also. Either from Necalli’s battle in ASF, or from Bison - Both characters have a super attack that involves them punching (or in Bison’s case impaling) their opponents in the chest.

It would’ve made the stakes felt more real, and in the end would’ve been a nice contrast to Sagat. Both Ryu and Sagat needed a scar to become whole, Sagat at the start of his journey with his inner demon and Ryu at the end of it.

But alas, Ryu’s plot armor is too thick for battle scars even. :frowning:


Regarding the Gorilla, we already have a Gorilla-like fighter in Blanka, and Necalli is beastial and savage as well.

Unless this is a Psycho Power Gorilla who speaks with a British accent, we really don’t need that shit anymore than we need Sagat’s pet tiger to become a fighter in SF5.


Agree Bearded Ryu alt should have appeared in the cinematic mode on final confrontation with Necali, yet returned to a more generic Ryu after that match then before going to Bison for the final match or after the Bison match when in the waterfall ending with Ken. So it’s still fitting and exact.

Perfect with the Bison Battle Damage alt like everyone thinks that should have appeared in the final battle with Ryu also.

I don’t mind a remastered and re told cinematic mode using the previous which is longer and have different encounters with slight different events than the previous. Something how PC expansion games like Diablo-2 becomes Diablo-2 LOD.


So while there hasn’t been that many reports yet, one of the core staff who worked on the book has posted his thoughts and he says that basically the book is make of 3 parts- 1/How the SFV devs worked hard to continue on the lore made by SFII, 2/How SFII became such a legend in the first plane, and 3/An analysis of “how to create characters” from interviews with the SFV team, Ikeno, and Akiman. This last part in particular sounds very interesting indeed!

Just some information I found on the book. Definitely appears to be SF focused.


Dont be so sure. Nakahira gave him one and the slowly canonise all his work


For all the X-Kira fanboys here.


Except I dont think he will play anything like Blanka. I see him closer to being Hulk from mvc2. Imagine all of hulks moves but not super exaggerated.


Honestly, I’d rather see Remy and I don’t like Remy. Gorilla is only better than shit like Evil Ryu and Oni.

If you’re gonna give me Neo-Shadaloo, give me Knife.


Hey, who unpinned the story thread? :angry:


Someone jealous of the attention it receives clearly!



Probably someone tired of all the X-Kira shit


Someone should hack him and expose his identity once and for all.

Wouldn’t be surprised in the least if X-Kira is merely the alias of Matt Dahlgren.


Nakahira was given creative liberties with his work which is why it’s so good. Capcom in and of itself will never take a creative liberty with SF story.


@bakfromon hey dude, glad to see you around! How’s it going?


He should remain involved in the story and designing characters.


Found the Neo Shadaloo Gorilla concept in a resetera thread.


I’m kinda like Phantom Bison right now. Here in spirit still waiting for my scientists to build me a new body.

Yea if only.