The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


We’ll said. Include also the Phantom thing.

The Knife Guy has much potential from the rest of the background characters newly introduce in SFV.


More images from the new book:


I need Albino Cape Urien, Roman Emperor, and Garden of Eden Urien badly in my life.


This is beautiful stuff!


Roman Emperor and Gladiator Urien best alts by far


I didn’t know he was a mere Shadaloo chimp until I rewatched the last few minutes of A Shadow Falls. BTW, does anyone know FOR SURE the time period Nash saves Abel from a Shadaloo base? It just doesn’t make sense if it’s BEFORE he got killed. Why would they give us Abel and make him the connection between Nash and Guile if what he knows is only what Guile already knows?


Despite it being early in December I’ve decided to write a retrospective looking at what Capcom has brought us this year, both SF and non-SF, the happenings in the forums as well as my personal predictions for 2019.

Street Fighter in 2018:


-Hot after the failure of MVCi, Capcom released S3 to much applaud and anticipation but also AE which boasted a overhaul of the game’s UI, new modes, costumes and S3 characters being fan favorites with newcomers Falke and G coming in. The release of AE shifted public opinion of the game to the positive but had not sold the amounts Capcom wanted to in the first couple of months.

-We saw the release of Sakura first in January. Her story mode and new look was met positively, finally moving her on and developing her as a character.

-SF Anniversary Collection was released, finally giving people a chance to play classic SF games and be able to experience SFV’s roots first hand

-Blanka and Falke came in February and April respectively. With the newcomer Falke, she had split the fanbase with some feeling that she was bland and boring while others took a interest to her.

-Cody came out in July and his rabid fanbase blew up. However, he was very well received with his story and new design and will continue to be subject to even more ReaderxCody fanfiction for years to come

-In August 5th (me and Mykka’s birthday♌)
Capcom decided to surprise us by releasing both Sagat and G by teasing G via social media with a cute little map find activity at EVO prior to his announcement. With the anticipation coming up, G had become a instant hit, cementing his place as a iconic SFV newcomer. However Sagat’s release was more quiet.

-Ono stepped down from his position as producer in the fighting game division, handing the position to Monster Hunter’s producer Ryozo Tsujimoto.

-In November 2018, there appeared to be hints of S4 coming out soon with one of SF2’s developers during a interview outright confirming S4.

Capcom in 2018:


-MVCi continues to flop

-The Megaman X collection releases with Capcom giving hints to a X9. This collection boasts more features and a special battle mode.

-Monster Hunter becomes one of Capcom’s best selling games

-RE2 remake and DMC5 is announced with mixed feelings about the realistic aesthetic. I personally like it

-Megaman 11 is released and breathes fresh air into the franchise with the jump to 3D. However many detractors point its lack of innovation, lack of heavy plot and the absense of Protoman and Bass. However I think they’ll most likely come as DLC akin to 9+10 and I think the ending of the game is really the beginning of the end of the Classic series but that’s another topic.

-A follow-up to Puzzle Fighter is released on mobile apps, this time including a wide range of Capcom characters rather than just SF and Darkstalkers.

-Capcom beat em up collection is released, which means that Battle Circuit is officially released on American shores for the first time

SRK forums in 2018:


-I joined SRK :crown::crown::crown::crown:

-This year was important for the forum as it switched to a discord server, completely changing its layout. I personally have gotten used to it since.

-ES_Curse left due to personal reasons, we wish him all the best

-Tatsuroko joined SRK

Predictions for 2019:


-We know for sure that DMC5 and RE2 remake is coming out this year

-I think Season 4 of SFV is coming this year

-I also believe that we’ll get DLC for MM11. There have been rumours of a MMZ-ZX collection coming out later in 2019, but I don’t believe that.

-While I have always believed that Darkstalkers will return one day, 2019 won’t have that day

-I personally hope that we get a collection of the non-SF 3D fighting games (Space Gladiator, Rival School and Power Stone), but the chances of that are awfully low IMO.

-I’d love to see them re-release Red Earth, also slim chances

Should this become a story forum tradition?

So now, if I’m feeling it, I might do that Xmas Ibuki story nearer the 25th:
“how the thot ruined christmas!!!”


Concept art of Ryu as Mega Man and Jin:


Whoa at golden skin Menat!

also, some interesting trivia about the SF2 animated classic:


Ryu Jin would really work!!!



Keep them coming! These are amazing! Thank you for posting them!


(Now how about that Chun-Li section, huh? Huh? huh? Any chance that’s next, if you know what I’m saying? :wink: :wink: :wink: )


Unfortunately I do not own the book, but I am making it a point to post every image here when something new is uploaded.


Oh my god, they have a naked Juri in the second pic (bottom right corner)



So… Is this book ever coming out in the West?


The information isn’t complete, but on it’s recent book “Beyond the World”, Capcom published a timeline placing Nash saving Abel after the events of SFZ3:
-Psycho Drive gets destroyed;
-Shadaloo initiates the “Living Incubator Project” to provide Vega/Bison a new body (possibly, Vega’s body got destroyed and he started the project inside Rose’s body. However, as shown in Rose’s Vanilla SF4 ending, he was already in his new body when Seth was being finished);
-The details are unknown, but possibly, the Shadaloo base was discovered and attacked. While everything was burning, Nash found Abel and helped him to get out. Nash left Abel under the care of the leader of a french mercenary group;
-Nash meets his end after fighting Vega and being “betrayed” by his comrades;
-The exact moment is unknown, but Nash’s corpse was found by the Secret Society;
-SF2 happens;
-Abel, researching about his past, joins Chun-Li and, later on, Guile;
-SF4 happens;
-According with Urien’s Story Mode in SFV, possibly during or right after SF4, Kolin asks Urien to use one of the empty vessels, Eleven, as a last attempt to ressurrect Nash;
-SF5 happens.

And that’s it.

SF Beyond The World Timeline
SFZ1-2 story
SFZ3 story
SF4 Abel japanese backstory
SF4 Character Relations chart from SF4/SSF4 Complete Works
SF4 Rose prologue and ending
SF5 story modes

@Doctrine_Dark, thanks for those.

Specially if with the code we would get “fundoshi” Jin… LOL!





Capcom, I demand that pink feather boa at once!!!