The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


A pity that Cody’s section was so small.



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Mmm, you looks like Juri’s in good shape :wink:



Doctrine Dark single handedly carrying the story thread.


Beautiful stuff, thanks so much for sharing! oooh, I hope this comes out to the west. I really wanna know what G’s page says when he’s with the Alphabet Company dudes. Also, that armored concept, whoa! Never saw that before!


Really nice posts, man.

I have found the book for pre-order. Like every other art book, I’ll be snatching it up and can post missing stuff


Also I’ll add that it makes me sad how much better the concept art style is than the finished in-game art stye.

Characters are WAY too bulky. Ed should be a quick, well-built boxer…but ends up looking chunky as hell…then bigger characters just look like awkward fat asses.


Thanks for the detailed info. It’s really disappointing how poorly SFV treated Nash, though. With SFIV and Abel’s story, we were led to believe Nash was alive and saving people from Shadaloo’s grasp, even though many (everyone except Guile?) thought he was dead. His reveal trailer for SFV further solidified the idea that Nash was indeed alive somehow after his showdown with Bison during the events of SFA2. Then came A Shadow Falls and reduced the amount of time Nash was alive to, what, the duration of A Shadow Falls? It not only completely destroyed everything about Nash’s previously estabslihed story but also did NOT add anything new to it.

If it had been so that Gill’s organization revived Nash right/some time after his death (and not just before the events of A Shadow Falls) and had him wander the globe to regain his memories during that period, the whole Abel story would make sense (because, in the current story no one can explain why on earth Guile doesn’t know about Nash saving Abel back in the day, considering they were pals) and that would add to the mystery of what Nash was doing during that time.

Making Nash’s Alpha 2 death the canon one over the Alpha 3 one was also an act of idiocy. In Alpha 3, we saw Nash’s humanitarian side with him being willing to sacrifice himself for his friend(s?), whereas in Alpha 2 he was nothing more than a workaholic soldier who didn’t give a shit about anything other than his self-assigned “mission”. And don’t tell me he sacrificed himself in A Shadow Falls as well. It doesn’t mean anything if you’re already going to die after a short while or if you are already dead. Why not make it meaningful (even though he still didn’t make any visible impact)?

SFIV put things on the right track only for SFV to mess things up again. SFIV kept most of the plot elements that Alpha 3 gave us going, thus developing the lore. SFV destroyed all that and went with whatever DLC policies the game was/is on. Rest in peace, Nash. You’ll always be remembered as the self-sacrifical hero of Alpha 3 even if the dumbasses at Capcom want to wipe the good memories off our brains.


So many cool alts, too bad theyr SFV schedule for dlc is mostly waifus and themed crap

Pls post Bison, Akuma and Ken, i’m curious

Btw MM and Jin Ryu as xkira said, can’t wait for Jin one, looks cool af


That MM alt looks so awkward, maybe it’s because it’s a child character in a adult body. They should’ve went with the more chunkier MMX.


I think the awkwardness is intended tongue in cheek.


I need the ones i selected, NOW !


That’s Akane Yagyu from Onimusha:

This looks to be a future alt for Ibuki.


We appreciate this SOOOO much. Thank you for posting.


Angry Nun Kolin has to happen.



Wow very great continual post of gems.

Megaman looks like from cartoons


As for G, I really wonder why they didn’t took the opportunity or have a concept referring to this…

Probably this SF conspiracy theory was only popular and widespread in the west


Atleast streamer Julia wasn’t a streamer before Sakura went in SFV. Sakura is better in where she ended up in SFV.

Streamer Ibuki, elena or hinata should be in the future haha


The last time I heard it was Onimusha and there’s a rumored MVC4. (Hoping for Capcom Crossover title that plays like Mahvel)