The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


Which series? MH and RE are doing great nowadays


I don’t mind the proportions in general, but I agree that letting the physics engine handle Necalli’s hair instead of animating it properly made him lose a lot of potential visually. A lot of the clipping issues in this game are due to ragdoll effects like that.


they even thought that giving a cape to Ed was a good idea despite all the horrible clipping with a lot of models (like Akuma’s chest being pierced by his clay mane)


MH is a rare case, that probably have to thanks a strong director too

RE doing great if you mean money wise, stilistically blowjobbed whatever marketing trend was doing hot at the moment for years

DMCV visually is another antoniades DMC without antoniades, even if fans clearly spoke against it with theyr wallets

The rest are dead brands

They was one of the (if not THE) king of japanese videogames with great tradition and solid recognizable style, now they just try to suck western dicks for 7.99 dollar$


oh we talking about aesthetic, kinda agree on that, but what does antoniades mean? The only result google gave me was about a greek surname


@stronzolo Tameem Antoniades was the director of the DMC reboot.



I need this book in my life so bad.


Guile got some very cool alt concepts

LOL we risked blond Rashido, remind me a lot Ali in Beyond Oasis 2


It may be worth noting that the book isn’t a complete collection of concept art. While it contains concept art that hasn’t been posted on CFN, CFN also has concept art that wasn’t used in the book.

The weirdest instance is Cody. The book has so little Cody concept art, yet there are two pieces on CFN that didn’t make it into the book. (Cody wearing a policeman’s uniform over his prison outfit, Cody in blood-spattered prison garb with a bag over his head and wearing a noose)

Somewhat weird are DLC outfit variations. CFN has multiple articles that include numerous variations of outfits for certain characters. The book includes all the variations for some characters, but for others only contains the final version.

CFN has Menat concept art from before she even looked like Menat. So the book doesn’t have any of the concepts where she was a white girl with red hair. Pizza delivery girl, Italian delinquent, stage magician, card magician (the last incarnation would have tried to have killed Rose)…

While it has several discarded Sakura concepts, the book is missing Sakura as a mountain climbing guide.


Elena and Poison


One week away from actual news/s4 announcement!

Can’t give less fucks about the tournament itself lol


Any idea what this is in Zeku back?




Wait kinda doing some googling and the wiki said it’s a like the war god in forgotten worlds, kinda weird for Zeku and Guy to consistently reference it?


I hope I could find a decent resolution of that in Zeku back


Actually, All About SFZ1 mentions Bushinryu Ninjitsu being a military group 550 years before SFZ1.

From the same book, right? Interesting. I wonder if there’s anything about the Dolls.

Weird that in Nash’s section, they didn’t published Nash’s wounded body after being attacked by the chopper…


Not weird at all. The bosses name is Bushin or War God


Wow that kinda surprise me that they worship a video game boss as a god literally.

Interesting coincidentally P2 will encounter Guy in modern day times lol.

So now I wonder is the forgotten worlds version of “war god” a recreation representation of the one they worship or it is the actual one that manifest as the boss in that game. lol


Cool, essentially Bushin Ryu is war ninjutsu

Kinda fitting considering that despite the lack of weapon (ingame) it seem a pretty open face to face style

I mean it seem to avoid lot of indirect classic sneaky/evasive ninja stuff, in favor of taijutsu

Guy on particular is’nt much different from Ryu and his ansatsuken, if we don’t count hado they both rely on straight punchkickyourface martial art, just with different styles

The difference stand out a lot next to Ibuki’s style

Is also worth notice Zeku creating the Striders is starting what is essentially a ninja militar group

Guy-Zeku take on and destroy enemy directly
Ibuki more tricks spy/infiltration style
Claw feel all about sneak assassination lol

Make sense BR are the “warriors” of capcom ninjas


The devs coined the name Bushin ryu from the boss of Forgotten Worlds who’s name is Bushin. Akiman stated himself.


Its on the back of Zeku’s coat to pay homage to that fact.

Well, it was made around 500 or more years ago during times of constant war.