The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


I just wish that they:
-Gave us a choice to switch between arranged OST for the first two Alpha games and SF3:NG
-Added Cammy to Alpha 2
-Added Gill+Shin Akuma to the SF3 games
-Based Alpha 3 on the Naomi version rather than the CPS2 version

None of that seemed impossible for them to do. Even the PS2 collections did most of that.


I just wanted them to give us Alpha 3 Max and Alpha 2 Gold, both with online multiplayer. Was it really too hard? Christ, they could’ve just used the PSP ports or whatever


I understand why they discourage the other alpha 3 but they should have compensate with the switch version which is more casual.

Me … I want SF4 for switch with Karin, Nash, Mika, Urien, Maki, Sodom, Eagle and Violent Ken.


Honestly, I’m surprised they haven’t ported USF4 to Switch. Especially considering how well Ultra Street Fighter 2 sold.


I’m not too sure about it selling “well”. Capcom said that if performed well enough, they’d consider porting it to other platforms. As you can see, that’s still not the case to this day. Not that there’s much of a sense in doing so now since SF30AC exists, but still


What really perplexed me was the 4 costumes they released. Really thought there should have been more.


Hard to top that collection.

I think it’s still fairly available online, just as expensive as it was back then.
I’d really like to try getting one some time.


TBF, I’d rather have all of them having online multiplayer. Especially since ironically Alpha 2, the more competitively viable game got dumped over Alpha 3.


Interesting question I want to pose to the story community. Is the theory of Kage being a sentient corporeal form separate entity just as bad as the one time theory of Gouken and Gen being risen from the dead zombies of S.I.N. I’m seeing a lot of Eng and Jap posts stating that Kage is in fact such an entity and it almost seems like the whole zombie Gen and Gouken theory that was going around here a long time ago…@vasili10. From what we know just from the story mode we know this really isn’t the case but since the character profile states they are separate most people all over have stated this to be the case.

So is this the new zombie theory only stated from a professional standpoint? If there is a story mode 2 will they explain how Kage became a legitimate separate entity and if they don’t how will the fandom community explain what Kage actually is?

Any thoughts? Especially from the seniors of the community I’m interested in your take on all of this?


My take is that Kage is a spirit that mostly manifests in Ryu’s, Sagat’s and Akuma’s minds where metaphorical battles take place. I’m not sure if he can also materialize in the real world, but even then I’d think of it as a spirit representing the Satsui no Hado rather than a corporeal entity somehow born out of Ryu’s actual shadow.


I’m probably gonna hate myself for sparkng up another x-kira debate… but:

From reddit/SF: Fact Checking X-Kira

(someone post this to his twitter/FB page)


They should had also add the lot from his previous decativated accounts.

Why? Ignoring and disregarding his 2015-2017 leaks which is a very huge portion compare to this excel data that is just 2017 doesn’t make this facts and legit checking. It’s already poor analysis of data that is BS to begin with.

Also in dojo mode what did he get right was assumption of something called a “dojo” but the whole idea how the mode would work is different and not even close.

Include also a list of his hinting that turned out false and true. Like Viper for example.

Then something like the claim Cannon Spike Nash happened because it was legit Datamined is kinda ridiculous when the it was a lucky guess using the release of Cannon Spike Cammy as a hint but off his radar.

Why would people be also surprised for getting classic Bison? After seeing Classic SF2 in costume prominent in returning. Yet I would be surprised if were getting another Classic Abigail and humor costume Rashid.


So wrong 83 % of the time. Beats guessing by the flip of a coin by a wide margin.

Let’s be half full vase: anything X-Kira announces is guaranteed NOT to be in the game with 83 % chance.


Someone should pass that X-Kira chart on to the people who write this site’s news articles, as a couple of months ago the main page was still hyping how super reliable X-Kira is.

EDIT: If you wanted to count every individual stage that hasn’t happened, you could probably inflate that error rate. Or every time he promised something was coming soon, only to make the same promise again a few months later when it failed to happen, and then again a few months after that…


From a gameplay standpoint, Kage is a physical manifestation of the SNH within Ryu. This way, he is most reminiscent to the hopefully permanently dead story that Rose is the physical manifestation of the good that was expelled from Bison. But this is only from a gameplay standpoint (which is to say, is not canon). I think the wording could’ve been made more obvious on Capcom’s side but it’s easier than to explain to the laymen an almost Jungian take on Ryu’s Shadow and internal struggle.

From a canonical standpoint, it is undeniable that Kage is just a shadow, he’s a thought, a dark one, personified and manifesting in the minds of characters only. The physical aspect in Kage’s story is literally only Ryu meditating in what seems to be Karin’s Palace (where Ryu was for some of his special training). At the end of his story, Kage disappears, likely goes back into the subconscious.

If Kage was actually able to get a fleshy form through sheer will, it breaks the canon. Then we get stories like Zombie Gouken like you said, and Bison circumventing the very need for a body to anchor his power in the physical world.

The only way I think Kage can ever become physical is if someone gave him a body. The only character who can and would be interested in doing that is Bison. The two would make for a deadly alliance. But then you’d have to come up with a story on how Kage ever left Ryu’s mind, and when he did, where did he go? What is this place that Kage can just hang out in, that would have allowed for a meeting of Bison and Kage? It doesn’t truly make a lot of sense for Kage not to be anchored and trapped inside Ryu’s body IMO.

Personally, I think the most interesting part of Kage’s story is often overlooked, it’s this astral or spiritual plane that certain fighters can tap into and communicate through. We’ve seen characters use it since SF4 with Akuma and Gouken sensing Ryu’s awakening. It reminds me of the weird dimension that Bison took Ryu and Ken in the SF2 V final battle.


Gouken is alive and he will return.

Not a zombie.


I don’t think you understood the context of Zombie Gouken.


I just did ctrl + f , searched Gouken, found him next to Zombie, then proceed to instantly defend him on the story forum.


By the stories, he went to visit both Sagat and Akuma.

Sagat particularly stands out. Since we only get Kage vs Akuma on Kage’s side, and that is a reasonable direction for Ryu’s meditation to go, you can count that as acceptable. But Sagat? You can, and people did, argue that Sagat shouldn’t even be open to what happened in his story. Out of nowhere, a SnH entity taunted and tormented.

So we already have some form of SnH entity taunting and tormenting a non-practitioner, which is followed by Kage’s story saying that it was Kage that did the taunting.

At that point, you’ve already got an entity that arguably isn’t bound to Ryu. Even if it only did it on some spiritual plane, it was able to travel to an arguably completely unconnected person who was in a different country and directly affect that person.

Does Kage even need Ryu now? Does only “Kage” need Ryu? Is Kage an actual sentient entity, or is “Kage” only a persona or mask? If “Kage” is a mask, is it worn by some sentient entity, or did some non-sentient force/entity attain sentience through Ryu? Will Kage continue to exist without Ryu, die without Ryu, or just have the “persona” of “Kage” die while the entity continues to exist?

Can Kage outright possess another person? Remember that the world of Street Fighter has entities like Bison as well as Necalli. It has numerous energies like psycho power, soul power, the SnH… Akuma has the actual ability to turn into Oni; it isn’t just a metaphor or a state of mind. Though this is really a bit of a cheat, as it ultimately comes down to whatever the SF writers want to do, and they can get away with pretty much anything at this point.


“Non-practitoner”? Satsui No Hado is a type of ki energy like Mu, it’s not solely tied to Ansatsuken. Any martial artist in the Street Fighter universe is capable of manifesting it. It partially comes from the desire to win at all costs.