The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


We shall remember that we’re talking magic karate here, so you could argue whatever you want and it may make sense as long as you word it in a way that seems deep. Oni is obviously pictured as stronger than regular/Shin/Akuma; it’s a bigger and badder version of it. On the other hand you could argue that regular/Shin/Akuma is more focused, in control and ultimately would be more effective than Oni. So, in the end, who’s stronger? Whoever the writer wants. We may voice our preferences and the logic behind them, but for now it’s ridiculous to strongly claim one or the other, imo.

It’s kinda similar to comparing Ryu to Evil Ryu.


Anyone recall a new Street Fighter mobile app that was released in China?
Featured Cammy in pants. I was going to see if this could be installed into Bluestacks to see whats in the game


@Dracu is it coincidence that you joined a year after me? I was also a story lurker since July 2017. We’re all looking forward to your contributions to this thread.

Who is this Vasili10 you all keep talking about, all I can seem to infer is that there was drama over the content he put on the original guide, none of you have to talk about if you don’t want to but what actually happened?




Here’s something fun for you guys

Because everybody loves power level tierlists, right?


Power level tierlists are trash, but I still posted in there.


I don’t

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I’m fond of VS Debating, but I’m in the minority here)


The thing is, with so little actual fights being confirmed into canon it’s basically impossible to come to a right conclusion. There are the undisputed top tiers, stuff like Final Bison and Oni, then the masters like Oro… but beyond that it gets all muddy. Basically any debate has to be based 100% on conjuncture and subjective. One can make good arguments for any Street Fighter against any other Street Fighter and it’s not gonna lead anywhere cause there’s isn’t any way to find for sure.


I divide them in 3 layers, The Masters, The Experience and The Others.

Agree by simply highlighting some feats and whoever is in-charge currently in Capcom to write the next a future SF storyline.


I think it only gets all muddy when it comes to mid-low-tiers like Hakan, Remy, Blanka, El Fuerte, etc. since they haven’t done anything notable, but I do think SFV’s general story and mini-stories established how strong most of the chars are (though Alex and Urien need more screen time).


Street Fighter OL (街霸OL), distributed by Tencent for China.


There are a few more character images to be found online, with everyone except Ryu in shorts.

I think someone posted a download link when it was mentioned previously, which linked to a page that had actual game screenshots, but that I simply cannot find. I can find lots of pages online vaguely mentioning the game and including the non-gameplay promo art, but nothing that leads to an actual game download.

EDIT: TapTap has the highest resolution I can find for the alternative casual outfit art, but you might have to do some browser trickery if you want to download the images directly. (The images are around 2100x4100, and around 4MB each, but the web viewer will rescale the display to fit the browser, and you can’t just right-click save.)


@Baines Hey man it was me that posted here are the links







These links should work for the images

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just links as the images are bloody enormous - if for some reason the links expire (one’s already giving me an error), I’ll upload them somewhere.

Edit: uploaded them to imgur here


Another interview, this time for SF2. A interesting piece of info is that SF2 was going to have stage hazards with the wind blowing on you, limited water time etc. Another one is that Vega was going to a samurai which switched to a Christian Crusader (I’m not joking) to the one we have now. Also characters had weak spots.


Hi @Dracu good first post

My 2 cents on stuff you said

Oni is a what if scenario, a possible end of the road for him… Oni is very likely superior to current Akuma in a imaginary direct fight scenario.
Akuma may have a slighty edge if we speak about technique/control, but the difference as raw energy is probably so much that finesse or not Oni will just overpower through Akuma

But Oni will also be a “only” a demon, a beast that just follow his own SnH flow, he will be the physical incarnation of that corrupted ki, without much of self awareness and will.
He will be a powerful but still limited monster, well below the kind of war deity Akuma wish to become.

Fun thing are how quote show Akuma and Oni disprect “each other”

Oni intro vs Akuma “Fool, I’ve evolved beyond you*”
Oni defeat Akuma " Farewell. This is Oni’s world"

Oni quote show he see Akuma (his past) as an obstacle to reach the Oni path, that’s because Akuma’s objective is not to become Oni

But tbh story is’nt even consistent, example in SFV Gen warned Akuma he will never reach divine level negating it’s human side, and there Akuma’s reply seem to have him full into “bro i want become a demon” shit

So at the end it’s not that Akuma don’t want to become Oni, he probably simply does’nt want to stop there and keep rising to and beyond deity level, while others like Ryu or Gen think he will fail at it (with Oni being the final of his path)


I think become “Q” will be the punishment inflicted to G by somebody (Illuminati i guess) for his ambition in SFV.
I agree that G ultimate plan may be turn “citizien of earth” into masked human marionettes…

…wich will make even more ironic if end up his punishment to become the same thing


-Originally the Plot Guide was managed by Tiamat. Tiamat was a sensible person.
-Vasili10 made a lot of translations for the guide, so when at some point Tiamat decided to stop updating it he appointed Vasili10 to continue managing it.
-Vasili10 started making fan theories and treating them as canon in the guide. Stuff such as Gouken and Gen being robots, clones and/or ghosts. Or Akuma’s SGS physically teleporting people to hell, where they were attacked by demons. Other minor things that help understanding his attitude were his refusal to give the slightest aknowledgement to Nash’ full name possibly being canonized as Charlie Nash despite being shown ingame in SF4, refusal to talk about a sliding timeline…
-When questioned about these things he would deflect saying that the original texts about Gen, Gouken, etc. were very clear. He would also often say it was clear when you knew the SF story well.
-Some day some user called upon a guy who lives and works in Japan and is fluent in Japanese, Azrael, and he debunked this idea that the Japanese texts hinted those things.
-Vasili10 threw a tantrum and left.

That’s the story. To note, Vasili10’s translations were very broken and hard to read, but they were not inaccurate. The issue was more that he was willing to read way too much between lines and take the slightest hint of metaphor as a proof for his theories, and when people questioned his theories he’d claim that it was clear in the Japanese original.



Meet Menat, the enigmatic Egyptian fortune teller on a quest to avenge her master’s death. But it’s not just any villain Menat is seeking… it’s the Dark Lord of Shadaloo himself – M.Bison!

Not sure if this was posted. Menat is getting her own comic. Hella hyped for this.


Her master’s death?!!

I know Udon’s handles a different canon but given how even Capcom itself was planning on killing Rose I don’t want that idea to catch any traction!