The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


Tbh “power level tier list” are not far from fight sports culture

We FS fans got rankings as reference, who’s the Champ, who’s #1 contender, the top5/top10/top50
Fighters often are identified as Champ or contender material, the gatekeepers, the journeymen, the dark horse of the division, the tricky match up etc etc

When something (example injury) happen to #1 contender and the Champ have to defend his belt from a much lower ranked last minute contender eveybody lose theyr shit as if title fight just became a farce, because opponents are of different tiers (even if new contender is pretty high like #7 LOL)

And fun thing as hysterical it sounds is’nt even that far from true, upsets happen but are called like that for a reason lol

Is fun see how even fans of a fictional fantasy martial art world naturally developed the same way of see it that fans of real fight sports have


So Rose will die eventually die?

So were getting Astral Rose DLC? I’m calling it now lol

It’s like they were now given advance hints unlike before, So eventually Rose will certainly die in SF. We have a few fine aged women in SF and I didn’t like the idea of her being gone but it’s like it is bound to happen because Udon won’t go beyond way of thought without any hints or so.


I think they’re just following the Udon continuity. Rose was killed by Bison during the SF2 series.


Actually if you would realize it, People are actually considerate, forgiving and tolerant with Xkira, for he countless misleading of people. I’m not just saying just the excel file but the whole time.

The problem here is that people being misled by giving them false expectation and some do even hate Capcom because of the continues of misinformation. it’s unfair to both Capcom and it’s fans.

So it’s unfair to sympathize a blatant lier like Xkira, By the way xkira is bragging and mocking against Capcom, It’s not hard to picture that Xkira might be even laughing at his ass lickers right now. lol

Xkira has been dishonest so far and shameful for his past activities that’s why he deactivate his previous accounts that’s not even. If he was honest and wants to continue what he was doing he revive everything he posted previously and repost it in his twitter as he begins and returned.

by the way the numbers are the correct analysis of the person credibility and it even lack the fiasco of his previous accounts which is way more evident.

The excel file only summarize only his activities late 2017 his been around 2015 and even known stealing from others dataminers. That’s the whole story you are saying.

He is now silence at Nguhao stage and CWA that he recently post this October which he keeps on talking about because it never happened, those are the same thing with other modes.

Speculation and wish-list is not leaking.

Nah those costumes were mostly commonsense credibility compare to the most misinformation he cause to everyone. Were far more better than him like speculating Canonspike Nash after Canonspike Cammy release doesn’t even need something like hacking or datamining because those were commonsense.

just my two cents.

When you resort or recommend that sort of thinking. That’s how propaganda and cult works effectively by ignoring commonsense and logic in favor of BS even it’s in front of him, which is known as Selective Truths , that a fanatic tries desperately attempt to rationalize dishonestly to credibility.


I’m gonna be pissed if they kill Rose off for good


I hope this comic would be about her revival or return in Udon Canon verse instead rather than the tagline in the comic instead.


For those who are still unsure, keep in that this is UDON’s own work and not a Capcom-commissioned comic and takes place in UDON’s own Canon so there’s a VERY SMALL chance that this would happen to Rose in game-canon.

I hope not, Rose is the OG Queen B :crown::princess::crown::princess: If they kill Rose then y’all are welcome to join me in avenging her death.


It’s not about selective truths, his recent streak of leaked costumes, next to theyr release order logically lead to trust he actually leaked these.

Is also different the way info are released, often in these case you don’t see fantasy storytelling about this and that, but he just tend to say XXX is getting an alt, in some case wich alt (es cosplaying as YYY)

So the result is that at the end of the day in the middle of all crap he throw to get clicks or stay internet relevant, there’s something where he’s kinda reliable (costumes)

So when he will speak again about costumes i will be interested, as he showed to be able to leak these.
That will get my attention beyond read some random fan and his theories.
In that specific thing he is useful, more than random fan without any ability

When he speak about anything else there ever be the solid chance he’s trying to sell crap as usual, will read his stuff but just as i waste time reading some random fan and his theories
He showed to have some leak method knowledge, but at same time he showed to be liar.
So will read as possible leak, but keeping in mind may very well be a lie

I don’t know if he have any ass licker, but if he got them they’re not much worse from the internet nerdrage i seen on the other side lol
Is hilarious see how the group hating him seem willing to negate even the few things he actually did right
The internet nerdrage is another good thing of xkira, so after costume-leaking it’s at least 2 #xkirabless

About people mad at Capcom for his lies not becoming truth, i’m not angry
Capcom itself having an INCREDIBLY crap communication division (just watch the bullshit current S4 situation) based on weak hype tactics involving shit announcement calendar and keep secrets to fans leave themselves open to this kind of crap

Overall xkira is some brazilian(?) nerd with some hacking/whatever skills that make him good at call costumes in advance.
Anything else have strong chance of be self-promoting bullshit
That’s it.

Still more useful (to me) than most of the ones throwing shit at him for being a liar lol


Though a number of those real world “tier lists” are still questionable, for a variety of reasons. For example, while Floyd Mayweather was a great boxer, he was able to achieve a 50-0 career because he avoided fights that he might lose.

As for theory fighting, one shouldn’t forget the lesson that the rise of MMA taught the world. Before that point, you had people who’d give long laundry lists for why kung-fu was better than boxing, how their branch of karate was the best, or how an akido master could defeat anyone, or whatever. After organizations like UFC had a few years to start sorting everything out, almost all those fancy ideas were proven to be bunk. (The no-contact martial arts in particular lost out.)


I will not be worried about Rose, mostly because Rose is waifu and they got more to lose than gain in killing a waifu

But overall udon touching SF with theyr amateurish skills will never stop to worry me

udon release in west
bad taste people read udon, maybe without understand it’s not canon
above mentioned people get loud on the internet caling this or that idea good
Capcom read theyr opinins

4 moves into crap, as if Capcom is’nt ALREADY get tons of crap ideas from internet voice

Capcom someway further estabilishing them letting arcade endings in theyr hands is already bad lol

I know modern Capcom lost honour and lot of theyr love for SF, wishing just to marry that daughter to the highest bidder

But pls, not udon lol


The streak of costumes is mostly commonsense that we even did better than what he did. and focusing only in the costumes to justify selective because xkira is not all about costumes to begin with he brags everything.

You know when a so called leaker throws obvious hint instead of leaking that mean it’s crap. then suddenly when the hints never happened he shut his mouth or either say he didn’t give a clear information so it doesn’t count. lol that’s blatant lying.

fan theories are more interesting than xkira costumes leaks lol.

His not leaking anymore his not posting datamine result unlike before all he do now is post speculation and wishlist.

lol people have the right to get mad because they were misled dozen of times and people have the right to be pissed for seeing people hating capcom because of misinformation or seeing people fighting over because of xkira,

People hate proud dishonest individual lol, especially he mocks Capcom regularly. He should do a public apology for inaccuracy.

the costumes as sole basis of credibility is BS that’s how fanatics desperately attempts to rationale dishonesty. Xkira dishonesty wasn’t even isolated case it was something he is proud of and even brag to. You can’t even win his credibility for “at least he got some costumes right” when those were just fraction and the excel file was even a fragment of numerous mistakes which he claims to be.

As for real life tier compare to fantasy tier there are certain major difference that needs consideration.

Real life skilled individual can be more loosely than what people perceive them from popular media, there image can be exaggerated or be degenerated to what they really are. They mostly chose their fights with set of rules, with comparison from titles won, weight and experience.

Even with amazing stats and achievements they can go out of shape and be lack of practice, factors is continuous in real life consequences unlike in fantasy those were rare moments to consider.

Unlike in fantasy were almost omniscience to the character, fantasy character stats never change as long there were no new written media about him/her, because the only other means that can change how we view the character is by deus ex machina base on the hands of a writer that can change things. They can make a Master been defeated by a student because of trust, wanting to passed something, exhaustion and outnumbered. While they can make a weak character to defeat a far stronger character by using knowledge, outnumbered and etc. They can make amazing and impossible feats in fantasy that isn’t even logical in real life.


1- Let’s be real, i’m not a Floyd fan… i mean i consider him a wizard and watched his fights knowing i was watching an artist doing his art, but he never was a specifically fav of mine

But being honest can’t blame him much for avoid this or that fight, at some level the business part take the lead and smart ones (Floyd surely is one) do or try to do what is best for theyr career… i seen it in boxing, in kickboxing, in MMA

But at the end i think we can agree rankings may not tell the perfect truth, but they usually tell the closest to it… see, Floyd may not have ended his career 50-0, but nobody deserved that #1 more than him

Lot of shit interfere in fighters careers but high level competition usually is a good judge.
Easy game to see it is think wich was the best fighter of this or that division/sport who never been Champ.
You either usually end up with an “eternal second” (fair judged with an honourable high #2) due that division having a dominant Champ or with some low top10 gatekeeper that lasted there for most most of his career. In lack of dominant long time Champ, usually champ-material fighters manage to touch the gold or at least a title fight.
Business and managers interfer a lot sadly, but as much as possible competition still make rankings the most easy way to get an overall figure

2- Theory fighting at early days, sure.
Ignorance, mysticim, cool exotic stuff, style/school fanboys and lot of stuff had to clash face first with reality.
But as today the few real fans of the sport tend to be mostly unbiased, and seen enough in years to call fights result… it’s usually about rankings telling an indicative truth, stylistical match up and current physical condition/win or loss recent streak
Like for most sports that decent-to-smart range of fans can call in advance a good number of matches,then you got ones that where result it’s a giant ? and no smart fan will call anything for sure, then you got surprises (or upsets as some call them)… but it’s all part of the game at the end, and mostly work

And to return to Street Fighter we should keep in mind that both point 1 (business dynamics) and 2 (real life “shit happen”) don’t apply much to it, as it’s essentially in the hands of Capcom writers

And to be honest Capcom writers seem the first to mostly stick with the “power levels”/tiers they created, wich is why fans seem to like speculate so much on it, in SF narrative wich “tier” a fighter seem to belong it does affect his achievements/position in the story

Actually when a fight does’nt end up in line with overall accepted tiers, they usually ever add a story explanation to “excuse” it

Only deviation i seen usually is a ridefinition of tiers game after game… see example Gief used as big dumb punchbag to crazy strong “master” in SFV


Is it wrong that I want to troll @Bea_Iank by sending her this comic? :rofl:


Yeah, but it still looks the best.

Which is why it’s what the biggest fighting game franchise in the world should also be doing.

You are a man of garbages.


Udon continuity and canon is trash.
A lowly being like Bison would never be able to extinguish Rose’s mighty and bright flame.


(Edit: A quick note, I’m not against story power level tier lists. This is more of a things to think about, not a condemnation.)

Of course fiction has its own issues.

New writers and new directions can rewrite power levels out of nowhere. Even though it was presumably written as a joke, A Shadow Falls has now established that Muscle Power allows Zangief to safely take a sword swing to the chest without even receiving a scratch.

There is also the wobbly back and forth nature of stories written over time, because it is all fictional. Next year, we could easily see Zangief successfully stabbed in the chest by a kitchen knife. Dan might beat Sagat in one game, the next game retcons that so he gets beaten to a pulp instead, and then the game after that sees them fight to a draw.

And there is that weird nature of story-driven power ups. Jumping to Dragonball, few would argue that Goku is not the one person standing at the very top of the pyramid in that franchise. But realistically, if you look at any random point in time in the franchise’s history, there is a decent chance you’ve picked a point where Goku storywise is not the strongest. It isn’t Goku’s actual strength that makes him the strongest, it is that the story will power him up to overcome his opponent in any final battle.

Ryu fits in that same situation in Street Fighter. Even when he’s clearly not the strongest, he’s still the strongest, because he’ll always win the final fight.

(Side note: Honestly, Goku was often weaker than his DBZ opponents even in the moment of victory. He couldn’t beat Raditz, he lost to Cell, and would have lost to Kid Buu if Vegeta had not wished for Goku’s health to be restored during the final attack. And he wouldn’t even have been able to build a strong enough Genki Dama without Mr. Satan getting the people of Earth to help.)


We did’nt
It’s true i called some that happened, example remember to have “called” the whole Ken/Ed/Laura to Dante/Nero/Gloria… but WAS’NT the actual leak-calling he clearly does

Me calling DM4 group was just understanding of wich char fit better and luck.
And happened fuckton of time after
I’m no leaker, i got just some good guess

He literally leaked basically all the costumes we got this autumn/winter with a precision that any idiot can understand can’t be by luck

He called them and also as the next groups, wich is what happened
Example called the Kolin-Urien-Cammy trio and the whole xmas group, and made the names of Fang/Juri/Abi as some that were getting new alts (they got mech alt). He called SF2 Bison as next wich happened as next.

I don’t care about defend a stranger from a bunch of internet people, can’t give less fucks about what “he brag about”
Seem to touch some of you in the anus, but that seem a problem between you people and him

I just got eyes and brain
Is obvious he have an actual method to leak costumes… is not selective to defend, is selective on what he proven to be able to leak.
So next time he claim to leak costumes i will read with reasonable level of trust, because he proven to have a method at that and in last months it worked well

For the rest he will keep pretend to be able to leak stuff that he straight can’t or stuff that he misunderstand and try to sell his guess as holy truth to steal dem internet likes and clicks.

I will not care
Have 99 problems with SFV and xkira lying on the internet is’nt one of them

All i actually got from this internet person is leak preview (wich i appreciate as i can’t leak shit) of many alt costumes and you people nerdraging

I’m ok with him continuing that, will post more kiranews as soon he share his holy word with us #xkirabless


@Cestus those holidays, season and occasion based costumes like Halloween, anniversary and etc doesn’t something special to justify anything lol

I myself have decent posting and a dozen of it, Its not even a guess to me but rather knowledge with the character and Capcom different franchise along with mixing some professional experience how things match or work together. It’s not hard to guess commonsense.

The classic bison thing is bound to happen anyway don’t tell me you don’t expect it after other characters having their own. It’s also commonsense to Nash Cannonspike after Cammy Cannonspike release.

Yet most of them are commonsense, observe how he constantly saying cyber akuma costume is coming after mech zangief. His now very much confident with cyber akuma after mech gief lol

In the end costumes are just fragments of the whole thing even the so called 83% was just late 2017 for him being active. that he deactivate most of his accounts because of shameful predictions lol.

Datamining is different from speculating, when your datamining you post evidence about datamining so people can look into it.

and the problem isn’t just the costumes are just minor stuff here lol. It’s because of the continues misinformation against Capcom then continues blatant lying + misinformation + drama + regular capcom mockery now he turns into the most awful ego eccentric leaker that exist unlike others that quietly forgotten. So with all those combined people have the right to be pissed specially by seeing people hating each other for something untruthful.

He even treats his followers dumb by making them believe he has untraceable access to Capcom server lol, Then he cries that Capcom is tricking him by putting false information where he looks information at but brags that he cannot be trace by Capcom lol. He also make ridiculous claims that Capcom would delay stuff just to prove him wrong, It’s a desperate attempt to fool people. As if Capcom would play a game with him instead of shutting him down instantly lol.

He even cries he would be no longer after Christmas and then he still there. lol His the drama king on twitter yet mocks Capcom regularly . Like he is now posting 70% of the costumes for 2019 and brags it against Capcom. Do you even believing that everything he post now that 70% percent will even happen in 2019? lol

In the way xkira regularly talks against Capcom, it’s not hard for him to picture that he is laughing at his asslickers supporters lol This would even be funny after SFV which is not so far ahead. Try to read his twitter to know I mean lol, he could be laughing his ass right now.


Yeah, the simple core thing is that SF narrative is not only in writers hands, but japanese writers while at that wich create a series of influence/dynamics from manga/anime

Good call on Goku, same for Luffy, Naruto, Seiya or whoever shonen protagonist (aside Saitama LOL)
Ryu fit there, his best trait will never (only at the very end) be his current level, but his unlimited potential to improve + plot shield making him able to bite one level above, as shonen heroes do

But for the rest, while considering some variation like Gief from punchbag to master (even if Alex arcade got him as glorified punchbag lol), is clear Capcom love to build it’s mythology in levels

Levels that usually are respected and when not, it’s done on propose to send a story message

Like A lost to B but BECAUSE
The “because” is what they want you to focus on
For them when a fight result feel coherent with these imaginary “tiers” is all normal, when not they ever hint something

The Sagat that lost to Adon and fucking Deejay was the post-defeat in disgrace Sagat, today recovered his king pride and will likely be scripted to defeat them 10 out 10 times lol

Guy forced Bison to let go Rose, but treating him of destroying his plane

Urien is ever kill crush destroy hhhng i hate humanity with genocide wishes, but in the one he lost(?) to Chun he was looking for an entertainment bet fight… for what we know he could have set some asshole anime bet like “hit me once and i free the girl” lol

Alex defeated Gill and still we know Gill is the ultimate troll pretending to lose 6 days at week lol… more suspect when you see after Alex being absolutely schooled by Ryu (Oro considered Gill and Ryu the interessing ones, plus of course Gouki)

In asf Ken win a sparring match with Ryu and instant we feel it’s not100%RyubecauseSnHshitworryhim, end game for the rematch we finally see gooddayRyu, and the result is Ken getting knocked down so he can watch the sky and meditate about how much gooddayRyu is more awesome than him (a lot)

Capcom created the whole SF architecture on these “levels”, then is up to anybody chose if that is a cool thing or not, a matter of tastes

But beyond tastes have an overall idea of SF tier building shape help a lot understand some of theyr decisions on story

Guile best trait in asf has been being a good helicopter pilot lol
Karin overglorified for the wierdo otaku crowd but ultimately was a money-shitting sponsor for the mission
Rashid was hero, but not in the anime beattheBoss hero, more the smart guy sidekick

None of them did anything much relevant on the fights progression dynamics, they got roles instead

That’s why example this thread got the mighty ChunLi debate post ASF.
ChunLi was’nt the one going to destroy Bison in 1v1 duel, that’s not how Capcom see “her place”
Some understood it, and recognized at the end they gave her a successful final… kicked easily a comparable enemy, saved the girl, was one of the 3 heroes lefting the crumbling shadaHQ (one of the 3 being Guile who did much less lol, but Guile got no storycrowd defence)

They gave Chun a good ending, but they was’nt going to ruin Bison top food-chain aura to showboat Chun abilities of all people.
Bison in they vision had to fall under Ryu’s hero plot sword, nobody ever want to revoke villains legit-card for that

Personally i will have liked Ryu to deviate from main arc to have his final nemesis fight with a much more powerful and better hype-built Necalli, while Nash+Guile+Chun teamed up Bison, and Nash(the only “high tier” of the trio + got power-up) close the deal with kamikaze illuminati attack (Nash plot sword lol)

Nash was the one that for many things will have offered a more satisfying final clash (and Ryu is my fav char)
He was a better narrative nemesis, and could have been used in a way that will have keept Bison op as fuck (as start 3v1 and using the illuminati explosion as mutual destruction)

But whatever, i’ve personally also been ok with Capcom imagining it as a SF version of HnK Kenshiro vs Raoh final fight

I’m not saying for better or worse, just that speak of “levels” beyond idon’tlikeit help understand what push them to put each piece where it belong in theyr opinion (and theyr “opinion” shape SF reality)

Good call in DBZ, as also in SF they chose to not use Ryu ever in the same way, see Bison being the one to destroy Seth in 4 and Oro removing Ryu from the tourney in 3 before the final

But still, they keep give us elements in that way, pieces for the SF puzzle


There are also other ways to consider than mano a mano which is a very real life that is stats base while in fantasy there are learned techniques and power source things are not a mano a mano thing. In fantasy rules exist in the writer preference not by statistics or usual power levels.