The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


You’re right but theirs are more “crazier” than what makes sense for SF. Falling into floors randomly rather than in a intermission like Elena’s NG stage and random stuff like water flowing isn’t what I’d like SF to do. Something like Colossus, Omega Red and the Samurai stages are more “SF” to me personally.


I like them more inbetween rounds which is to be specific after a round before another round. which more like omega red not something like spiral that disturb the gameplay experience.



Shadaloo Family and Tuesday the 13 nailed it


Udon likely used the internet for research. Maybe they just saw the idea and liked it, but I’d guess that they believed it was legit.

Such wikis really need personal copies of all scans, audio files, video files, and web pages it uses as sources. That’s the only way you can verify the provenance of sources as well as the accuracy of translations. The wiki needs personal copies of all sources because you cannot trust them to remain available on the internet.

I’ve lost count of the times that I’ve looked at a reference on Wikipedia, only to find the cited page no longer exists (and isn’t archived). Even when the cited reference exists, the source might be locked behind an expensive paywall or is in some insanely hard to find (and extremely expensive) book. The whole reference citation ends up meaningless, or less than meaningless as it implies an accuracy that might not actually be warranted but which cannot be disputed due to the inability to verify it.

Even the Wayback Machine is missing years of site data.

I was looking at two different Mario wiki earlier today, and saw that they had conflicting information. Both claimed their version was correct, but since neither had usable references related to the conflicting parts, I had no way to figure out which was right.

EDIT: It is also annoying when you try to track how official statuses have changed over time, because several wikis only try to keep the most current state.


Udon also fell for the whole “Bison and Rose are 1 person separated into 2 bodies” bullshit. They definitely used the old plot guide as a source. It goes to show how the actions of one person can have a ripple effect for many years.


Shouldn’t R.Mika be Karen instead of Cammy in that Mean Girls parody. I can’t imagine Cammy being as braindead as that.

Oh, Juri should’ve definitely been that lesbian goth that wanted revenge.


I can’t blame a single person (not even a paid one at it), i honestly blame Capcom for have allowed these amateurs handle theyr most important brand


Back in the 90s, I wrote a “What I’d like to see Capcom do with Mega Man” post somewhere. I can’t remember if it was some board or Usenet. It was a detailed plan not just for general story progression, but specific games that would be released. This was not a misleading post; it was clearly a fan-driven wish posting.

A few years later, I was reading an article on a web site about Capcom’s cancelled Mega Man plans. It sounded familiar.

About halfway through, I realized the article was talking about the things I’d said in my old wish post, treating the information as if it was official claims. I can only assume that they never even saw my original posting, because again my posting didn’t hide that it was just a fan’s ideas. I have no idea how the information was repeated and warped over the years to become some “official” statement.


Good picks, specially the Colossus one

Personally as stage transitions i will just like they continue the good work they started with SFV and then abandoned

China restaurant and american bank stage extensions are nice, wish they extended same concept to other stages

Same for KO interactions, minus the head items bullshit


Udon probably choose the more familiar and known to their target audience or they probably have someone here they consulted for what they were writing for back then, Instead of going direct to Capcom Jp and probably Capcom US back then didn’t even care of which is which.

Or Capcom Us recommended the plot guide to them because they felt it did a good job that time. Remember this was before SF4 era. Udon started earlier.

As much we believe Capcom JP is the official Capcom US themselves that time could think that they have their own separate canon which is more popular to the western followers, but probably now they know how thing should as soon that SF4 started it’s development.


I’m just speculating here. If Season IV of SFV is budget constrained. Several characters could be “cobbled” together to save money. Just going off of Kage’s example…

Least Work Required:

  • Dan = Several of Kage’s animations are reminiscent of Dan of all things
  • Decapre = Player model is already in ASF. A lot of work was already done on the character before changed course pre-release and went with Cammy
  • Juli = Character basically had her complete moveset in ASF. Only needed a CA and V-System
  • Guy = Young Zeku shares several similarities with Guy
  • Seth = Seth moveset was based on the rest of the cast in IV and his character model is similar to the Urien/Gill design
  • Oni = Let’s be honest, Capcom loves shotos…

More Work Required

  • The Dolls = Several of them are in ASF. Capcom has made a point of giving even “clone” characters unique animations. So I think they’d require more work than would be assumed. Three of them only have character models so they’d basically need to be built from scratch
  • Hugo = I have heard this tossed around, but he really doesn’t share a lot with SFV Abigail. His character model would be smaller and Hugo’s animation have always been quirky and unique.

Just an off the top of my head ramble post. These are not necessarily characters I want. Just speculation. I’d hope for something similar to this, assuming 5 slots are left:



Welcome to the thread @Dracu and thanks for the kind words. This thread is pretty much the primary reason I visit SRK religiously and it is the only tab other than my e-mail account that is always open 100% on my browser.

favorite characters, in order, Vega/Alex/Cody

Good taste!


If we had to have a budget season I would go…

  • Haggar (Zangief as base)
  • Tom (Alex as base)
  • Juli/Juni teamed as Delta Blue
  • Noemblu
  • Heel Nadeshiko


We’re not getting a budget season. Kage is a totally new character.


Did you read the first two sentences of my post? I didn’t say we were. My post was pure speculation. Personally I think Capcom is going with no season pass to squeeze a few more dollars out of people like me that like having the entire cast available to them. Once the season is over they’ll probably have bundle for the six characters.


I know Haggar is unlikely, I like him to comeback.

Budget season speculation

If more fan rooted

Oni or a divine version
Edge lord Sakura
Edge lord Ken

What I want in a budget speculation

Xianyu with Jianyu

what I want without restriction

Xianyu with Jianyu
Delta Red as a team like Ginu forces in DBFZ
FEMALE Slot either Makoto, Elena, Rose or Viper
NEW Comer TOM or Gotetsu


But one thing they showed in SFV with Ryu and Ken differencies is that they put work on differentiate animations… wich is why on Kage they used old SF4 material from Dan (being something unseen in SFV), rather than use Ryu’s animations as base

So, by that logic will make no sense for them add Dan, now that they already used his old arsenal for Kage. Will mean they have to create a visually new arsenal, wich will make kinda nonsense pick Dan as “easy” choice

If we want take Kage as “easy road” due the recycling SF4 Dan, you should not watch what already is in SFV, but what they can recycle from SF4 (or maybe even SFxTK)

Ones where i see them use in SFV material are Decapre from Cammy (i hope not) and Gill from Urien (they could recycle most of model and specials)

Will REALLY like Tom but to be very different from Alex (size, speed, animation style) outside some visual links.
Tom is more or less like Nash built/size wise, will feel stupid have him moving like an huge guy


Kage’s animations are similar to Dan’s they aren’t the same.


Were likely on a budget “if” they would release the next dlc character to Kage as a similar build to previous already existing character.

But were still getting Rose because she probably been designed a year now if she is indeed in SF5.

Yet I still believe Kage isn’t a rushed and budget character. I believe he is because of the poll and the purpose to fix the storyline problems of SFV Akuma and Ryu.

Kage storyline set both Ryu and Akuma to match more their SF3 counterparts in terms of personality.

I believe the poll has a strong influence with the choices, if were not getting the same character in the poll we get instead an alternative version with similarity in some special moves.