The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


You can take the old animation and twist them a little bit,add frames etc, still less work than do it from zero
Or they just used them as reference to work on to have a base

Not only on visual but also on more balancing/hitboxes side, they got already a base to work on

Kage got zero motivation story/lore wise to share animations with Dan, and the similarity is no coincidence… so it’s for utility, they known they was getting shit for lazy evilryu, so at least they recycled from a set of normals that look different from Ryu/Ken


I’ll just agree to disagree rather than get into the reused animation debate that leads to nowhere.


Kage main purpose is that herp derp dark shoto is easy to sell as it’s seen as cool by the average folk (sadly)
AND it’s easy to create/program/balance compared to some other more complex characters

It’s a win-win for them, relatively low effort for likely good gain

Said that i don’t believe the Kage=low budget we’re doomed thing either
Kage is same shit card they played when they opened S2 with Akuma, and to some extent why they hold back stuff like Sagat or Sakura

First char has been used more in a marketing way for the whole SFV life cycle, does’nt look like SF4 scenario where they was tryining the minimal minimal effort cheap shit because end was so near


As for someone that take 3d class for animation and have known personaly profestional people that work with a studio.

There certain restriction SF4 model isn’t designed to work with SF5 engine it had different values that works exclusive to it’s environment.

This why SF cannot go simply like people think like XRD is. The same thing with SF4 models to be IMPORTED to SF5.

Working with a different engine it’s not something like people pictured is like sprites.

I didn’t understand this when MVCi was in development that I thought the same way, I was even debating in that thread they just copied it.

As soon as I took a 3d animation class last year I understood the limitation. Which is wrong with MVCi because the whole game engine was from scratch that interacts differently with the models.

This is a different case from SFxT which obviously using the SF4 engine as a template.

Remember isn’t just like sprites.

Engine work in a different way or another that they interact different with the model so saying It’s dan is false.


Back to illustration days got friends into 3D graphic/animation and very basic knowledge of it too, i know it’s not same as sprites lol

And know that SF4 and SFxTK worked basically on same engine, but is actually false that SFV is completely different on compatibility level to the point you can’t use past stuff to ease/speed new work (wich is different from say they straight recycled SF4 Dan)

Easy example of engine/models compatibility somebody just overlayed SF4 Dan 3D model over Ryu’s and it worked well considering they just did a straight rough copy-paste (from another gen game lol)


Kage definitely doesn’t look low budget to me either. His animations might inspired by Dan for some reason but the stuff that’s exclusive to him looks really good and his cinematic stuff is the best in the game so far.

The red and black effects are one of the best things that came out of that otherwise pretty lame thing.


As the way you talk it like you don’t have decent understanding at all.

The thing is it’s not the same model as the exact SF4 Dan model and it still doesn’t interact with the environment. It feels it doesn’t belong in the game especially when your playing with it.

And it’s unlikely for them to used the previous SF4 Dan model and modified it to Kage. lol

It’s like saying the alt costumes SF4 alt costumes and default sf4 costumes to be in SFV is okay because it’s not likely thats why they recreate them again even they are the same.

Again it’s not easy to program because of SF4 dan lol

As for saying he was just Dan copy it’s kinda unfair because majority of comparison was about his normal attack. Like ground punches and kicks lol from a same discipline of martial arts so likely it would be the same.

It’s kinda weird to restrict designer to always have unique standing punches and other normals since they karateka.

To judge kage is not by FEW normals but the whole character moveset itself. Judging by few normals is poor analysis.

His gameplay is well designed and unique which is the more important factor in a SF game rather than being turned of because similarities on normals or specials.


As for Kage story clear to be well written compare to the others in the recent season.

It really lead us to more SF3 Ryu and SF3 Akuma, many speculated it was Necali but it was instead Kage that made Ryu and Akuma more akin to their SF3 counterparts.


Yeah, he got refined animations, even better than some characters released in previous seasons

The 3d model is’nt cheap either, i mean it’s bad taste as he got both classic SFV modellers ignoring concepts as usual AND marketing shits likely pushing to have it as evilryu as possible, but if you watch straight quality wise is a good 3D model

They gone for the evilryu marketing move, but put actual effort to keep it high standard enough
The Dan thing is probably they seen it as an arsenal to take base inspiration from to have Kage looking “different” normals animation wise (as SFV Ryu-Ken-Akuma are) knowing the char itself will not


Man this isn’t something that you work on individually per model. They are likely on contract work to other agency or studio.

I have even posted here the studio were they work with.

They probably did it because of the poll and the $$$ but saying it’s an SF4 dan model edited because of few normals thats unlikely.


Necalli: “Devour… our… our…”

Urien: “… YOU AGAIN?”

Necalli: “I’m just here to play some Street Figh-”

*Urien dashes in viciously and takes Necalli by the neck.

Urien: “Come hither. Look.”

Urien holds Necalli up by the back of his neck. He is greeted by a certain evil martial artist.

Geese: “Give in to your fears… Necalli.”


Bison teleports right beside Geese Howard.

Bison: “Yes.”

Urien: “Tosses Necalli right into Geese Howard.”

Geese: “This is Necalli…? The King of All Jobbers? RAGING STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORM!!!”

Bison: “I am going to waste this vile piece of garbage. Just like before…”


Geese, Bison, and Urien have a joyous time beating the leaving shit out of Jobber King.


I showed model brutally slapped in that mod being someway skeleton compatible on that level as mean that engines are not SO worlds apart, to the point you can’t take advantage of previous work as guideline for frames/or even just on conceptual level (wich save time too)

Nobody said they took “SF4 Dan model and modified it to Kage”, “it’s an SF4 dan model edited”, or that that mod works legit as if was normal SFV material, these are words i literally never said lol

If anything for Kage 3D model they used SFV Ryu as start base to work on, wich is another thing of Kage that saved them some time/$


That’s true.

So why did I say you didn’t have decent understanding at all? because you use the Dan mod as reference which makes that you don’t understand at all.

I remember we have talked about this before, In another topic about Ryu Donkey Kick in SFV which you said it’s simple as copying it from Gouken.

Which I bring in to the topic is about skeleton thing, That time you weren’t aware of those. It’s a different area of work.

That’s why no one can say that Kage is a SF4 Dan edited because of having slightly similar Normals.

As saying the engine does is not so world apart it is. like I said it’s a different area of work seeing that video with Dan Mod is very unrelated to the Kage normals.


Lol at people actually doubling down with the farce that he’s an entirely new character created from scratch. So Capcom actually went full budget on his design, and of all places they could have researched for inspiration for cool karate moves, they ended up looking up to… Dan? Anyone has full permission to tell them not to waste that much money and time for essentially the same result.

The good parts of SFV stay good but let’s call the bad ones when they show up.


Except i already explained twice the meaning there was about SF4 model on SFV engine showing some level of compatibility as common base of work despite being different engines lol

And still of same opinion lol, either they could have found a way to take SF4 Gouken key frames of FA or they if was impossible import on SFV/adjust to Ryu’s smaller model they could have at least used it as guideline reference.
Instead they gone for cheap af recycled the kick part from SFV Akuma’s back throw animation, with the move looking like shit both in motion and as SF3 special recreation

They also recycled and modified a bit some SFV Akuma animations on Kage too, but there at least there it worked well

As long i got my basic theory knowledge of 3d animations (like years before SFV was released) i known about 3d “skeleton” made of points, the process of frames, duration etc
Again seem you like made up scenarios lol


At that you was so right, i’ll stop here lol


lol, copying frames animation from a different SF4 to SF5? You may say it but you don’t understand it.

It’s not just about knowing 3d but also understanding the technical limitation of different engines.

Your simply saying Capcom can recycle SF4 Dan animation to SFV Kage because you post a video Dan Mod to Ryu in SFV which is unrelated. lol

With the Dan mod video? does it prove that it’s simple to recycle SF4 Dan’s animation to Kage?

take a way? or recycle SF4 Gouken keyframe for SFV Ryu?

Your previous comments

I didn’t made up scenarios it was your argument that you used on @Darc_Requiem, Which is about how easy it is for recycling SF4 Dan to SFV Kage.

This is correct

You can recreate Dan using Kage, but it’s not the same as recycling SF4 Dan resources to create Kage. lol

Actually how is the Dan mod video on Ryu in SFV related to “animation recycle” anyway?

  • That’s why I know that you have no idea on what your talking about and also the way you used the terminologies like your talking 2D process not 3D process?


Porting an existing 3D model between engines has zero to due with engine compatibility. A lot the “character mods” are simply model swaps from different games. All coming from various engines. My best friend creates 3D models. The models are created outside of the engine and moved into whatever game engine the developer uses. In his case I’ve seen put his models into the Unity Engine, Unreal Engine, and Creation Engine. Not sure what engine High Fidelity VR uses but he’s doing 3D model commissions for it.


Since the Kage model talk seems to be the topic at I hand I just want to say how his costume 2 shows everything that improved since SF4 visually, but also the many step backs that happened in between games.

On one hand, there’s no question that Kage looks better than Evil Ryu ever did in the ugly ass Street Fighter 4 series, but just taking a look at how his waist thingy is flaffing about in V, when it was perfectly fine in 4, you can see how little polish the whole thing has. Even the terrible long hair which never looked good in 4 to begin it is spazzing out of control more in V.

Keyframe this shit, Capcom!


The fun thing is that Capcom hyped how high poly the SFV models were, at one point apparently stating that they used more polys for SFV Ryu’s head than they used for Ryu’s entire SFIV model.

Yet the first thing people will notice (beyond Ken’s face) is probably the really dodgy physics simulation and collision work for loose materials like hair and cloth.