The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


One needs only look at Necalli’s horrible physics for his hair locks. Which is even dumber, cause you think at least the character they slapped all over marketing (he has a V on his face for God sake) would have some amount of effort put into him… but nope.

His V-Trigger form is… fine, but between the select screen, the loading screen, the versus screen and half the match, the form of the character you see most of the time is the much shittier one.

Making the transformed state better wouldn’t be that bad, just to be clear. If it’s for 4 minutes a fight basically, making it special (outside of gameplay ofc) isn’t bad in itself, but when you want the Trigger form as soon as possible because you want it to look just half-way decent… that’s a problem.


Necalli would look amazing if his hair was actually animated instead of being abandoned to the physic engine’s whims.

It’s weird, because Capcom actually puts fan-service-y effort with their characters on a lot of stuff (unique animation if you win with a perfect with certain characters, Juri’s extra lines if you activate VT2 while pressing a certain direction, Falke having three different lines for her taunt depending on button press…) but they have never done anything to stop the ragdoll from making their otherwise excellent models look bad.


I’m not sure anyone making decisions really thought about hair and cloth collision issues. It feels more like they just blindly assumed it would all work out fine. Which could be for any reason from blind faith, to underestimating matters, to miscommunication between tech and directors. Heck, systems that might have worked for “normal” game models and animations might just not have been up for the task of SFV’s model designs and animations.

When they realized it wasn’t working, it was too late in a rushed development to do anything more drastic than minor tweaks that wouldn’t be able to fix the root problems. So they just pushed ahead, able to fix Chun-Li’s helicopter boobs but not Cammy’s braids violently trying to phase through her body.

One would think that, but they clearly didn’t much care about Necalli in general.


It’s truly sad to see how while ArcSys had developed THE ultimate graphics engine , Netherrealm pushed the storytelling to a whole new level and SNK redefined spritework (pre latest game), Capcom has been struggling to innovate anything. Even Arika’s efforts, while I find them leaving something to be desired, considering their situation managed to give people something to love.
Even in the blunders Capcom showed the talent is still there: SF4 ressurected the genre, SFxTK and MVC:I having A+++ gameplay and SFV especially has a) a great storymode; b) a friendly earning system with the FM and c) a collection of fighters and costumes that’s only getting better. But the unifying vision is just not there to mash all these things together and just make the game everyone enjoys.

And I love SF4 and especially SF5. I see a ton of good in 5. I want them to continue on this path, especially since at this point the game is in a very nice state, but the lifespan is coming up and I’m scared SF6 won’t learn from those mistakes.

And really, writing issues aside, A Shadow Falls is probably the best a story has been told in a fighting game ever. You fight with the guy who is supposed to win, not the Chapter bullshit in Injustice/MK. Plenty of NPC’s so even without the biggest of rosters things are kept pretty fresh. Tons of great moments, Ryu banishing Necalli being one of the best moments I’ve ever seen in a fg and it’s done so simple but effective. Easy mode so you can experience the story swiftly and hard mode to earn the post-battle moments. No novels to read in order to know what’s going on. No awkward pauses between dialogue where you have to press next.

And between the character specific story mode and the different paths arcade there’s the potential for a huge single mode that gives you a look into the lore… in playable format! Throw in Rival Battle cutscenes from 4 in there for the truly important fights and you can learn, in-game, everyone’s story from 1 aaaaallll the way up to 3 (wow, to someone who doesn’t know the series that would sound dumb as fuck lol).

Shit, I’ve derailed a lot. Sorry for that but my passion got the best of me :smiley:


Imagine SFVI with those RE2 faces


Good god no.

You’re kidding right? SF4 almost singlehandedly revived the genre and the esports scene, SF5 continues to be the premiere fighter of its generation. Capcom’s focus is gameplay, that’s what keeps a game on top and played for a long time. Capcom are delivering on many fronts, you can see it if you just choose to look.


They have been innovating on something considerably, but that is pushing fighting games as a competitive force for modern esports.

Not really the stuff we story lovers are particularly interested in though.

It’d be fucking hideous, Street Fighter is supposed to be stylized.


Pretty sure it was outsold by Mortal Kombat and Tekken.

Also Injustice 2 beat it also I believe.

I’d say all are socially more relevant as well.

SF is not premiere at anything except as an eSport Fighter…which is a niche of a niche.


The premiere fighter is the fighter with the strongest competitive scene, otherwise MKX becomes the best fighter of the generation and that’s just dumb.


I mentioned how SF4 revived the genera, I agree, but for a barely decade old game it’s aged badly. The gameplay is still good but almoooost everything else is kinda wack. After 5 I can barely stand to look at 4.

And I’ll give you the gameplay thing… if it weren’t for the fact a ton of hardcores found 5 lacking in that aspect too. I like it. Hell, I especially love how they reworked the non-Ryu shotos, but for a lot of people that’s not the case. I give them tons of credit. I bought 5 pre Arcade Edition. I still play the game. It’s still the one I’m giving the most competitive focus I can, absent an actual local scene.

There are good stuff there. I think I’ve gone trough a bunch in just my last post. But the focus doesn’t seem to be there… Dunno. Season 4 is certainly one that I feel is going to be pretty decisive.

As to Miria’s post… and that’s exactly the problem. They try to cultivate something that showed can grow on it’s own. If Street Fighter is good, the scene grows with it. Look how far Netherrealm games came in the competitive scene after SF4. Look how ArcSys managed to get their hands on a billion dollar license in DB and skyrocket to number of viewers and players at EVO. Capcom just has to make great games and the scene would grow because people want to keep up with it. If Capcom makes another game like MVC:I that nobody wants to watch, play or even fucking look at to the point it’s not making the rosters, no matter how well it plays other companies won’t look at it and go ‘Yeah, let’s make that’



One thing that Capcom does do incredibly well though, even in hard times, is keeping their games in the spotlight. Between SF5 and now we had Injustice 2, King of Fighters, Tekken, FighterZ, Fighting Layer, Dead or Alive, almost surely Samurai Spirits is coming out during it’s lifespan, and yet it nevers loses it’s footing. That says a lot about Street Fighter, that even with all it’s missteps it’s still rooted firmly in it’s position.


Dracu just beat me to mentioning Dragon Ball Fighter Z which also sold insanely high.

The “strongest competitive scene” is a weird and arbitrary measure.

No one would say WWE is not the premiere wrestling promotion in the world…yet NO serious analyst of pro wrestling will tell you it has the “strongest” showing as a product with the most competitive matches.

The competitive side of fighting games is a niche thing. It is not what makes a premiere scene for a game when it represents 1% of 1% of the community. Evo had 10k people attending and while Street Fighter was the biggest thing viewed, it’s also the MAIN event.

That said, Evo and the competitive scene have pretty much no relevance on the product.

Ask ANY head at Capcom if they’d prefer their Evo numbers or Netherrealm’s sales numbers.

MKX is the best fighter of the generation as a relevant, premiere product.

Would Sony and Microsoft rather have exclusive rights to Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat to launch their next gen consoles?

If you think the answer is “Street Fighter”, you’re delusional.

That tells you it’s not premiere.


Pacing was inconsistent. There were some pretty long stretches without playable fights. There were sections where the story appeared to set up for a playable fight, but no such fight was present. Character switching was nearly random, which also led to moments of confusion where you had to figure out who you were even controlling. When you did fight, the fights were often over too quickly.

It is easy to pick at the bad writing, the bad plotting, the bad everything about the story. But the other elements of A Shadow Falls were equally as weak. The whole thing felt like a grade school attempt to copy Netherrealm, without having any understanding of why cinematic stories worked or failed.


MKX literally died in one year.

Having a strong competitive scene is what keep Street Fighter and Tekken relevant in the longer run, make them last for years commercially and also make money in the longer run thanks to competitive tours and sponsors.
When Sony managed to get quasi-exclusivity on SFV they basically ensured that the PS4 would be the tournament standard for most modern competitive fighting games for the rest of the console generation, ensuring lots of sales from tournament organizers.

A strong competitive scene matters a lot, even if the people who play competitively seem a niche.


Honestly, Street Fighter has gone through many visual styles, from anime to live action, statues, action figures and of course several kinds of spritework and 3d rendering. I’m ok with almost anything as long as it is good at what it does.


And guess what, when MK11 dies in 2020 people will still be playing SF5 and tuning in to watch SF5.

Initial sales are not everything. Longevity and endurance is what makes a game healthy in the long run.


Yeah agree the SFV vanilla release was a disaster especially in sales but interms of longevity SFV maintains the mainstream and it rise from it’s ashes.

No contest to DBFZ it’s the best selling and successfull of now if it continues to keep up.


What do you think will make more money over its lifetime?


Spoiler: It’s absolutely MKX

Capcom sponsors tournaments to maintain relevance for Street Fighter and to try and eke out more money from a relatively small but dedicated fanbase via things like constant costumes and other gimmicks

Netherrealm sponsors tournies as a bone to the competitive scene because it gets them some extra gravy then they crush further sales with DLC of characters that sell like hot cakes to general audiences.

You guys gotta get around more gaming normies. SF has almost no relevance as a ‘premiere’ known fighter. It’s majorly Mortal Kombat. That’s what makes it premiere: name recognition and relevance. Why? Because it sells like crazy because everyone knows it and loves it and everyone knows it and loves it because it sells like crazy. Closed loop.

MKX died in one year? Street Fighter V sales died IMMEDIATELY because of how it was handled. SFV missed its sales goal by more than 25%. MKX didn’t. SFV has a life time sales of less than 2.5 million copies. MKX is the fastest selling game in the FRANCHISE OF MORTAL KOMBAT and sold 5 million copies within months as compared to the LIFE TIME sales of SFV over years which don’t even reach half of that in over 3 years.

Also to the other above discussion…

Yes, A Shadow Falls is inferior to both Injustice games and both Mortal Kombat games in terms of a story mode.


Street Fighter V retains “the main stream”


Come on, guys.

I know we all love Street Fighter but this is just silly…

Street Fighter does NOT own the main stream. Competitive obsession with the game does NOT make it the most relevant fighter.

In fact, the prominence of MK in the zeitgeist WITHOUT a competitive scene featuring longevity HILIGHTS how relevant it is as a fighting game product.

This is silly. This is worse than saying DC cinematic movies are more relevant than Marvel ones because the Dark Knight still gets lauded as the height of the genre because at least the Dark Knight sold ridiculously high numbers and busted charts upon release becoming a cultural phenomenon…y’know, all that stuff that SFV never did.


We’re not talking about sales. We’re talking about people dropping the game.