The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread



I have almost as much love for MK as I do for SF.

It’s that sliver of love more I have for SF that makes me want to call it out when it’s not the front runner it should be.


And I would still argue that Mortal Kombat is not the front runner because Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat just focus on very different things: Street Fighter is the front runner of the competitive world of fighting games while Mortal Kombat is the front runner in terms of story, production value and casual appeal.

Just reducing fighting games to mass appeal, brand, how much they sell and how big their budget is while ignoring the actually played part just sounds wrong to me.


Last point I’m going to make about the whole Raging Demon Souls Shungokusatsu mess. I think Vasili may have had a point about the SGS effecting souls if he would had adhered to the non-canon sources. Due to Oro stating in the Ryu Final that the SGS would claim the soul of whoever it killed making the technique stronger by forcing the claimed soul to fight the SnH forever not knowing it has died. This is the same manga inspiration that the canon now pulls the move depiction from, so why not the metaphysical depiction as well?

I wanted to pose this question because now the line of Nakahira manga canon influence and true influence is now blurred, where as during times when Vasili controlled this argument he would jump in-between canon and non-canon to dictate what was and wasn’t.

Since we now know there is some sort of metaphysical realm with Kage being introduced: could Nakahira’s Oro description of SGS be this missing link to the whole metaphysical description of the SGS?

If this is so, does this mean that SGS could effect the soul given the attack in canon in now being more inspired by this manga? HnK does have an influence on SF no doubt, but I do feel like a lot that has influenced the general art and style direction of the original SF1 & SF2 characters. Things have changed, and SF takes story inspiration from others but then deviates into its own story of fighters and techniques.

Since SF5 story, the series has evolved to draw upon more inspiration from its own licensed manga, especially the Nakahira manga, so who’s to say that now the SGS isn’t more like the Nakahira description where it’s a combination of both a physical/metaphysical attack!

I noticed when @midargsorm went off into the tangent about 六道鏖殺 rikudō ōsatsu “Massacre of the Six Realms”., the V-Trigger Kage uses to unlock SGS, and also the phrase he says before he unleashes SGS. He mentions some of the same things Vasili mentioned about SGS, to be more specific, about 奈落 naraku and the 18 different hells hot and cold. I got that sort nostalgic plot guide feel. Not to say that the attack itself isn’t totally physical, but could there be some sort of metaphysical component like in the Nakahira Ryu Final, or is it just a metaphorical speaking?

The most interesting part of my research today is that I may have found the missing link of SGS we all missed back in the 90’s which specifically told us what SGS the Raging Demon truly was all about.

Yup SFTMTG! It was the first SGS outside of the SFZ version to be featured as a useable technique. Though it looks totally different in look and command function than what we’re use to seeing from it. It’s interesting that the Japanese Wiki site Kakuge describes this sort of depiction of attack as a 乱舞 Ranbu, or “Wild Dance”. The attack term is best known in SNKs Art of Fighting series in the form of the Kyokugen technique 龍虎乱舞 Ryuko Ranbu “Dragon Tiger Wild Dance”.

The technique bears a striking similarity to the SGS used in the SFTM game and also the 連舞 Renbu “Endless Dance” techniques of the SFEX characters Hokuto and Kairi.

This technique changes into a very SGS like move in the form of Kairi’s SFEX2 version of 凶邪連舞 Kyoja Renbu “Wicked Scourge Endless Dance”.

That technique was the basis for the depiction of the chest impalement of the SGS in the Nakahira manga.

So Capcom was telling the western audience what SGS was essentially the whole time with the start of SFTM!


Do you have that quote from Ryu Final? I can go dig up my copy but I do not remember the specific things Oro says about it


Capcom is delusional in general, not just in regards to their fighting game division. It isn’t just Capcom, either. Many publishers and dev studios, even major ones, are seemingly disconnected from reality when it comes to predicting what will sell, and how much it will sell.

Remember Chaos Legion? Of course not, no one remembers Chaos Legion. Back in 2003, Capcom thought a brand new IP would sell one million copies. No one could understand Capcom’s logic. This was such a common occurrence at the time that Capcom had to hired an outside consultant to keep the company from eventually falling into bankruptcy. That same disconnected from reality logic still exists today.

When Square Enix said Tomb Raider 2013 sold 3.4mil copies in its first month, it was clearly a successful game. It made news when Square Enix revealed that they’d expected the game to sell 5-6mil copies during that period, because no one could understand why. But something to remember there is that Square thought it was being conservative, Square had calculated the sales would be much higher, and had reduced them to 5-6mil just to play it safe.

You can come up with such stories for various publishers. Franchises and even dev studios themselves have been killed from guys in a board room making decisions without having any apparent clues about reality.

That’s not actually true. Major games can survive in such methods. Other companies successfully support such products.

The issue is that major publishers don’t just want to make money, they want profits to increase every year, because that is what drives stock prices.

Blizzard has long been a successful studio. It releases games sparingly, but any one game they release can pretty much alone fund the company for years. Blizzard was, and could indefinitely remain, highly successful and profitable with its approach. But that isn’t what Activision Blizzard wants. Activision Blizzard wants to be able to report every single year that profits have increased, because simply maintaining the same profits is viewed as being stagnate and causes your stock value to drop. Blizzard seeing years between major releases makes this even worse, as you get a year of phenomenal profits followed by one or more years of respectable but still lower profits. That is a loss for a stockholder, as stock value will drop.

And that is the reason that Activision Blizzard has ordered Blizzard to start slashing expenses, and to push out a much larger number of games at a much higher rate. Of course this means that Blizzard will have trouble justifying spending so much time and money polishing its games, which will eventually result in lower quality releases, which will negatively affect Blizzard’s reputation, which will in turn hurt sales, … Things could actually be even worse if Blizzard does hit another massively successful release, as they will be expected to exceed those inflated figures the next year. (Blizzard has already experienced this with Acitivision pressuring them due to Overwatch’s success.)

In the long run, the “stupid business model” is the one you are promoting, the one that is slowly driving the big publisher games industry to its death. Which is a model that Capcom in general embraces, except it still has people in power who actually still care about making games.


Absolutely agree. Modern games can get so much outta pr. Capcom’s shown some willingness to dip their toes into things with the Twitter Cody letter, Falke reports and G quests, Heck even the gorgeous Captain Commando beat em up bundle commercial shows the creative spark is there, they just need to mine it and utilize it more. I’d love if there was some more budget out into creative pr and viral marketing for future SF releases to get hype and fun flowing. I mean really, look at my videos, I do that for free, can you imagine someone with budget, resources, and direct insight from Capcom pushing forward with all that?

Heh, it’d be nice and help keep excitement aloft between news dry spells.

Whoa, whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? This is interesting. I’ve never read Ryu Final (heresy, I know), so this is new to me. Interesting question though dude.

As for my personal feels, I hope that the SGS doesn’t get like Oro’s quote there. I don’t mind it having some sort of metaphysical nature, I mean I recall one of you guys mentioning that the mere presence of the SNH in some depictions crumples and kills plant life, so having the oncoming initiation of the SGS maybe drive the victim into some spiritual turmoil and or bolstering the user, pushing them closer to that fabled madness that’s been discussed would make sense. I just think that it having some spiritual component like making someone’s spirit being unable to ever rest is kinda a bit much.

If it was the switched that the user of the SGS absorbs the resentment (at being killed), hatred, pain, fear and madness of their victim from the moment it strikes and as an effect, always swirling around in the user’s head effectively haunting them and also having a calling to kill more to make for some twisted catharsis and hall of victory in your head could be weird but nifty. I don’t know if my word salad makes sense, but basically a growing cockiness and madness happens with each kill scored. Though I’d personally be fine with it being just an instant murder.

Whoa, interesting that SFTMG was closer to what it’s supposed to be lol. I used to have that game but never bothered with Akuma before I returned it.


In Alpha Generations, I believe the SNH claimed the souls of those that fell to it as we saw in the end all the warriors that died to it waiting to be freed.

Garuda is also essentially the physical embodiment of all those who fell to the SNH (Kinda like Ermac but with a twist).


About sales, the top games sold last month on PSN include MKX on 7th, even so long after being released.


where is this misconception that MK has “always” sold better than SF? Pretty sure SF is still ahead in sales, only Tekken beats SF in that department.

Just checked, MK has yet to reach 40 million (will certainly do that with MK11), and SF is at 42. Tekken is at 47.


Yes but Street Fighter is the better out of the three. I have absolutely no idea how there are people able to stand that Tekken garbage.


The same reason why folks prefer to play SF over some other fighting game:

They prefer it. Or, it just suits them aesthetically or competitively. Or, both. They may have grew up with it. This can be said for anyone who plays fighting games. In this context, it is too difficult to say which game is better or worse than the other as they are still two different fighting games.

For a more specific example: If I have to choose between playing KOF and playing Blazblue, I will play KOF. Not necessarily because I dislike BB (personally, I think it is decent series to get into. It just does not appeal to “me” specifically for a number of reasons but it is not hard to see why folks enjoy it). KOF is just something I happen to grew up with, besides me just generally liking the series. Even then, I still may play BB just out of curiosity or because there happens to be a offline tournament somewhere nearby.

Not to give you the wrong impression, rub anyone here the wrong way or to insult anyone’s intelligence. There is no sin in disliking a game. I honestly did not like playing Marvel 3 for example. But, just because I don’t like playing it, my thought process towards the game will not apply to anyone else or on a universal basis. One person disliking a game does not necessarily make it a “bad” or a “garbage” game either and it will not stop others from playing said game. Hence, why people may just play Tekken to SF or vice-versa.

It’s a huge scenario where the whole “YMMV”-concept applies.


How is this in ANYWAY related to the thread topic? Please take it elsewhere.


Interview w/ Kinu Nishimura, interesting bits include her pitching a dating sim that went nowhere, being inspired by Akiman and stating her life dream of wanting her art to be the driving influence of a game.


Fingers crossed that SF6’s art direction will be deeply influenced and shaped by her artstyle.


Let’s not have another artstyle debate, OK


the topic i deleted was about V-reversal and Alpha Counter question anyway.

moving on

We have seen in other media they are changing Cammy visual to more friendly to wide audience.

We have seen attempts in Snes



Even in other media that probably would reach more audience


Even now in mobile gaming



and in other games



The question is about Cammy’s default for other platform not talking about future Sf.

Which do you consider the best alternate costume from SF4, SFxTK and SFV that can represent Cammy for other gaming platforms that aim for wider audience?


Kinu rocks, objective statement. The debate has been avoided.


Not gonna lie, after playing Falke’s story again, I’m now even more interested in Neo-Shadaloo. I’ve come to realize that I like Falke and Ed, so I would like to see more of their journey unfold.

While the Character Story battles are pretty short, a lot of the plot-lines (F.A.N.G. attacking Abel and being saved by Guile, Nash coming across Ed and fighting F.A.N.G., Ryu and Nash’s powers being drawn to one another, Karin’s World Tournament in NYC, Kolin meeting Gill in the past and Guile many yrs later, Alex being kidnapped by F.A.N.G., Akuma’s story, etc) are pretty alluring to say the least. Makes me wish they were longer.


I think would enjoy a second character story for everyone more than a second general story.


I’m greedy and want both, though realistically, I wouldn’t mind a 2nd character story if they doubled it. I’ve loved quite a bunch of these, but a lot of times they stop just as they’re getting started. G in particular could benefit from a double-sized tale. If they’re building him up to be a villain, anti-villain or something else entirely, he needs more time. There needs to be new stuff introduced, doubt, reassurance and then mystery added on. I just feel that if this is the last game before a post Sf3 game, then there needs to be a bit more for me.