The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


@The_Shakunetsu To answer your question, I honestly like the FF: StreetWise one to the left.

I don’t mind a redesign of Cammy to make her more suitable, just as long as the core values of her character design isn’t obscured by it which is what some of those designs (namely the mobile one)


Those outfits for Cammy are great as alts.
Her default look in mainline games are too iconic and perfect to change.


As beautiful it will be a Kinu-style SF6, it’s not going to happen with current capcom, sf6 is going even further from japanese style

Also even imagining an utopia where current capcom are’nt pieces of shit and truly pick Kinu as main artist, it will not result necessary in a Kinu-looking game as long art director keep loose control letting 3d modellers do the fuck they want

SFV actual ingame aesthetic does’nt reflect the style of SFV concepts art, and it’s not only due the inevitable translation from 2d to 3d


About the general story “vs” characters story

I liked the new parts of the story but not much the “cheap” (and i like Bengus art) way we got them

I still hope for General Story 2, as so many missed the characters missed the ASF boat, and will be a shame if they don’t get a bit more than a couple of Bengus illustrations and an image arcade ending done by kiki/randomudonpeople


I really like the Neo-Shadaloo concept. An organization built on the grounds of old Shadaloo recruiting test lab freaks, of which there are plenty in this series, is interesting. It can tie a lot of stories together, bring into relevance ton of shitty characters… The problem with them is the uniformity of their designs. Looking at the classic 4 Kings, all are unique, distinct in their own way at first glance and with tons of personality in their designs. Ed’s gang is just full of anime hipsters. He’s military boy, Falke’s military girl, the Gorilla is just… the gorilla and the other guy I don’t even fucking know. They need to drop their uniforms as soon as possible and become characters in their own right.


They need to drop the name IMO because it has too many sinister undertones and they are supposed to be anti-heroes or something.

Doesn’t matter though, it’s only a matter of time until HE returns to claim what is rightfully his. #SF7


That’s fair, but I like it being tied to Bison’s organization in some way, but Neo-Shadaloo does seem more like a continuation of Shadaloo ideology rather than the new profile they take. Unless all those guys decide they had enough of being labrats and want to take over the world too.


I wonder if Capcom even knows what Neo Shadaloo is.

Everything at a design level appears to be a continuation of Shadaloo under new leadership. They took Shadaloo’s name. They wear Shadaloo-inspired uniforms. Anti-heroes at best, if not outright villains.

Nearly everything at a story level appears to be the exact opposite. Ed opposes Shadaloo, and fights against his fate. He made no effort to hold Shadaloo together after Bison’s fall, and even parted ways with Balrog. His expressed goal after rescuing Falke is to search the world for the others that are held by Shadaloo and to free them. Falke’s arcade ending has Ed and Falke together in a normal domestic situation.

From the story’s side, there is absolutely no reason, other than pushing a “doomed to be unable to escape their fates” scenario, why they’d ape Shadaloo’s name or appearance. Now, it is possible that Capcom does intend a “they can’t really escape” path for them, but I’d guess it is more that the physical (and name) design was divorced from the story elements they later created.


Ed’s a bit of a troll. I get the impression that he calls the group Neo Shadaloo to spite Bison. He’s taking the name and doing positive things as an F U to Bison.


I don’t think Bison is concerned with such trivialities. In fact, everything that Ed and co are doing are in accordance to his GRAND DESIGN. All will be revealed soon. BRB.


Tbh i will just like each get something unique and personal as standard look, then the NeoShadaloo uniform as very first alt costume (Story Alt)

Ed get free pass as he’s the Leader, plus there’s no repetition if he was the only to have it standard

Also because i like SF characters have this

(wich is why Falke’s blue is different, but is cheap cheating, actuall all NS uniforms should get same blue)


My 2 cent

Ed is not a bad guy at heart (he was a very normal kid in SF4 ending), he just developed a bit of that attitude being raised by Rog

Just as Rog seem to have developed a softer side when it comes to Ed, very big change of attitude from when he kidnapped him in SF4 ending

As for Neo Shadaloo i think Ed started it as a good thing, the “Neo” there represent a new begin, while the “Shadaloo” it’s theyr common denominator

He will probably still use them as mercenaries or criminals to do some $$$$$$, but with that anime not-so-evil-actually-good-guy pirate captain vibe lol

The game changer will be when Bison will slowly take over him, some Bengus pieces already foreshadow a more sinister tone on him, he’s not designed ever funny

The fun thing is that when Bison will return he will have already an army and can give them order through theyr leader’s mouth


Agreed. It’s all the good parts of the MK9/X story mode, without the awkwardness of trying to tell an overarching story one character at a time.

I don’t even mind the writing. I think it’s got a goofy, fun quality to it that I thoroughly enjoyed.

It’s my favorite story mode in a fighting game to date.


We don’t know if Bison will return via Ed.

We know that FANG is busy in the criminal underlord likely trying to set the stage for Bison’s return.

There are so many ways a new body could turn up. Plus I really am attached to Old Bison, I don’t think I can go back to Young Bison in future gameplay.

Same. Once I let go of my expectations, and saw it a second, and third time, I really enjoyed it. The production values of Injustice and MK are better, but Capcom did a lot of things right. At least we didn’t get fucking “Cassie Cage killing Shinnok”. ASF was faithful to the source material, writing and all.


As for Kinu, Bengus and etc

What Capcom need is to hire any of those legend to lead a project not just being base art. That’s the best we can hope for. I believe they can translate Kinu arts style if it is kinu that would lead the project same thing with other Artist


Not for SF but as a representation for other platforms like cartoons, mobile games and etc. Since nowadays everything gets a weird censorship in a way. Im just asking what’s the best Cammy next to her default that exist from sf4, sf5 and sfxt.

Street Fighter Champion Exhibition II Special Event


I’m another who developed a greater appreciation for Shadow Falls after plaything through it again. There were a lot of moments that I felt were missed opportunities, but all in all, I enjoyed it. I also really liked MKX’s story, which made me into a Cassie Cage fan.

Funny enough, I only did a little of Injustice 1’s story. I haven’t even started the Injustice 2 story yet.


Agree, Same thoughts as they first appeared in Season 2. New organization should also always be part of another organization that is long establish rather than another secret secret organization. I hate the idea of writing that there is another bigger super uber secret organization that is disconnected from anyone. It destroys the relevance and appeal of the previous of having wider perspective and connection if multiple exist in the same universe in fiction.

Yeah the Neo Shadaloo thing is weird at the beginning it’s like they are continuing a legacy that they hate, it’s pointless for them to continue the name since Shadaloo isn’t something of a legendary organization that represent good in the past that is tainted and corrupted. Agree it would be logical if they want to be as evil than Bison too.

That’s the same thoughts I have the first time they surface, I thought it was just another of those invented fan theory, I even think it was by Daemos lol but no it is really neo shadaloo,

That would be reasonable enough, to justify the name. I really like the case. Since people should not forget despite their physical looks they are child and teenager in mind and maturity not experience adult in decision making.

Yeah Bison caring with those non-sense would make him look kinda meh, That’s what make Bison better didn’t care of others shit unlike Akuma recently and also Gill that cares of making patterns relevant.


We cannot still assume that he isn’t a bad guy regardless of his age and experience, experience can shape a person thoughts to either consider his suffering as.

1.) the nature of evil as reality
2.) evil is necessary
3.) evil and good does not exist therefore it’s just about power
4.) evil and good does not exist therefore it’s just about needs and wants/survival
5.) I should stop evil because i have experience it. (becomes a Good guy)

Another idea we should still doubt if Neo-Shadaloo is about anti hero or either good is because of how he and falke is represented in the AE TRAILER

Ed has a bit Jin Kazama vibe to his relationship with people across him, he got a Xiayu and Asuka. Capcom like to take some bit of inspiration from Tekken from either lore or archetype.

If you are aware of Tekken’s lore, I actually find the lore behind the Mishama not really about good and evil but about power, control and dominance regardless of their past suffering. That includes Heihachi that wants to harness the Devil Gene.


They probably now thinking like that,(child like) that this is just a game or something because they are still not adult in mindset they probably be optimistic after there freedom from Bison and also having their own set of powers.

The most probable cause of their optimistic thoughts regarding their suffering is after those suffering they became powerful that are far better than the other Shadaloo Minions that already exist long before they arrive. So they became also AMBITIOUS like Seth in process because they didn’t suffer like the Doll’s and Cammy which are more tragic.

We people translate suffering in different ways, Juri also translate her suffering and loss in a different way.

As for the uniform that could have been what they can think to provide themselves sense of belongingness and unity for a leader and a members that is immature for a sense(include a gorilla). They probably grow differently as time pass by or stay that way because they grow together that way.


It’s literally the scene where they tell you that its a burst of countless Hadoken to the body. The line afterward describes the attack as.

「殺意の波動」に殺されてもなお闘うことを止めぬ幾万の魂… それらを相手とすべく瞬獄殺は生まれたのだろう 魂と闘うことで瞬獄殺はみがき抜かれ!! みがき抜かれた瞬獄殺はまた新たな魂を呼ぶ!!

(Black box white text which I presume is Oro or Akuma but since Oro was basically the fight narrator for the most part of the book, but it might be Akuma as well)

“Countless souls that continue to fight even after they are killed by the SnH… The SGS was devised to oppose them as the SGS is made improved by the souls it removes!! The SGS improves by summoning a new soul to extract!!”

I’m not sure what the Eng Udon translated it into as I no longer have access to those. Though you clearly see an emphasis on talking about souls and the supernatural when you look at the 1 frame of artwork as well.

Another good point! It also states that the continuous fighting amongst the warring clans at the time had awakened a sort of “Demon” inside of the combatants that were forced to fight. Those who were claimed by the demon in all aspects of mentally, physically, and murderously were doomed to the SnH. Even innocent by standards who just happened to be in the way were affected by the SNH. That’s why they were all trapped as ghost claimed by the energy of SnH reliving the past once they were awakened by the SnH produced by the fight around them.