The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


I’d actually prefer something that sounds more like the opposite of your idea, though still in that same vein. Have Bison be asian, Thai maybe or whatever, but have Psycho Power stem from somekind of pre-Christian/pagan European myths. For all intents an purposes it’s still Ki, it’s still spiritual energy, but flowing from different kinds of rituals than the oriental teachings. I’d go a bit further into details, but it’s kinda late so I’ll just leave it at that, but there’s plenty of warrior cultures and sub-cultures to draw from, since achieving higher levels of spirituality trough fighting aka martial arts isn’t exclusively a Buddhist/Vedist concept.

Maybe go as far as make him North Korean to drive the reverse Nazi idea even further.


Reimagining SGS:

The problem with the previous theory and concepts of SGS is that because it involve sins, hell and instant death. That’s why it doesn’t work and did raise more complication.

SGS was designed as a narrative device for closure, separation and changing chapters. which it did serves it purpose, but not good for a fighting game franchise.

This is how I think Capcom can fix SGS that can still work for multiple interpretation.

Since the canonical interpretation of SGS had been clarified to be more physical, which is now separate to popular name sake of Instant Hell Murder and Raging Demon.

  • That it distance from the idea of instant death.
  • That it distance from the idea of hell deliverance.
  • That it distance from the idea of demon attacking a person’s soul base on it’s sin.

Karma is more about consequence and punishment from negligence, mistakes, ignorance and also from being weak and vulnerable to be unprepared to face a unfortunate event and situation.

The things left to make the non-canonical interpretation from popular media and manga compromised with canon is to:

  • Remove the idea of making it stronger from the more it killed
  • I’ll change it being delivered in a different dream state realm not hell
  • Change death as a requirement from the manga to being unconscious state to be sent in that realm.

So it’s still the consecutive rapid moving attacks, but do make it’s victim fall unconscious sending it’s soul to SNH realm, So as a result they are stuck in a coma state.

It’s still keeping the concept from the manga that @bakfromon posted with slight alternation to work with canonical interpretation like whoever is been defeated through the means of SGS is delivered to a SNH realm which is to fight endlessly with other souls it previously beaten.

So this is were the SNH spirit hallucination powers work in,

Instead of the souls fighting demons in the manga… The alteration is that they are trapped souls made to hallucinates to see everything as horrible entities thus making them fight each other and everyone they gazed upon. So that would include a new soul.

Kinda inspiration with SF2V anime.

Since SNH becomes a doppelganger or a shapeshifter spirit with hallucination powers, It can be also a that tempts it host to go berserk with the use of SGS that would deliver/teleport it’s victim subconsciously to it’s realm.

So how would this works against the likes of Bison, Gouken, Gen and Akuma by pass it?

For those that are capable of psyche and spiritual manipulation like Rose and Bison.

  • They can instantly move(teleport) else where their subconscious outside that realm thus making them have a ability to resist to those kinds of attack in mental state.

For those that are capable of detaching of one self or subconscious to the environment similar to Dhalsim, Gen and Gouken.

  • They that are practitioners of MU and Yoga can instantly return to their conscious self by simply detaching there consciousness from the current realm it is attach so it would simply return back to it’s default.

For some they can have designed / developed techniques to against SNH attack or any negative corrupted energy like shown in SF4 and SF5. It’s not about destroying but can delay it or stop it for awhile.

  • For Akuma he may have a attack technique designed tame SNH spirit, So it makes him the more dominant on himself than the SNH spirit.

-While the one with Gouken having technique that instantly protect his subconscious to fall to any illusions, to nullify SGS effect and also can create a seal that instantly disperse SNH spirit in an area for a while. We can also add Guy to the mix in SF4.

So the difference is between the two is that the other is to tame and the another is to disperse it away.

So how SGS now would work with the likes of Necali?

Necali can also be a immortal force of nature that was only defeated previously by someone that sacrifice his soul to fully succumb SNH to use SGS, which sends the beast consciousness to eternal battle to another otherworldly being the SNH illusion thus sealing it in process.

Soul and Psycho power was something of a power of good in the past? correct me if I’m wrong… I believe those force in SF along with Yoga can also play important role historically like helping the SGS warrior to his subconsciously battle against SNH spirit.

Something like the story of Orochi against the Yagami and Kusanagi clan.

Thus making Akuma’s SGS relevant and bad ass in someway. That it would be used to force an immortal being like Necali again to hibernation in a eternal battle against SNH spirit’s illusion. So in process it still purposeful in for being a monumental part of SF history.

It’s like the logic on how Thor resolve the conflict with Hela and Surtur.

My Fanmade SF game plots, lore, continuity fixes, suggestions and re-interpretation

No, they haven’t. But they haven’t done any in so long now that I’m afraid they’re probably done doing them.


After Necalli/Ed, 3 more models i wish were different (double click as usual for correct size)

Alex more loyal to Bengus concept

Less absurd Abi, closer to his former self (i also prefer a more vertical line, to keep the gorilla V shape more unique to Gief)

Various little changes on Akuma


I’m really digging the new MK11 boss, Kronika. So how do you guys feel about a female boss character in SF6?

Besides the most obvious one (Bison in a female host body), who could actually believably fill this role?

I think if we are getting a more fleshed out Illuminati arc, we could introduce an OP “Matriarch” of the society that attempts to fix the mess the two brothers caused in SF3 and get things back on track.


@Daemos I’m completely for it, it’s high-time we got a female boss.

I can totally imagine the Old Guards intervening with the Gill-Urien feud and reveal that the Illuminati was actually a semi-benevolent cult that recent leaders and Gill especially took to a extreme. Would tie in with the Illuminati being inspired by Big Fire and whatnot.


Even though Viper mentions in SF5 that the old guard of the Society were assassinated, some of them had to have survived.

I don’t think the Old Guard ever intended to become so public, so soon, and so fast like the way Gill and his zealots did (with a international tournament no less). Gill mocked his predecessor in his 3S ending. Maybe that predecessor is a she, and maybe she is pissed.


Same thoughts on having a female boss. I remember posting also wanting Gouken’s daughter to be something like that because of Tekken 7, but I think my thoughts on her to be evil and anti hero had change just lately.

That’s a great Idea having a Matriach and coming from the secret society would be better than sacrificing Rose. Her sudden existence would also work because her being female rather than a male, because if suddenly there’s another brother that would need a hell ton of explanation, while a female in the sidelines would easily slip in without any need to explain a lot.

Something like a mother of all in secret society. Like @TazyryLipo mentioned of intervening and force to take over. They could make her did that because of being bothered of the delay in the prophesy or whatsoever etc.


Juri was the closest thing to that in SFIV and that was nice.

The idea has a lot of potential of course, they just have to execute it well. On paper Necalli was a cool idea too.


What elemental would a female secret society member can you imagine?


Sand and time? lol (actaully I want a Za Warudo thing in Capcom games.)




They don’t have to be elemental. Gill was, and Urien to some extent too. But their mystical secret techniques can expand in many directions. Like ‘Resurrection’ is not an elemental-type secret technique.


Well in my concept for Iro, I gave her earth and wind. She had a “stone” body and wind based ki attacks.

Gill - Fire, Ice, Ressurrection
Urien - Electricity, Metal
Iro - Wind, Earth

Name: Iro (Personification of Hera)


Nickname: The Veiled Goddess

Sex: Female
Ethnicity: Greek (?)
Height: 6ft 2in(1.88m)
Weight: 176 lbs. (80kg)
B/W/H: 39-26-39(99cm-66cm-99cm)

Hometown: Rhodes (Rhodes City, Island of Rhodes)

Appearance: Iro is statuesque woman in supreme physical condition. She has curly, sandy brown hair that is waist length. Her eyes are emerald green and her legs are 40 inches (Just over 1m) long. Iro has an olive complexion. Her attire is essentially of Women’s MMA gear. She sports a ivory colored top/sports bra with gold accents along with ivory colored shorts with gold accents. She doesn’t wear gloves nor shoes. Iro also has an ivory headband that covers her forehead*.

Likes: Nature, Languages (She speaks most known languages), Reading, Ancient Architecture
Dislikes: High Heels (She’s already tall), Condescending People,Callousness
Fighting Style: Veiled Pankration

Tone: Iro has had limited contact with the outside world. Which makes her curious and inquisitive. Her friendly demeanor can quickly turn sour in the face of rude behavior.

Origins: Currently residing in Rhodes, Iro moved frequently throughout her life. Living on various islands in homes with impeccable sight lines and quick egress points. Although, they never spoke of it. It was clear to her that her parents were constantly on the run. Since she has been able to talk, her parents have brought in the finest tutors to educate her. This also holds true for her martial capabilities. Trained to her physical limits and studying until mental exhaustion daily. Through this rigid lifestyle she was able to master the Armor of Gaea** and the Blades of Themis*** two of the 66 Secret Arts described to Iro by her parents. After mastering those two arts, her parents placed her in the care of Antreas, the family steward, and sent her to the island of Rhodes.

Her Rival: Urien

Attributes: Health: 4 Power: 2 Range: 4 Mobility: 3 Technique: 4
1050 Stamina 1025 Stun


Fall from Grace - LP+LK: (In Air):: Iro catches her opponent by the throat and slams them into ground.

Athenian Spike - LP+LK: (Iro grabs her opponent, lifts them over her head and drives them head first into the ground while falling to her knees) Essentially a more vicious version of the Tombstone Piledriver

Reverse Athenian Spike - B+LP+LK:( Iro grabs her opponent, lifts them over her head, turns in the opposite direction, and then drives them head first into the ground while falling to her knees) backthrow version of her forward throw

Unique Attacks:

Amazon Headbutt – F+ HP (Hit Grab): Iro extends both of her arms, grabs them by the head, and hits them with headbutt

Earthen Hammer – F + MP (Overhead): Iro clasps her hands together, pulls them back overhead and slams them down on her opponent

Gail Heel – F+ MK: A quick push kick to the abdomen


Titan’s Wall - F+PPP: A quick striking shoulder charge that knocks her opponent across the screen


Gust Lariat – MP+MK : A clothesline punch. Can be charged. Uncharged version does not knockdown. Fully charged version knocks down and side switches at point blank range. (Similar to Gill’s Saber Lariat)

V-Trigger 1:

Armor of Gaea - HP+HK :Iro’s body becomes as hard as stone. She takes no white life damage during her V-Trigger. Cyclokinesis now hit her opponent twice and puts them in a juggle state if landed at point blank range. All of her strike based specials gain 1 hit of armor (from frame 3 on) and a 10% damage buff. All of her normals gain a 5% damage buff. 3 bar V-Trigger

V-Trigger 2:

Rage of Aura - HP+HK: Iro becomes the embodiment of Aura’s fury. After activation she gains access to a command grab. Iro grabs her opponent by the throat with her right hand, lifts them off the ground, pulls back her left arm, draining a small amount of her foes stamina, before punishing them with a vicious punch to the abdomen that causes them to crumple at Iro’s feet. 5F Start up 160 damage/150 Stun. Immediate 50 Stamina Gain. Additional 25 Stamina gain over the next 5 seconds. (5 per second). Two landed grabs per V-Trigger. Each whiffed grab cost a ¼ of her gauge. 2 bar V-Trigger


Cyclokinesis - QCF + P: Wind Ki based projectile. Iro generates a ball of cyclonic (wind) ki and fires it at her opponent. Moderate recovery time. The properties are determined by the strength punch. LP (Horizontal Slow Moving, MP (Horizontal Fast Moving, HP 45(° Angle Moderate Speed).

Summit Avalanche - HCB+ K (Command Hit Grab): Iro charges her opponent, grabs them by the neck with her left hand, lifts them over her head and slams them into the ground. The strength of the punch button determines the distance traveled. LK (¼ Screen), MK( ½ Screen), HK( ¾ Screen), EX ( ¾ Screen, Armor on Frame 3)

Meteor Strike - HCB + P: (Overhead) Iro somersault’s forward and strikes with a powerful overhead punch. Punch determines distance. Goes over low attacks. All versions are projectile invincible on Frame 3. LP(Point Blank), MP (¼ Screen), HP (½ Screen) EX (½ Screen, Fully Projectile Invincible)

Turbulent Assault - HCF+ K: Iro charges her opponent, strikes them with a side kick to the abdomen, and follows up with a rapid succession of kicks to the ankle, knee , hip, and finally a kick to the chin which causes a juggle state. The strength of the kick button determines the distance traveled. LK (¼ Screen), MK( ½ Screen), HK( ¾ Screen), EX ( ¾ Screen, Armor on Frame 3)

Critical Art:

Blades of Themis - HCFx2+P: One of the 66 Secret Arts. Iro strikes her opponent with a powerful bladed punch to the sternum. Upon impact, her opponent is surrounded by twelve wind based ki attacks resembling the blades of a sword. These ki attacks converge on her opponent in unison inflicting massive damage. 13 hits 350 damage (1x110, 12x20).

Reasons to be in SFV:

Iro’s parents along with her adopted sister Dimitra**** were slain shortly after she was placed in Antreas care. Unbeknownst to Antreas, Iro has been investigatimg the murder of her family. All of her leads point to a mysterious man with white hair and a jewel in his forehead…

Side Note:

  • Iro’s headband conceals a green gem in her forehead. This glows upon activation of her V-Trigger and during her critical art.
  • Gaea is the mother of all Greek Titans and Gods. The Goddess of earth
  • Aura is the Titan Goddess of Wind
  • Themis is the Titan goddess of divine law and order
  • Iro’s doesn’t know that Dimitra was adopted as her body double. While Iro was sequestered away in the family estate only leaving the grounds when they were moving to another location. Dimitra has allowed to go out in public. They also had a green gem implanted in her forehead. They tipped off the Illuminati to their location after Iro was sent away. In their eyes, they were finally granting their daughter her freedom.


I could imagine that she’s a bit angry that Gill is speeding up the prophecy and that Urien is trivializing the society. So she and maybe some NPC OG members try to stop them both and maybe even team up with the protagonists. She doesn’t necessarily need to have elemental powers but have some strange mystic thing.

To bring up a comparison with Big Fire I can see her being similar to Hanzui from GR having suspicions about the new blood are corrupting their ideals for their own gain

Since the SF version of the Illuminati seem to be rooted around the Mediterranean maybe have her be of Amazigh descent to clash with Gill+Urien being possibly Greek/Italian.


She should be naked (ala Mystique) with an extraordinary skin color and texture. It can be tastefully done.


Nah, have her be like Rose: a modestly dressed, aged woman.


How about naked and aged. Like cheese. But divine.


Nope, I prefer modesty over flashiness


I would be fine whatsoever as long that she is an aged woman. lol

so will definitely getting a goddess



I would say like Monica Bellucci but she’s supposed to be the inspiration for Rose.


So now we need a new inspiration for a new character?