The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


I’m all for a female boss. I think its time.


Please no. Concepts take up too much of my time.


You know I’m thinking a Connie Nielsen type is what you and @The_Shakunetsu are looking for.


Yeah, no McGuffin induced young looking female boss. I want, elegant, mature, deadly warrior queen types not an elderly woman who looks young for anime plot reasons.

Back in the 90s I’d dig a kinda Grace Jones African warrior queen type of SF boss.


If I come up with an Illuminati Boss Woman this weekend, I’m blaming all of you :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I’ll happily accept the consequences. (Evil laugh)


All of the pain that @Darc_Requiem will be put through will most definitely revive our LORD BISON!!!


Wait…you aren’t @Daemos


Or am I?¿?¿?¿?


Not into the idea of a final SF boss being female, it does’nt reflect what usually i expect from a SF boss.
I’m not against (at all) the idea of a very high “power level” female char, like SFA Rose or SF4 Juri were though

But if was something that could not be changed, will definitely pick a scandinavian valkyrie or shield-maiden inspired character.
Only case where i see someway easy sell her as super imposing badass final opponent, with her myth inspiration already about being stronger/tougher warriors than males.
Plus it will be easier have her tall/built af (at least towering over Ryu) in a still attractive way and will bring with her a strong warrior vibe, from a culture that worshipped valor in battle

Also her norse mythology will clash well with Illuminati’s greek olympus vibe

Will also like her incredible strong female trait coming from deep tradition/folklore imagery and not as something last minute made up and shoe-horned in to fit recent years trend like a ghostbusters reboot lol

But again if i could chose will indeed welcome something like her in my SF6, but as a Sagat-like strong final Boss right hand/bodyguard.
Mostly because her a final boss will be a norse Gill with a vagina, essentially playing mostly on lame easy gimmick of being “new” for a SF Boss

An alternative will like something inspired from indian Goddess Kali, with Dhalsim telling everyone she’s dangerous af

As much as italian i will welcome SFV Urien be Italy’s rep for SF, they’re greek
Urien got lot of Roman vibe in many ways, but they’re definitely greek

Will prefer Capcom to say it, as i like official nationalities in SF… everytime they slap an “unknown” on birthplace they should be slapped hard in the face lol


Nah. Modesty is overrated and boring. What Daemos proposes sounds reasonable since in the society warriors are scantly clad. Kinda like his


More on Menat’s UDON story with small sneak peek.


Seeing Maggio the fighting together with Menat feels weird and different, same with Bison’s reactions with soldiers while seeing the guy on yoyo fight lol.

It’s like a japanese anime with a narrative made to sell a yoyo merchandise or a toy company getting a manga to promote their toy line. It’s cringy like those bakugan, b-daman and beyblades.


The ESP…Hairstyle…fighting with a yoyo…I swear I’ve seen this before…


It’s cringy for a different reason for me.

Long ago, before they ever got involved with Capcom, I used to like Udon’s art style in comics like Agent X. Later, I went back and re-read that series and realized I’d just glossed over their artistic shortcomings.

But it feels like they’ve only gotten worse over the years. Not wretched or anything, just… uh.


I wait patiently to see another Season story to follow up from the events of Season 1.

I want to see the new characters in action. I also want to see Bison tear into both Kage…

and Necalli. Again. (Kappa)

Then again, who knows what might happen. It might be considered wishful thinking but I want to think that the staff members working on SFVAE as of right now are planning something else, aside from new characters, costumes, and stages.

Not to say that I am happy about most of the recent effort (despite me finding Kage unintentionally funny).


I’m like half way done. I was low key working on it at work. :expressionless:


I only own Udon Street Fighter comics up to Street Fighter II which is the end of the Alivn Lee Era for SF comics.


You know it’s bad when Eventfuckinghubs have a legit claim at calling you retard

It’s like being owned by Forrest Gump in a Chess game


Eventhubs are full of shit and just stirring the pot.