The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


It’s what i’m saying

Eventhubs is full of shit and still they’re correct on that

Impressive feat from SFV communication/marketing team, still going full retard

Will ever defend SF, but will never defend these people
They never deserved SF to begin with


Most of those articles are what if, poll post and speculation post. Not bad they should have continue those for their casual subscribers it helps also to know some few feed backs.

This kind of article only attracts people asking for SF6, while those asking new stuff are just people wanting to hear new stuff regardless of what it is. People hating SFV and threatening SFV because of MK11 existence is ridiculous to please and compensate. They don’t know what they really need because there are no constructive feedback or a definitive want other than just wanting noise.


Only one character has been released in the last five months and there’s full silence. They may have amazing plans for Season4, but some communication is badly needed.


Setsouna said 6 hours, 38 minutes ago
The real question is : Do We play a game because it’s food or because it’s supported by a development team ? Are we loyal to a game or DLC schedule ? Street Fighter V has many flaws, rookie mistakes on the PR department since the game dropped back in 2016. Truth is we should be pretty used to it by now. What made me stick to it is good gameplay and the nice animations for my part. Maybe they plan to focus on the Type Arcade release first and news will follow right after. Anyway there are too many good games around to torture ourselves like this, right?

This comment makes sense while the rest while the are just whining people against SFV. Hating SFV gameplay wouldn’t be ease a character reveal or a mode reveal, because they want a new game instead. People nowadays are bad on expressing their needs and wants. Some demand for the sake of curiosity while others just wanted noise and attention.


Cant stand EH, but they’re right this time. Capcom’s silence is deafening…


That is true 90% of the time. I don’t see that as the case this time. This has been the worst communication about future content Capcom has delivered since the launch of SFV.


Not even the Abigail reveal at EVO 2017 was as terrible as the current communication imo, at least he’d got his stage and we knew 2 more chars were coming. Whatever they’re hiding, it better be something giant, including new story content, of course (not just mini-stories for Season 4 chars).


I think what’s worse is that there’s nothing being revealed, but they’re also sneakily nerfing FM without saying anything. It gives a bad look.


But it’s only been a month Darc, and we all know by now that they leave 2-3 months between announcements. The next big announcement will likely coincide with the start of the CPT season and the release of the Arcade Edition of the game.

They are probably busy working on the Arcade release of the game, as evidenced by the leak of the new UI. We need to be patient and keep a level-head. Why are we taking their silence as a bad sign especially when we know they are working on something? Why do we understand “doing something different this year” as a negative?


What UI leak???



Honestly, the silence has been pretty boggling to say the least. I can understand being focused on the Arcade version, but nerfing Fight Money/Missions/Extra Battle and not taking the time to explain why is really not a good look. Whenever there was a significant change like that, you’d see a blog up on Unity. All we got was a quick little blog on Kage and that was it.

Silence can repel people just as easily as it can excite them. They’re really not doing a good job with communicating to the fans. Sometimes taking the time to reach out to those who are supporting the game can do wonders.


I said earlier that Capcom’s PR strategy is to either make intentionally misleading statements to hide something negative (or make it look positive), or just act like it doesn’t exist at all.

Capcom-Unity did somewhat touch on the Fight Money reduction on December 6th. They just didn’t openly call it a reduction, and only specifically mentioned an Extra Battle “adjustment” without mentioning the Weekly Missions at all.


Not really a leak but a preview of the update. The FM changes were very unpleasant yet a character reveal or a new mode won’t ease it. What they need to do is give a alternative way to compensate with the FM adjustments recently.


I hope you SOBs are happy now. Between doing more reading for a collaboration, playing Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition, watching Dragon Ball Super: Broly again, catching some of Frosty Faustings, and multi tasking with the first UFC event on ESPN. I managed to get this done. I’ve included win quotes for the entire SFV cast and I have notations for the names of all the gods, titans, Ancient Greek weapons, and the solitary Ancient Roman term I used.

Name: Semele


Nickname: The Imperatrix of Order
Sex: Female
Ethnicity: Cypriot
Height: 6ft 5in (1.96m)
Weight: 192lbs (87kg)
B/W/H: 40-28-39(102cm-71cm-99cm)

Hometown: Nicosia, Cyprus

Appearance: Semele is statuesque middle aged woman in peak physical condition. She radiates a divine aura and her physique perfectly sculpted like marble statue. Semele has long flowing, sandy blonde hair that is elaborately styled into a Bohemian Chignon Bun. Her eyes Olympic blue and her legs are an astounding 43 inches (1.1m) long. Semele has a flawless porcelain complexion. There is an oval shaped royal blue jewel in the middle of her forehead just above her brow line. Her attire consists of custom pure white Doric Chiton (Ancient Greek Robe) that comes down to the middle of her thighs. Semele’s upper arms are bare. She has golden colored bracers on her fore arms. Semele wears golden calf length buskins on her feet.

Likes: Order
Dislikes: Chaos, Failure

Fighting Style: Pankration of Order

Tone: Semele’s warm outward demeanor quickly turns cold when her objectives are not reached.

Origins: Semele is the product of generations of selective breeding. This was the traditional way that the Illuminati created exceptional candidates for leadership. The process was arduous. Detailed records of family lines and character traits were kept. As time progressed surrogates were used to increase the number of “perfect” candidates. This was how Semele came into being. Semele and her fifteen brothers and sisters were born on the same day. They were trained and educated together. Upon their sixteenth birthdays, a tournament was held. The siblings would fight to the death with the lone survivor being put forth as a Illuminati leadership candidate. Semele was the victor. Her reward for slaying those closest to her? A slot in another tournament of sixteen.

Semele trials and tribulations forged her into exceptional leader. They also gave her an interesting dichotomy of personality. She could be friendly, encouraging, and understanding. Boosting the moral of her followers and in an instant become cold, clinical, and merciless when presented with abject failure.

She ruled over the Illuminati for 18 years. During the first year of her reign the prophesied child was born. The child of red and blue, wielder of both fire and ice. He was to lead their organization to true glory. Semele took Gill, the child of prophesy, and his hot headed brother Urien under her wing. She trained and educated them both. Upon Gill’s eighteenth birthday she ordered him to fight his brother for the right to lead the Illuminati. Gill was victorious. Unlike Semele, Gill did not put down his rival as was their custom. He spared Urien. Semele disagreed with his decision. She thought it would sow unrest in the organization. She was right. Urien has continually plotted against his brother. After a decade of this chaos, Semele has decided she’s had enough. She would bring Urien to heel and lead this organization the way it was meant to be.

Her Rival: Urien

Attributes: Health: 3 Power: 5 Range: 4 Mobility: 3 Technique: 5
1000 Stamina 1000 Stun


Palm of Eos -LP+K: Semele grabs her opponent by the face, lifts them off the ground, and creates a small explosion of light energy from her palm that sends them hurtling away. 140 Damage/150 Stun

Light of Selene – B+LP+LK: Semele uses a firemans’ carry to toss her foe behind her. As they hit the ground, Semele hits them with a glowing elbow drop. 150 Damage/200 Stun

Dawn of Hemera – (In Air) LP+LK: Semele grabs her opponent by the face and drives them head first into the ground creating an explosion of light on impact. 150 Damage/150 Stun

Fall of Coeus – (In Air) B+LP+LK: Semele grabs her foe out of the air, throw them to the ground, and drops a glowing knee on their head. 160 Damage/200 Stun

Unique Attacks:

Judgement of Hera – B+MP: (Overjead) Semele hops forward while pulling both of her arms behind her head. She then slams them down together with double axe blow to her opponent’s head. 25F Startup, 80 Damage/150 Stun -2 on Block. Boss Version (18F Startup)

Ouranos’ Dory– F+HP: Semele strikes with a long reaching upward right punch. Can anti air far jump in attacks. Ineffective against closer jumps and cross up jumps.

Iapetus’ Xyston - F+MK: Semele hits her opponent with a powerful long reaching low left kick that knocks them off their feet.

Justice of Themis – F+HP, F+MK (Target Combo): Semele pummels her opponent with a two hit, righ punch, low left kick combination that knocks her oppoent down.


Bulwark of Hephaestus – F+KKK: Semele strikes with a quick shoulder charge that causes her foe to stagger backwards but leaves them standing.


Light of Apollo -MP+MK: Semele emits a beam of light from the blue gem in her forehead. The bolt travels downward at a 30°. Attack can be charged. Attack must be blocked low at full screen.

  • Uncharged version - knocks down her opponent. 16F Startup, 48 Total Frames, 50 Damage/100 Stun
  • Charged version – explodes on impact causing a juggle state. 24F Startup, 60 Total Frames, 80 Damage/150 Stun
  • Boss version – Uncharged version gains the properties of the charged version. No Charged Version.

V-Trigger 1:

Phalanx of Light -HP+HK: One of the 66 Secret Arts. Semele body becomes hard as a diamond as she surrounds it with shield of white light. Opponents attacks are scaled to 70% damage on the first hit. Stun Damage received is cut by 50%. V-Trigger duration 1600F. Absorbed attacks, Medium or Heavy, reduced her V-Gauge by 200F. Light attacks do not reduced her V-Gauge. (Boss Version V-Trigger is permanent)
3-Bar V-Trigger

V-Trigger 2:

Redux of Fate -HP+HK: One of the 66 Secret Arts. Semele’s body emits a soft golden aura of light. She gains the ability to intercept her opponents final blow and instant recover from her injuries. HP+HK has to be entered to intercept the attack. Attack converts EX gauge into to stamina. Semele gains 100 stamina per block of EX Gauge. Allowing her to recover up to 300 Stamina. (Boss Version 250 Stamina per block of EX, Max Recovery of 750). V-Trigger Gauge disappears for the rest of the round after a successful attempt
3-Bar V-Trigger


Burning Aether - QCF + P: Semele performs a left open palm strike that creates a large stationary sphere of light energy. The properties are determined by the strength punch. All versions knock down. LP (12F Startup 40 Total Frames, 3 Hits 90 Damage/120 Stun) MP (16F Startup 42 Total Frames, 4 Hits 120 Damage/150 Stun) HP(20F Startup 42 Total Frames, 5 Hits 150 Damage/150 Stun) EX(12F Startup 40 Total Frames, 5 Hits 150 Damage/150 Stun, Travels Full Screen, Causes Juggle State) Boss Version (All versions travel full screen. EX 6 Hits 180 Damage/200 Stun Causes Juggle State)

Star of Asteria – QCF + P: (In Air) Semele jumps into the air, punches downward at an angle violently, and generates a star of light that rains down on her opponent. Attack must be performed from a forward jump. The punch button determines the angle of the projectile. LP, MP, HP versions have 11F Startup and 11F Landing Recovery 70 Damage/100 Stun. LP (60° Angle), MP (45° Angle), HP (30° Angle). EX 7F Startup/7F Landing Recovery(LP+MP 60° Angle, LP+HP 45° Angle, MP+HP 30° Angle, 2 hits, causes a juggle state) Boss Version (Star of Asteria can be performed from neutral and back jumps)

Hyperion’s Bindings – HCB+P: (Command Grab) Semele grabs her opponent by the throat with her left hand. As she lifts them off the ground and over her head, three rings of light are generated that trap and bind her opponent. She slams her opponent into the ground causes the rings of light to explode. All versions have 6F Startup and do 4 Hits. Punch Button determines Damage and grab range. LP(Most Range, 160 Damage/200 Stun, MP(Less Range, 180 Damage/200 Stun), HP(Least Range, 200 Damage/200 Stun) EX(Throw Invincible Frame 1, 5F Startup, Most Range, 220 Damage/250 Stun) Boss Version (All versions are Throw Invincible Frame 1, EX 250 Damage/300 Stun)

Buskin of Helios - HCF+K: Semele’s entire lower leg glows with light as she strikes her foe with standing 360° back kick. All versions knock down. All versions doe not hit crouching opponents. All versions -8 on block. Stronger kick buttons slightly increase it’s forward range. LK (9F Startup 80 Damage/150 Stun) MK (14F Startup 90 Damage/150 Stun) HK (16F Startup 100 Damage/150 Stun) EX(9F Startup 110 Damage/150 Stun, Causes Wall Bounce) Boss Version (LK,MK, HK -2 on Block, EX +2 on Block)

Rolling Heel of Theia – HCB+K – Semele ignites her right heel with light energy as performs front somersault kick. The number of somersaults and forward travel distance are determined by the kick button pressed. LK (9F Startup 80 Damage/150 Stun, 1 Hit, ¼ Screen), MK(12F Startup 100 Damage/150 Stun, 2 Hits, ½ Screen), HK(15F Startup 120 Damage/150 Stun, 3 hits, ¾ Screen), EX (9F Startup 160 Damage/200 Stun, 4 hits, ¾ Screen, Armor on Frame 3) Boss Version (LK,MK,HK Startup reduced by 2F, EX Armor on Frame 1)

Critical Art:

Rage of Perses - QCFx2+P: One of the 66 Secret Arts. Semele twists her torso back 180°, pulling back her right arm. The entirety of her right forearm begins to glow, emitting a bright white light. With blinding speed she strikes the base of her foes sternum with a blow said to contain the strength of the entire Greek Pantheon. The impact of the punch creates a massive shock wave upon impact and a large white ki blast that resembles a spear shoots through her opponents chest. 2 Hits 360 Damage (Boss version 2 Hits 500 Damage)

Reasons to be in SFV:

Semele has had enough of Urien’s brazen machinations. She is dissatisfied that Gill’s sentimentality is preventing him from what needs to be done. She absconds the leadership of the Illuminati. Three quarters of the organization quickly pledges loyalty to her with no resistance. Semele calls together a world tournament of her own. She will draw all of her rivals to one place. Semele will then garner their loyalty or crush them once and for all.

Win Quotes:

  • Ryu “My honor guard has a place for you. Swear fealty or welcome the afterlife.”
  • Chun Li “I am the true authority here. Your laws have no jurisdiction over me.”
  • Nash “Your life is fleeting. Ending you will be a mercy.”
  • M.Bison “Darkness is no match for my light. This is your end. Your tricks will not grant you a second chance fiend.”
  • Cammy “Indomitable will and the speed to match. I can help to achieve the order you desire. Join me.”
  • Birdie “A gluttonous fool unworthy of my time. Enjoy your eternal slumber.”
  • Ken “Fighting for family is an honorable endeavor. The Masters’ Corporation will be a key cog of my revolution.”
  • Necalli “Devouring souls will not grant you one of your own. The dark path you are on has reached its end.”
  • Vega “Exterior beauty and internal ugliness is a combination I take joy in exterminating.”
  • R.Mika “This ‘Master Zangief’ is a poor tutor. Sleep. He will meet you shortly.”
  • Rashid “The winds you wield are a mere breeze to me.”
  • Karin “A child playing at war, your narcissism was your demise. Your zaibatsu is now mine.”
  • Zangief “So you are the great ‘Master Zangief’? I send you to Elysium to greet your student.”
  • Laura “A family of lighting warriors would be of great use to me. Kneel, swear fealty, and your family will be spared.”
  • Dhalsim “Is this ability of yours genetic or learned? It could have interesting applications.”
  • F.A.N.G. “My mastery over the 66 Secrets Arts makes me immune to your toxins. Smile, you are the second of your order to fall by hand.”
  • Alex “So, you are the prime candidate for recruitment? The novice abilities you currently possess belies your potential strength. I shall rebuild you from the ground up.”
  • Guile “Go home soldier. Spend the little time you have left with your family.”
  • Ibuki “If your level of discipline is indicative of your clan. I shall make eliminating them a top priority.”
  • Balrog “Money has no place in my new world and neither do you.”
  • Juri “An agent of chaos is unworthy of mercy. Say hello to your parents, you shall see them soon.”
  • Urien “I am not as merciful as your brother. Your sentence is execution and I shall carry out the sentence.”
  • Akuma “I have met many warriors like you in my time. I shall give you the death in single combat that you so desires”
  • Kolin “Your loyal service to the child of prophesy is to be admired. Come child there is more work yet to do.”
  • Ed “Poor child. You lack direction. I shall give it to you.”
  • Abigail “Such titanic strength wasted on one so stupid. Your dissection may lead to the development of an intelligent warrior of great strength. “
  • Menat “The talent you possess can be useful if honed. I will oversee your reeducation myself.”
  • Zeku “Such rare skill. You are to be admired. I think I shall employ this organization of yours.”
  • Sakura “You have developed this talents on your own. Impressive. You will be a great soldier for me with formal training.”
  • Blanka “Hmm…I mistook you for one of Urien’s experiments. No matter, you will make a great subject for study.”
  • Falke “Great discipline and an affinity for order? Come child, your home is with me.”
  • Cody “is the Mayor of Metro City always a great combatant? I could make use of your unorthodox tactics and great strength. Come, join me.”
  • G “I am the one and only ruler of this world. Gaea was mistaken to have choosen you as her herald.”
  • Sagat “I have no patience for false monarchs. Seems I will have to euthanize this tiger.”
  • Kage “Begone shadow. You cannot exist in the presence of my light.”


  • Semele was the only mortal to birth a god in Greek Mythology
  • Imperatrix is the Roman equivalent of the word Empress. Imperator is the equivalent of Emperor
  • Cypriots are residents of Cyprus and can be of Greek or Turkish origin
  • Dory is an Ancient Greek spear
  • Xyston is an Ancient Greet javelin
  • Doric Chiton is Ancient Greek robe that is full body in length, sleeveless, and typically folds at the waist
  • Buskins are laced, opened toes boots worn by Greek and Romans
  • Aether is the primordial Greek God of upper air and light
  • Apollo is the Greek God of Light, Healing and is associated with the Sun
  • Asteria is the Titan of Oracles and Falling Stars
  • Coeus is the Titan of Intelligence and the axis of Heaven
  • Eos is the Titan of the dawn
  • Helios is the Titan of the Sun and also the guardian of oaths
  • Hemera is the primordial Greek Goddess of daylight
  • Hephaestus is the Greek God of Fire and the Forge
  • Hera is the Queen of the Heavens
  • Hyperion is the Titan of Light
  • Iapetus is the Titan of Morality
  • Ouranos is the primordial God of the Heavens and father of the Titans
  • Perses is the Titan of Peace and Destruction
  • Selene is the Titan of the Moon
  • Theia is the Titan of Sight and the light of the sky
  • Themis is the Titan of Order and Divine Law


It’s not about interpretate it as a good or bad sign, it’s about call theyr communication/marketing team the trash it is

Even if it’s a high development period it will not be an excuse for theyr shitty work… they’re not the ones “busy working on the game” to begin with… theyr job is avoid embarassing situation like the current one

Since the begin of SFV these people damaged SFV and being the most recent chapter, SF image overall

They don’t do theyr job well and don’t try to give the actual team feedback-based suggestion to improve the bad name SFV started with (example vs screen Kenface still Kenface damaged SFV image for years, all you need is a douche posting it and others approving)

They’re not “SF”, they did’nt contributed to SF creation/evolution, they’re no creatives, artists or game designers.
They’re just marketing/communication people (some of wich probably joined SF only in this chapter), not good ones while at it
And theyr incompetence is actually mining SF success

I honestly disdain a lot MK brand, find it’s character design/cast crap, like about nothing of it
But still there you can see the magic of solid marketing/communication at work, how to connect with fanbase, how to take advantage of quality feedback, how to preserve the brand

MK marketing guys are making crap a more popular candy than chocolate

In SF you got the opposite today, you got average internet guy having an image of the product INFERIOR to it’s actual value

The only who actually loved SF (Ono) was a big naive kid who just wanted to his cosplay mascotte gimmick and have fun with that shit, the rest of those that should have pushed SFV’s image were… i can’t even remember them or they social media announcements

I’m not a SFV detractor. I LIKE SFV.
In fact, i’m saying SFV deserve better than this crap of brand-management

The current situation show naiveness, deafness and honestly 2 or 3 big errors that even a kid can point out
They got entire negative years to learn from theyr own errors, and still here we are today

Being a loyal fan shut up and wait for nice stuff it’s a stupid mentality if used as reason to not point at all that crap.
Loyal fans like me or you are a minority and “in” by default (due loyalty to SF), theyr job is keep SF high on everybody else opinion, and they’re failing at that since the start of SFV

Somehow S3 slowly gained a good general reception, wich while does’nt make SFV a great killer success, at least finally redeemed some of the game past.
I seen lot of the negativity drop.
Even at casual level people start admitting SFV is’nt that bad and shaping up (even if late) to something good in theyr eyes

Now it’s “SFV is a joke” all over again

They could release 6 characters at once next month.
So what?
It will still not excuse current shit communication strategy, not even for one month (in SFV case “one more” month)

Your defensiveness seem toward SF haters (wich i agree with), but the most pissed about these people performing like crap should be SF FANS


What they just need to do is fix the problem regarding FM that’s the real reason anyway, because it directly affects the people. Rather than the what ifs and should ifs from fans, Who doesn’t have clear idea of what they want other or having a hard time expressing their opinions.


I feel like things have gotten worse since that Monster Hunter guy took over


Didn’t he just took over recently? I’d say we should give him a fair chance, changes to something already so stablished (as SFV ands its Marketing/sales structure) take time to really show any difference.


No, I think a year now. Which I guess is still recent, but enough time to make some changes for sure.