The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


Oh I did not know it was a year already, if that’s the case then I agree with you, maybe not a full 180 degree results but something significant should’ve been more evident in terms of changes by now.


I’m also entirely sure that the Monster Hunter guy didn’t affect shit and it’s just stream monsters making up stuff as usual.


I’m not listening to anyone, it’s just my opinion on what could be happening.


I doubt there were a significant change at SF’s department; even if it was, it feels like things stayed the same. Anyone with balls would have made a public statement and presentation of who’s the new guy in charge and would proceed to let people know that things were going to be different under his command, probably releasing something awesome enough that carries his signature and is different enough that Ono wouldn’t have ever done that.

That Ono still did the Kage presentation at Capcom Cup means the new guy doesn’t actually want to stand up for his work and would rather let him do the public relationships. At that point, I’d rather have Ono lead than weak lead.


At least Ono had passion for SF, as silly as he is. This new guy, who knows, maybe he only cares about MH, I dont know, but its not looking good so far


The simplest fix would be to remove the ability to buy DLC characters with Fight Money. But if Capcom did that, the “hardcore” players would riot, screaming that Capcom betrayed its promise. That’s the ugly thing about Capcom’s FM cuts…the hardcore don’t care. The hardcore didn’t care that Survival FM was removed, because they marathon cheesed Survival before AE’s release to bank most of it. The hardcore didn’t care when Weekly Missions were nerfed with AE, and recently nerfed again, because they don’t even bother with Weekly Missions. They don’t care that a new middling player can’t even get the FM to buy all the “free” shop items, because they don’t see the point in buying all those costumes when they only play a handful of characters. And if you bring up these points to them, you as likely will get a response that ultimately comes down to the idea that “casuals” should be paying more.

The fix that would mostly get everything working without breaking promises would be to completely revalue all Fight Money prices, so that DLC characters are massively more expensive than legitimate “free” content like story costumes. Then they could properly rebalance FM rewards to restrict DLC purchases without completely crippling using FM to do anything else. (At this point, Capcom would have to just keep DLC prices the same while slashing the prices of everything else, as visibly raising DLC FM prices would again cause a backlash.) Even if story costumes cost 4000FM, Survival continues cost 25FM, etc, then FM rates would at least be somewhat reasonable.


Kage is obviously result of the poll, USF2 also did contribute to E.Ryu push in the poll. They are obviously giving people what they want.

Kage is a well thought idea to include a Ryu clone without being a Ryu clone and also Capcom’s way to compensate with E.Ryu voters without the need of another Ryu clone. A story relevant E.Ryu clone.

Some hardcores do care or started caring lately, agree with the problem you issued.


Necalli: DEVOUR… OUR… OUR…"

Ryu: “Eat this.”

Necalli attempts to eat Ryu. Ryu throws a Denjin Hadouken at Necalli’s face


Ryu: “Enjoy your meal.”

Ryu lies down and begins reading a novel. Kage shows up

Kage: “… Listen.”

Ryu: “What?”

Kage: “You do realize that you’re nothing without me, right?”

Ryu: “Not this shit again.”

Kage: “But, it’s true! Let me remind you that I am the true embodiment of the Satsui no Hadou! You are nothing more than a scrub. A bitch-made ass hobo who can’t get any pu-”

Ryu: yawn “I’m going to play some Megaman X with Kyo and Terry for a bit. See ya.”

Ryu nonchalantly walks off

Kage: “Did this nigga just walk off while I was trying to rag on his ass?”


Kage uses Asura Warp to teleport back in front of Ryu

Ryu: “Step off.”

Kage: “Bitch, is you stupid or what?”

Ryu: “You’re really trying to start something, aren’t you?”

Kage: “Smoke this shit! This the Satsui no Hadou we talkin’ about here! The power is immeasurable!”

Ryu: “And impractical.”

Kage: “What?”

Ryu: “Seriously. I’m not even about that life. I got into this martial arts game for a completely different reason.”

Kage: “You think?”

Ryu: “Of course! You should try it sometime, bud!”

Kage: “Fuck that shit!”

Ryu: “Hey, if you want to prove something to me, why do you challenge me to a street fight?”

Kage: “A street fight? Hah! I’ll crack that thick skull of yours with my fists! METSU!”

Ryu: “Good luck.”

Cue fight. Ryu and Kage duke it once more.

After roughly five minutes, Ryu emerges victorious, facing down his shadow.

Ryu: “This is the path of my destiny!”

Kage claps sarcastically while still lying down from the painful beating he took.

Kage: “This won’t necessarily be the last time you see me, scrub.”

Ryu: “Says the guy who got his ass kicked.”


You darn right I am! Oooh, I love her! Great design and backstory, she could fit in nicely, especially since in Urien’s character story there’s some strain in the council. They agreed with some of his ideas, but he took things far beyond what they wanted and really kept pushing his luck. I can see her not liking that at all.

Oof, the moves sound devastating and I LOVE her quote to Falke “Your home is with me.” I like the layers you gave her so much dude!

I also would LOVE if she was voiced by Lori Alan, the voice of the Boss in MGS3.


Why can’t Capcom make a good lore/storyline like the mortal kombat franchise…


They focus more on making better characters instead, and they’re quite successful at that too! :slight_smile:


To say MK has good lore and storylines is quite a stretch. At most they’re fine C-movie quality. The first 3 games are good but redundant, MK4 is a nice change of pace, but ultimately all the new characters are clones of old ones, Deadly Alliance was a nice surprise but as a stand alone it goes nowhere, Deception has a nice payoff to that, but it’s original stuff with Shujinko is terrible, Armageddon is a clusterfuck, 2011 is fine but the landing aka reMK3 sucks balls and X is full of wasted potential. 11 gives me no hope it will change the pace, since time travel is usually the bane of every story…
What they have is great presentation and knowing how to hype up their stories. Even with my lack of interest in anything MK post 2011, that story tease with Raiden and Shinnok got me giggling, even tho I know it will probably suck.

And let’s not get into the shitty comics that make Udon look like Balzac.


I hope that yo-yo guy isn’t one of the new characters in s4.


What better with MK storymode is the gameplay it has same with Tekken 7. SF storymode gameplay is just the generic round battle.


The comics were bad? I only glanced at them, but they looked decent visually at least.


Some are better than others, as expected, but they usually end up being gorefests with little to no weight. They are nothing else but an excuse the hardcores find for why some characters aren’t in the game. The art ranges from fine to… terrible (tho I hate how most american comics look these days, so you might find I’m not the most objective judge here. If you like the modern style you’ll find enough there to like).

And honestly, for tie-in comics, they’re doing their job well enough. Plenty of gore which you expect from MK, some nice fleshing out of the new characters and taking out old characters which again, is more finding an out for why characters aren’t in the game than driven by logic. But as stories? They’re pretty bad…


Wow! Just like the games themselves! :open_mouth:



Definitely welcome to SRK @Dracu :heart:


I mean its not like they can be lazy and just copy his design from another char.
I’m expecting a few dolls, Violent Ken, Oni and Shadow Lady for S4…


The only thing MK lore has over SF is the fact thier canon is established consistently. As far as the characters that make up MK story that quality just isn’t there. I almost think your not even supposed to care that much about thier characters because thier so non relatable. That and the fact why would you want to care about a group of character who are made to die a crazily explicit gorey death.

At least with SF characters you can find something human to relate to. Whether you just want to be the best, or be considered a normal girl, or going home to be a family man. Those themes are supposed to help you relate and care about what happens to the characters to an extent.