The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


Mortal Kombat… it is such an antithesis to SF imo and everything that SF does so well and has kept me a fan over the years it does so badly.
The gameplay, animation, style and characters are just awful. But I can enjoy playing it casually for the gore and a laugh. Cant deny the appeal of it for others and Boon seems to be a pretty good guy. Not my cup of tea at all but its good for the genre.

I hope the two franchises never cross over but I would love to see SF take on a MK esq character instead. One of the SFV new character concepts was a guy in a grab suit. I wish they would develop this further into a Scorpion parody. That could be a lot of fun.


SF’s idea of parody is Dan, who mechanically was an interesting twist of SF’s shoto design, but that potential was largely wasted because the devs were so insistent on trying to make him a bottom tier character.


Speaking of Dan…

I notice that Kage has a lot in common with Dan in the manner in how he executes his techniques. This may be a coincidence.

They both use one palm to create a short-ranged surge of energy in front of them (not so different from how Ryo from Art of Fighting would, which was also used as a reference at certain points).

They use the outermost arm to conduct the lethal Shoryuken technique (or a variation of it)…



This concept was “south american assassin”, kinda wink at MK style, i absolutely hated it lol

No charisma, no sense of SF design

On other hand the crab arms concept you mentioned to me felt more out of Guilty Gear… no SF material either imho, but at least he was’nt MKish lol


Realistically I don’t think you can crossover any FG universe with MK. MK vs DC had to compromise with fatalities which is the only distinguished thing about MK. They had to soften everything because the DC heroes are reputable characters who everyone has grown to love so no one wants to see Supes or Batsie get their spine ripped out or dismembered. Even though realistically people from DC universe are capable of such gruesome things. Batman has killed in the past and Supes could literally kill anyone the way he wanted if pushed to such lengths. You might be able to crossover KI with MK if you want a relevant FG universal to merge with but other than that if you take away fatalities in MK you basically get neutered MK characters, which are in turn generic FG characters. It would be like if the SF universe didn’t have special attacks or supers or if SC didn’t have weapons because the fatalities are what make MK.


Killer Instict will work stylistically, i guess they can even deal fatalities in

I allow it, as long that crap don’t touch muh SF lol


Exactly! Even if you were to take a semi edgy violence game like SC and merge it with MK. Sure everyone in SC has a weapon and some of the characters have attacks which push the envelope of violence. Taki slits throats with her throws, Ivy has an attack which pummels the opponents body with shards of shrapnel from her sword, and Cervantes stabs people in the gut.

The thing is most people know what to expect from SC and SF and MK.

Fighting using swords and melee weapons, Fighting stlyes from around the world, Fighting which ends in gruesome violence.

KI originally had ties to Midway which are the originators of MK. It’s only natural that they would have a crossover. One of the reasons why CvS works aesthetically is because one of the originators of SF had gone over to SnK to develop FF and AoF which eventually assimilated with KOF. The universes works well because they both incorporate an idea from a single group of originators and you can see that relation through the characters.
What ever happened to TvC? Sure it was released for a console not reputable for FG but the characters designs kinda clash as well even though it’s a great fighter.

What if you had the Power Rangers vs Tatsunoko instead of the SF v PR? Would they have worked visually better than TVC? They both have those sort of henshin heroes like Viewtiful Joe so they not only fit the aesthetics but maybe they could incorporate a fighting game system on top of that?


Elf got more hate than Mika because of his stereotypical foods and yelling about food all the time.


By the way there are rumors spreading that battle for the grid power rangers on switch would play like MVC/Mahvel?

That’s why I also believe a Justice League cartoon with Mahvel style gameplay would work well than a Injustice. Since Justice League fight scenes is not grounded. I remember posting this one in MVCi thread before. When we were talking about art style.

NRS already abadon the idea of a DC crossover because it doesn’t belong. It’s narrative is mostly an excused of each franchise on how it can explain that they hurt each other rather than having a interesting conflict.

It’s not because we can get a reference from other franchise and media it more on how that franchise would work to each other. Even Mahvel games roster nowaday isn’t mostly street fighter like before.


Samurai Shodown has weapons, blood, and even fatalities. They just don’t go cartoonishly over the top.

Guilty Gear doesn’t have the same degree of bloody violence, but the production value that ASW brought could make the MK characters still have interesting finishers. Their work with Dragonball show that, if they wanted, they could also put in much care to make other peoples’ properties look right in an ASW title. Guilty Gear’s Instant Kill moves are functional fatalities as well, not just post match gloating.

With the above, the biggest isn’t isn’t the really the fatalities, it is just the clash of systems.

There are a number of older games, both arcade and console-only, that tried to ride the wave of Mortal Kombat’s blood, gore, and/or fatalities. Time Killers and Bloodstorm would not only fit right in with Mortal Kombat, putting the TK/BS characters into an MK engine would be an improvement for them. Primal Rage was MK with dinosaurs. While you’d think Liu Kang versus Vertigo would be a very short fight, the canceled Primal Rage 2 introduced the idea of human Avatars that could somehow also be large enough to fight dinosaurs. That could easily be worked into a mindless excuse for why the MK cast can do the same, and would probably still be a better excuse than MK vs DC used. Who’s waiting for MK vs Weaponlord? No one? Good. But it would be interest, though not necessarily fun, to see the MK characters rebuilt for Weaponlord’s engine.

Is it time for a giant Midway universe game? MK vs War Gods vs Bio F.R.E.A.K.S vs Mace: The Dark Age vs Rampage. It can go all King of Fighters and bring in fighting game versions of other non-fighting game properties… The Blitz Sports Team, The Total Carnage Warriors, …


I think the starting point of hate was so many hated his gameplay, specially to have him as opponent

I got him with jap voice and while i remember his questadilla scream, was’nt much more invasive than hadohadoshoryu… or anyway was’nt a reason to call the char shit lol
Sure the guy was loud af, but was part of the character

Again if Elf was an hot luchadora you will see the hate drop by 50% lol

Elf fit essentially respect all SF design rules, people are just react different to new characters

Dhalsim is kinda universally accepted as iconic SF design
If Dhalsim was released today for the first time the amount of whining/complaining/hate will be immense… and still a 2019 released Sim will respect all SF design rules

People just want shit they like and can’t give less fucks if fit the game or not, tbh 9 out 10 theyr opinion does’nt have any legitimacy outside theyr buyers value


Tbh you need that much link :smiley:
SF2 is the great ancestor of large majority japanese fighting games

As long they don’t sport some very different setting like DS or SS, or specific gimmick like BR animal transformation (VT? lol), FightingVipers armors etc etc, you could generally take any japgame fighting cast and SFize it kinda easily

SF created a design language
image image

And sharing that common ancestor dna you could do same with descendants, like take SC and SS and blend them perfectly, switch back of some centuries Toshinden and can fit too lol

If we remove the jap premise then incompatibility happen

MK, KI or some other obscure western FG will either get completely subdued to jap style (like happened with great success in old capcom marvel games) or does’nt works as well

Recent hybrid MvC things feel much weaker to me, i don’t know if in english exist as saying but are neither fish nor fowl

The other way was the SF movie MK-wannabe game and i will erase that crap from my brain if i could lol

Some universes just stay better separated


Dont know if anyone was old enough to remember but around the time MvC1 came out one of the developers hinted there was a Marvel vs Capcom vs DC in the pipeline.

Alas it was never to be…


Interesting didn’t knew that I wasn’t active in the internet till MVC2.


Where did you get that from?


It was a long time ago bear in mind… it was either in a magazine that I brought (as youd get your gaming news from magazines back then), or it was on a random - but legit - website like gamespot.

They were probably just thinking about. But could you imagine MVC2 being MvCvD instead?


I never thought SEGA X CAPCOM X NAMCO would happen but an RPG game instead lol


That game would legit be GOAT as long as they focus on some of the more older school characters like Dig Dug etc.

I legit enjoyed Namco x Capcom more than PCZ

edit: In fact I think capcom should forget about marvel and move onto something else, that way there wont be so many strings attached and conditions etc. (ie include Black Widow roflolo).


Darkstalkers vs GG was the crossover we deserve but never had

Sim would be more accepted now. why? because of the internet his visuals seems controversial at first glance but in return it’s more meaningful with the cultural references rather than ELF forced cooking dialogue.

EFL gameplay and visual are okay with my book, but how he talks in quotes, like it forced cooking into win dialogue. Yet some people dislike ELF same thing with Viper for their gameplay movement not being more SF alike.

Kizuna Encounter is a mostly weapon based fighter. It’s more on SS and GGX.


Same thoughts, they would have better choices of characters in their franchise that can play with to play like Mahvel characters. they also had better choices of art direction and could return many previous fighting game characters from Capcom.