The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


Sim has always been viewed as a negative stereotype. If he were released today you would definitely here more complaining along the lines of this…

From the Wikipedia

Topless Robot named him one of the “most ridiculously stereotyped” fighting game characters, calling him the most outlandish of Street Fighter II 's cast and drew comparisons to the Indian assassin in the film Master of the Flying Guillotine .[9] The satirical book A Practical Guide to Racism , implicitly criticizes his portrayal as a sum of negative stereotypes of South Asians, where Hindus are portrayed as “nonviolent, magical, fastidious, stretchy, and pugnacious”.[10]


Oh I’d like a Marvel vs DC video game U.U

Even if Netherealm is the responsible.


Sometimes I felt sim is more significant in cultural perspective and references. That would trigger to be the most researched in the internet for being controversial compare to the yester years without the internet that people would just look sim visually than meaningfully. IMHO


Back to the 70s, 80s or 90s you got some kind of free pass on stereotypes (specially japan got less impacted by political correctness) and SF born on that vibe
SF colorful universe born with a vision of the world not far from a 70ish encyclopedia

Characters that originated back then get more free pass, but a char created today will instant be at risk of stupid internet outrage shitstorm from this or that ethnic/nation people

Good luck at create new wierdos/freaks today in good old SF fashion, with nationality attached to it

Good luck at say in 2019 “hey that’s SF India rep!”

And more and more lol

Example Rashid and Laura (i find both good design) were clearly designed to be marketing likeable, and in the doubt they still somehow chosen for whatever reason to hide Rashid’s specific nationality (UAE)

Nec was a freak but in the cool way, and they still did’nt confirmed him as Atzec/today-Mexico

Fang it’s actually a good SF freak, wich surprised me (and still no specific nationality mentioned, despite obvious China)

They duck nationality (and removed flag, wich was part of “world tour” charm) at any given chance
Falke got 78 bullshit on her, when they just could have made her german and play on that, instead we got silly “safe” hints of a direction and vibe

Marketing interfere much more these days in SF design, artists don’t have anymore the freedom they used to have

On similar vibe both Juri and Menat got theyr design random changed to cover more skin like in these awkward jap vs west full retard anime censorship lol

Not even joking
original Juri (down left)

original Menat (down left)

Essentially follow stupid rules or we will order some nobody to fix your work lol… it fit so much some ways SFV has been developed lol

Problem with that is’nt much get less 3d puppets tits to fap on, i’m even been critical of design easy winning weirdos approvation with waifus…

…thing is these designs were BETTER
Skin in both case was used as one of the main colors and like in every SF design balance of main colors (+secondary ones) is huge part of chara design
At first sight they both used to have much much better visual impact and movement on the line with skin color breaking it more

Fun thing after it wierdos got anyway theyr fappy alts, because gotta get these easy money, but in the meanwhile standard design of two characters still got ruined lol


There’s truth to those accusations; some classic Dhalsim traits were retarded looking mannierisms and “Yoga” being like 50 % of his vocabulary:

SFV is the one game that has fully taken out that stupid looking aspect of him and make him look much more serious and bizarre in a good sense, so I doubt he had been rejected by the fanbase. He is now one freak character that isn’t all about over the top goofiness, so I welcome more of that.


Tbh i was speaking about SF2 Sim
But even SFV released today will meet similar bitching

And yet, Sim is one of the most iconic SFers, one of these that scream SF at first sight

Then you get new characters, people bitch about capcom not being able anymore to do good SF design, when they (people) are the ones that don’t know what SF design is

Abel is a boring SF design wtf!!! -> Abel design was PERFECT for SF
Omg Viper is so cool SF design!!! -> Viper was’nt SO bad but did’nt scream SF either, actually wink hard at KoF aesthetic far more than SF one

If we speak about pure character design/concept capcom (or better, some capcom artists) never truly lost theyr touch… maybe a bit in SF3, but that was the new team trying too hard to distance themselves from “classic SF”
Ironically best of SF3 chars were the ones that followed the most SF traditional vibe


Menat’s outfit designs were all over the place anyway. Some of her outfits covered a lot more flesh than others.

Juri truly does look like a last minute change, where rather than change her existing outfit, they quite literally just stuck a black undersuit into her design to hide previously bare flesh. You also didn’t mention Laura, who received the same black undersuit treatment as Juri.

That is debatable.

I’m not a bit fan of either version of Juri’s outfit, though the original art looks better than the final model. While the original art fits the character, it is still not that good of a design. The concept art leg cut-outs are as silly as the final model’s “unzipped, but with a fully body suit under it” look. Some of the other concept arts looked better than either the final model or the final concept art.

I could go either way with Menat. The much more bare midriff concept art looks fine, but the final costume works for her as well.

Laura might have been improved by her censorship, as the “butt window” pants looked silly (and the excuse for it in the art book was even worse.)


Yeah the black latex thing was silly. Capcom has even done this type of suit before. Maybe combofiend poisoned their minds with what was going on SJW wise in the U.S. and they changed the costume. Just like they did with Mika’s intro.

What’s the explanation they gave for Laura’s butt window?


I’m in the minority, but not bothered by Juri’s black undersuit to be honest, I mean, maybe it could have been altered somewhat to have some accents on it, but I think it looks better than all the goofy cutouts. Juri’s hot, I dig how she looks, but I think it looked like it was trying to hard in the original. A happy medium would be to have the black suit parts for the legs and thighs and maybe some lowcut top.

As for Menat, I never knew her outfit was altered, but again, I think it looks better in the final result. As it is presented in the original, I think it looks incomplete with her whole outfit being dynamic and then so much of the midsection being shown. If it was a bit lower and still showe off her midsection like a crop top of sorts that could work, but to me, just making it a bikini doesn’t work as well. Also, the final symbol added to her bellybutton area works, I’m pretty used to that.


From a summary Iggy posted at MadMan’s Cafe:


Yeah, but in both case i’m purposely focusing on what they chosen as final concept, wich got clearly “dumb fixed” after some nono from above

Indeed, but i feel apply to both… maybe with Menat they got a “no” with a bit more time in advance and added the azure eye to move things, but still
Also you’re very much correct on Laura too, forgot about her
Lol, where they wanted cover skin they just ordered to slap on some flat black rubber

Keep in mind i consider SF4 standard Juri with her TKD vibe (with white playing a part and large pants making contrast with small upperbody, and mostly the martial art aspect being strong) her best design by far, in fact i got the nostalgia one as default on my copy

But once we accepted the notasgood SFV look (wich imho silly chase that SFV special ops/spy movie shit to please at west i guess), and seen wich design they chosen, as you say somebody just ruined it for not-design reasons

compared to final sketch Menat imho ingame one lose a lot of her identity, but more than that her colourful skin color used to have a much bigger role in her color scheme and offer a more straightforward “simple” SF look with bigger masses of color and more balanced on detail… i mean she’s rich in some body areas and simple in others
It also overlap with the purple veil in a more readable way
Final one seem more heavy deatil wise and complex in a way that does’nt help classic SF way of read shapes, it works against it… it feel an “artificial” addition, if explain what i mean

I don’t know what to say about Laura’s window tbh
I mean it looks stupid not censored (and redundant as Mika more or less offer the same gimmick), it look as stupid censored plus having full retard censorship.
Remove completely the window and an already very very safe/generic (she’s born for marketing after all) design just become more generic
Does’nt help that imho they got a ridicolous good design for her that was used as alt
It’s hot (wich is big part of her brazilian girl archetype)
it remind grappling/BJJ more than the standard
it link stronger to Sean
Instead overused sleeveless gi look, it got an original line, even more if you think it’s upper heavy on a female design… to me it’s definitely far more memorable
Ever feel weird see the green one to me, as i switched the Battle Alt as standard as soon i could lol


Sim is awesome really but its time we had a second rep from India. For such a large country they deserve another character.


Tbh for many countries its time they get theyr FIRST rep :smiley:

As much i want a non-Rose italian rep i’m first to admit there’s a fair and long queue lol

It took them fucking ages (till SF4, and not even vanilla) to add classic Korea-Taekwondo, and still i’m waiting Netherlands Kickboxing lol (bizzarre considering how holy K1 was for Japan)

Still waiting a modern MMA decent rep, easily the biggest fight sport phenomenon of last decade(s)… i get Japan still butthurt about it but camon, don’t be sore loser jap pls*

Problem of both nation variety and style variety is that they’re moving the core on some kind of “action story” instead an martial arts clashing one, and characters seem to forget ever more theyr old SF “duty” of reps

That’s why i’m not much into SF getting too movie-like plot, it influence the shape of the cast
Will welcome trade with worse plot + better variety/more martial cast

*Or at least get Abel back who was “Sambo MMA”



Western Africa - Nigeria
Centeal africa - CAR
South Africa - erm South Africa?
Australasia - Aussie
Central America
More South America
More south asians
Persians inc iran, armenia, azeri etc (yes theyre diff from arabs)


I am also talking about SF2 dhalsim to be more likable and acceptable than ELFs if released today. Since Cestus used it as an excuse and compare it to ELFs in terms of acceptance and likability Sim SF2 in 2019.

My point is Sim SF2 compare to ELFs, has more cultural reference to be liked in this generations because people now would research because of the internet.

Even without research in 2019 SF2 Dhalsim would fall into the cool, badass and meaningful than ELFuerte.

We not in the 90s anymore that this things are new and information and difficult to be reference. Whatever few in the past is different nowadays.

Don’t tell me it’s because he got skulls in the neck? In 2019? Those weren’t even a big deal nowadays Even the skulls is a concept of what he fights for, Dhalsim would ended up to be idealized more than ELFs. Why because of his CAUSES even without looking to his cultural references and just reading in game information like plot and motivation in 2019 technology it would be more clearer.

And having a controversial look and being a good guy? Would people even believe the skull reference would remain obscure? when it would be consider cool. the information like skull in the neck would even spread like wild fire in the internet from EH and Kotaku. It’s not because his a long existing character for being likable and accepted compare to ELFuerte,

The thing is because he has a lot symbolically and meaningful causes around him in 2019 thats why he is more likable and accepted compare to the other character that is debated.

We need first to analyze the trends and technology before assuming the things would be the same. 90’s things like information doesn’t spread easily, the time were things can easily be confused and misunderstood visually. In 2019 teens and adult now are attracted to causes and weird information spread like wild fire, EH and other gaming website would already have spread meaning adding to it’s cool factor.

Another thing to consider is that video games of today can elaborate more on the character story compare to SF2, so ending and dialogue is more on detail. Plus 90’s teens and adults has different acceptance people now like to read and look for reference rather. SO assuming things in the 90s would be judge same in 2019 to excused ELFuerte missed is wrong. There are many thing that are even normalize in this day and age like this.


I am debating here is the argument that his SF2 counterpart in visual standpoint would be dislike if released in 2019 that is used as excuse to ELFuerte.

I’m not including his SF2 story and dialogue because technology and research are more better in video games in modern times. ELfuerte is good also for me visually but the argument using SF2 sim as an excused isn’t right. because I don’t believe this point below.


Long ass list though, specially considering some are multiple nations… it will take lot of SF chapters lol
That number x2 if you think they turned into bitches that will take any chance to spam safe “birthplace: unknown” crap :smiley:

Play a game, pick “only” 6… 6 new nationalities in a single SF will already be huge



As usual, this is a bunch of white people whining (in regards to the articles and such)

My best friend is half-Indian with a father that legally immigrated from India as a young businessman. He has played Street Fighter his entire life and both he and his father have ZERO issue with Dhalsim and have always liked him because he was an Indian rep in a game and was a good man with neat powers. Everyone in the game was equally “culturally representative”.


Just wanted to add (because it’s particularly relevant)…that friend just gave me my birthday and Christmas gifts last week. The gifts?

and the 1up arcade Street Fighter II


OK Ill play. My top 6 wishes.

Indonesia, Silat or stick fighting
Nigeria, some sort of big man fighting style
Australia, Aborigine crocodile hunter
Ireland, sassy drunk redhead boxing girl
S.america, anything non brazilian lol
Balkans, street fighting


I would be fine with Byron and Tom to fit those nationalities.


Ok, this is fun:

Argentina - A hot female racer employing some street boxing.
Scandinavian country (Sweden, Norway) - Redhead big male brawler.
Cameroon - Douala male wrestler. Could use some earth based attacks to make him distinct.
Indonesia - Penkak silat female.
Ghana - Some voodoo female sorcerer, the magical attacks would be great for zoning, and the dark anc creepy vibe would contrast great with Elena.
Mongolia - Boss character inspired on Genghis Khan