The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


Love Vincent. Cowboy Beebop has so many incredible characters it’s astounding. And I don’t mind the pseudo-vampire idea in general at all, but it wouldn’t be my first choice. Maybe I’ll share my Ro character concept when I have more time, but to sum it up it’s a girl, fencing as her fighting style and is a rival to Vega.

Regarding Juri’s design, while neither the original concept or the finished design are all that good, especially compared to her original one (even with V’s jacket), what I really hate about it is the boob increase. And that’s coming from a boob man! It was kind of a point of her that she was quite frustrated due to her flat chest and the ‘loving boobs’ tidbit from… somewhere (that exists right? I’m not crazy?) was a nice little reference to both that and a nod to her sexuality. I like that more for the same reason I prefer Poison to have a dick: makes the cast more diverse. Juri is clearly supposed to be a cock tease, beyond an evil cunt, so developing that more with these kind of (very modern!) frustrations enriches her character further than just another hentai bait.


I don’t think it was ever said she was frustrated at her breast size or implied. We just got an image saying she liked big breasts. That’s all.


I guess I must’ve correlated her flat chest and big boob liking to get that kinda head-canon idea then… which isn’t really working against my point tho… the simple fact you can impose those kind of tidbits into a character based on so little details only enriches him/her. Something the V design misses either way. So she likes big boobs and has big boobs… Well no duh, she’s already an arrogant ass who uses her sex-appeal in battle so why WOULDN’T she like big boobs then?


Juri’s original design, while not great, is FAR better than what we got in 5. The 5 design with her stance utterly obliterates all balance and impact of her animations. Another clear misstep in art design


Juri and more than her Cammy are the two chars that did’nt got an improvement getting SFV boob boost, they got more generic

I liked it on Chun though

I also kinda liked on general how they handled the body of new SFV females


Worse thing about juri is fact some idiot thought it would be a good idea to make chunli 2.0. most of the concept art was 10x better even if more generic. Really loved that pure takewondo one.


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Juri kind of got her boob boost with Super Street Fighter 4. While Capcom didn’t change her game model, they did change her official posted online profile. When the Japanese profile page was originally posted, Juri was listed as having a bust size of 75cm, and one of her likes was “large breasts”. Capcom soon silently changed the profile page; her bust size was changed to 83cm and the “large breasts” part was removed from her likes section.

And what happened, then? Well, in Capcom they say – that Juri’s small chest grew three inches that day. And then – the true meaning of Christmas came through, and Juri found the strength of ten Juris, plus two!


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@Daemos I saw this and immediately thought of you. Cheers!


On the subject of boobs, I dislike enlargement on principle. For starters, it’s normal for athletic women to err on the side of flat for obvious reasons, so the distribution among the female cast should be made accordingly, plus the size is one big aspect of the character that is carefully chosen by their creators. Better fill the space with characters designed with big boob size from the beginning that trying to modify existing characters according to a trend. In SFV, Mika and Laura already fill the role pretty well.


Honestly, her SF4 look was perfect. I wish she’d kept it.


Next week we should get new fighting chance costume too iirc, we have only Bison currently and it ends this week

Maybe they will announce some new costumes $$$, seem about time




That gave me life! It’s genius! CvS3 please!!!


Yeah, more than anything on females designs there’s already much much less range on body types
While on males they go for a crazy variety of body types/size/age including lot of grotesque extreme ones, due both marketing and culture they need and want all female designs to be fuckable waifus to stay in the good looking range, wich limit a lot theyr body design options… flatten* furthermore the few options left is’nt best idea

*just realize that flatten things with bigger boobs it’s an oxymoron lol… and still


and then SNK went ahead and actually made that character

Think he turned out pretty well eh?


Yeah, I’m in the camp of not having all the SF gals being d-divas. Variety in body types adds so much to character design.

On a selfish and personal level, I like different sizes on different figures.

I think Cammy didn’t need the increaseat all; she’s got the powerful, but lithe, speedster superhero build and I think that works well.

I think there’s a place for different unique figures for SF women, I always go on about Black Widow from Slammasters, but I think she could be visually captivating. She’s like 6’5", crazy buff and flexible enough to get into those crazy poses. Her animations could dance around being elegant, powerful, creepy and unnerving. I think she should mostly be in a crouching pose, but every once in a while have a pose that shows off her full height.

Also, her sonewhat androgynous design was awesome, they don’t need to modernize it and sex it up to show she’s female.

I always loved this piece by Jiggeh


It’s weird how there’s next to no boob size variety in some of these recent fighters - almost everybody packs huge racks


Neither Cammy nor Juri needed it.

If the dev team has to see big breasts, then they can just look at all the Street Fighter porn that exists, or draw their own. That should more than fulfill their fantasies.