The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


Juri needed bigger boobs, and now she looks better with them. Chun-li, on the other hand, doesn’t deserve her new size.


Yeah, i like Bandeiras, fun char idea
But aside sharing some visual similarities i think he’s infinitely better both as design and concept

SCV concept was just lame tryhard shit, Bandeiras is cool, original and his ninja weabo-love (he got some Sodom spirit lol) gimmick make work the mix

Must say ninja for ninja would not trade Zeku for him though

From same team i liked Zarina too!


Yeah, despite SF4 models being kinda poor, conceptually imho Cammy was better on many levels

Funny thing is most of her creepyness came from the costume and the pose

remove these and she was still attractive (SF viable), in a kinda giant amazon way, with gigantic tits fighting the huge muscles to keep her still feminine

Could totally see them use the freak costume as standard (as it was) and the unmasked version as first alt to keep fappers quiet

Juri used to quality pair, that while at it worked on her speedy/agility style

Cheap plastic pornstar tits did’nt improved anything lol


I’d love more diverse body types for girls. A muscular, almost manly one (kinda like the Kiki version of Blaire Damme) and a fat one. Not a travesty like Rufus mind you, but more like Honda or Hakan, where she wouldn’t be all flub, but actually pack muscle under all that. The fire girl concept for 5 worked nice, though the design itself was waaaay too simple, on top of already too many fire based fighters.


We need an old woman.


MK11 now officially has a bloodbender

I say it’s time for Street Fighter too


I want an elder woman with a Shaolin fighting style.


SF and blood don’t go together.


It could be purple goop like Jedah in MvCI.


While at it some early Kolin sketches got her on that Blaire Damme vibe

Final Kolin end up lighter, but was necessary to reconnect her having slim arms/shoulders in SF3

I think they fould a good compromise in SFV giving her jacket with heavy padded high sleeves on the shoulders, it saved the heavy shoulders idea someway

Overall SFV Kolin is very good design imho

About the Honda/Hakan female, you made me remember this

Done classy it did, i’m thinking example stuff like this

And that was highest apex SF art touched, as pure drawing quality(less as character design)… that Kinu-Ikeno combo has been epic
But modern capcom does’nt have my trust on doing classy anime style, so yeah i prefer no blood

Rog new extra battle, will not unlock like i did’nt with Rashid


The game literally has the word in it “blood”, plus Vega kind of exists. IV was a pretty brutal game too if you think about several Ultras from it. Besides they can always mask it with some “special effects”


Going through some thoughts on the current topics:

-I don’t care for breasts or booty, but it can make sense if they are a part of a design. Take R.Mika, she’s in the wrestling biz which is known for being flashy and over-the-top so it makes sense for her features to be exaggerated in order to gain attention from the audience. Cammy has very a developed lower part to bring attention to us that she’s a kick-heavy fighter and contrasts with Chun-Li upper part. To me fanservice is about bringing stuff like the FF glitch in Cody’s attack, Bison quoting the US show etc stuff that enriches the overall experience in a un-superficial way that doesn’t drag down the game.

-Part of the reason why I loved Black Widow is because she was so bizarre, her fighting appearance is there to scare her fighters and cover her gender up. If she appears again, I hope they don’t emphasise her butt so that the mystery of her is kept.

-We need a Australian MMA fighter

-As for my female character concept: In once talked about a N.African Amazigh woman who uses Tahtib (a fighting style using a stick) inspired by Yoshi from the GR OVA for that animé influence. Like her, has a masculine look yet has a bit of feminine touch in her and wears traditional Amazing clothing. Maybe the stick could enlongen itself for more powerful attacks. Either Moroccan or Algerian (can’t have Libya for obvious reasons)
For understanding here:

Yoshi Seimenju:


Combine that with the traditional Amazigh attire:

Combine that with good taste Capcom stylization and you have yourself a solid North African rep.


Yeah, even ignoring the natural constraints about youth and figure, the female cast of SFV is very homogeneous and it doesn’t help that among the returning characters Chun Li is the oldest and Mika the tallest. Not that the existing characters should be modified to fill a void (eyes are still red after all the bleach needed to recover from MK11 Sonya) but that was the work for the newcomers and SFV ones are mostly young petites with Laura giving a big sister vibe but still youthful rather than mature.

I want a wide woman but with an emphasis on an overall robust physique rather than mere Rufus like belly fat.Someone like Thelma from Twilight Princess in a warrior outfit and without the pointy ears:


Yes. It isn’t even like she had no breasts in SF4; she was well enough endowed.

SF5 feels like Capcom is trying to become the stereotype of DOA or Soul Calibur. In a few more games, Chun-Li will join Ivy in having breasts that are larger than her head.

Mary was my favorite character in the Tobal series. She could do some ugly stuff chaining together her throws in Tobal 2, or at least she would have been able to do so if the throw reversals weren’t so easy to break or reverse in that game.


But her butt/hips/legs were emphasized as feminine, and she got small feet

She even got butt attack :smiley:
She was ambiguous because the lower half looked female, while the upper one manly (aside small hands)
Somehow when she got her costume on her huge tits looked like male pecs

Theyr way to ruin her will be if they give her tits in her standard look version, like in this fanart


You can put blood in SF in terms of characters bring struck or showing the aftermath of a fight. During the interval between 3 and 4 I had always pictured SF4 to show the characters actually getting battle damage throughout the fight like in SC. Like a mixture of clothing being torn and bruises and mild amounts of blood showing up throughout out the battle.


Amazigh is mentioned and I immediately think Armored Core


They did too, this was from SF4 concept arts


Shit. Well here i am thinking the tits on Juri and Cammy are the right size and not big at all.


Cammy’s are whatever, she was a pretty packing girl ever since ST

Juri’s increase, however, felt out of place when it worked well for her previous design. Her boobjob in V almost looks like it was done purely to emphasize the presence of the tits themselves via the skintight/latex suit she got as her default costume

Gotta cater to them thirsty fuccbois since we’re in the Fetish Fighter V era