The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


Cammy looked liked a C cup in the older street fightees. Maybe a B in SF2/A now shes at least a D. Juri went from C to EE/F lol wtf


Cammy always seemed like a B Cup in SF2 and she was probably an A Cup in SFA.

I’d post SFIV art but all the official art only shows her back side :rofl:


Its’ convos like these that remind me that there’s a section of the plot guide specifically for boobs


After all these years that’s still the best Cammy design by far (kinda sure SF4 took that artwork as guide)


alerts FBI to discussion of SFA teen Cammy bewbs


Had to share this



I’ll delayed my long post since the thread is near closing yet.

Since were topic is mongolian and age lady

I would post this again MOTHER RUSSIA!!


I would like to see a chubby female Asian character base of Fuko Love ( P-Chan) before she lost the weight. most women with natural huge breasts are mostly thick or big bone.


I believe it is that time again my friends…

@DevilJin_01 @Frost could you kindly do the honors. :heart:


New poster displayed at today’s arcade event:


My friend, truer words have never been spoken.


Well yeah, that’s the idea, but without opening the gates for all those other wrestling girls.


Yeah, while i can welcome a big woman for the idea of design variety more japanese or more pro-wrestlers is’nt something i want… for the very same idea of design variety lol

Will also dodge the “modern” vibe, a more traditional/rural char will offer an extra layer of toughness and could be used to a more cultural roots design

Iceland, New Zealand, east or north europe, Mongolia, Africa whatever as long she give the vibe of that kind of rural life strenght :smiley:

As for the style they can go with whatever form of local traditional wrestling or cultural roots martial art combined with brute Honda-like strenght

At some point they considered a big (and old!) grappler woman for SF4, then i guess Hakan took that slot

WIch i don’t complain, Hakan is one of the most perfect SF design of last years


SF characters do not have realistic proportions. I need to get this out of the way before I get to the next part. I don’t mean just breast sizes, or even hands and feet, everything is exaggerated and distorted compared to “reality” in order to create a desired appearance.

EDIT: Removed the old data, because the quick and dirty method I used was a bit too quick and dirty.


All the talk about old women and boobs makes me realize modern Capcom would give that character saggy tits just as a joke. Can you imagine that in SFV’s engine flapping about like Necalli’s hair? :joy:


But they will truly do it lol


We’ve already seen it to a degree, unless you’ve forgotten Chun-Li’s early P2 select screen physics.


I do remember it, but Chun’s don’t reach her knees :joy:


Her SFIV original default costume is godlike, I meant the early designs for her SFV default, the one that was supposed to give her a massive cleavage.

Late reply, I know, but Resident Evil 2 kept me busy.

Stop chasing me you Q looking motherfucker, I’m trying to move libraries! :rage: