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After the earlier talk bout Gouken’s daughter. I actually went back and did what we talked about. I revamped her concept, changed her origin, gave her mother a name, modified her move set, added an ending, and created win quotes.

Name: Gouka


Name: Gouka

Nickname: Hado of The Five Elements (Godai No Hado)

Sex: Female

Ethnicity: Japanese

Height: 5ft 9in(1.75m)

Weight: 157 lbs. (71kg)

B/W/H: 36-24-37 (91cm-61cm-94cm)

Hometown: Unknown, Japan

Appearance: Gouka has light brown eyes. She has a golden headband tied around her forehead. Gouka has long knee length straight black hair. She wears a brown sleevless gi that is tied at the waist with golden twine rope. Gouka has on brown hakama pants. She wears prayer beads around the wrist of each of her hands. The prayer beads around her left wrist feature the “ten” symbol on one of the beads. The ones on the right wrist feature the “mu” symbol on one of the beads. Gouka has sandals on her feet.

Likes: Meditation, Training With Her Father, Forging Her Own Path

Dislikes : Her Uncle, Dishonor, Absolutes

Fighting Style: Kinkou Ansatsuken (Balanced Ansatsuken)

Tone: Gouka is a calm and focused woman. Her fury was tempered by her father’s calming presence. She forges a new path in a quest to surpass him.


Gouka is the daughter of Gouken and granddaughter of Goutetsu. While he trained with Goutetsu and his brother Gouki, Gouken became involved with and fell in love with Goutetsu’s daughter Kouhana. After Goutetsu’s death at the hands of Gouki. Kouhana began to sour on the martial arts. Ansatsuken had brought them all together. Gouken and Gouki were like sons to Goutetsu. Yet the lure of Satsui No Hado proved more valuable than family to Gouki. Gouken’s purely defensive style of Ansatsuken set her mind at ease for a time. She’s even practice would Gouken at times. As tt brought back memories of her father. That all ended one day. Gouki returned to challenge Gouken just as had with her father. While Gouken defeated his brother and showed him the mercy he did not show Goutetsu, Kouhana had enough. When Gouken went off to town to get supplies for the week, she packed up her things and left. Leaving behind long letter explaining why she could no longer endure this life. How she feared she’d come home one day and find Gouki standing over Gouken’s lifeless body. It was a few months later that she discovered she was pregnant. She thought of returning to Gouken. She would not put their child through the dread she feared.

Gouka grew up without her father in her life. She would ask about him. A look of sadness would come over Kouhana’s face and she would tell Gouka what a good man her father is. Kouhana would explain that he couldn’t know where they were because it wasn’t safe. That her uncle was a danger to them. Soon Gouka stopped asking about her father. She’d go through her mother’s things while was away. Eventually she found photos of her grandfather, father, and uncle. She also found several manuals describing various martial arts techniques. When her mother would go into to town, Gouka would practice the techniques from manuals she found. Training made her feel closer to her father.

Gouka had a natural talent for the martial arts. She managed to hide her secret training sessions from her mother for years. By the time she was 12, she had started training with the kids from the local martial arts school. Gouka would be able to put into practice what she’d be studying. While her mother thought she was playing with friends, she was teaching herself to fight in the style of her father and grandfather. Unbeknownst to Gouka, her mother had figured out what she was doing some time ago. She tried to turn a blind eye to it. Hoping it was a phase that would go away. With each passing year, it became harder and harder for Kouhana to hide from the truth.

Gouka had become quite the fighter by her 17th birthday. One day a mugger snatched away one of her mother’s grocery bags. Before Kouhana could intervene, Gouka charged after him. She took him down with ease, returning to her mother with the bag and a huge grin on her face. Kouhana was stunned. She could no longer deny what was right in front her. Gouka was every bit her father’s daughter. She swallowed her pride. Kouhana told Gouka to gather her things. “It is time you met you father.” While Gouka was ecstatic, barely able to contain her excitement, Kouhana was filled with dread. “What will I tell Gouken” she thought to herself. Soon she would be filled with dread for another reason.

As the mother and daughter neared Gouken’s dojo, Kouhana caught sight of something at the nearby waterfall. She dropped her bag and fell to her knees. Gouka went to see what was wrong with her mother. Her mother’s eyes were locked on to something in the distance. Gouka turned to see to warriors in combat. Without thinking, Gouka charged off towards the waterfall. As she neared the fighters she heard “Shun Goku Satsu!”, Gouka was blinded by a brief flash. She saw one of the fighters falling into the waterfall below. “MASTER GOUKEN!!” she heard to voices ring out in near unison. Two young fighters one in a white gi and the other in a red gi charged towards the victorious fighter. At that moment, she realized who had fallen into the waters below. She jumped into the water, pulling the bloody, and wounded fighter to the nearby riverbank. Her teary-eyed mother was already there. “Gouken…” she cried out dejectedly. Kouhana placed her hand on the bloody warriors chest. “He’s still alive! Hurry Gouka we must get him out of her before your uncle sees him.” The two women hurriedly fled the area.

Gouka and Kouhana would bring her father to their home. They nursed him back to health. Kouhana rarely leaving Gouken’s bed side. Gouka on the other hand did nothing but train. Everything her mother said about her uncle was true. If her uncle came for her father again, she would be ready. Gouken awoke after a few days. His defense against the Shun Goku Satsu was not as effective as he hoped. He was surprised to have surprised to see his wife and a near grown daughter at his bed side. Gouken’s mastery of Mu still needed work. He would perfect his technique with his daughter training beside him.

Her Rival: Akuma

Attributes: Health: 3 Power: 2 Range: 3 Mobility: 4 Technique: 4

950 stamina 1050 stun


Sangaku Jishin (Mountain Quake) - LP+LK: Gouka hits her opponent with a right open palm punch to the gut, followed by a left hand chop to the lower back

Ishi Nadare (Stone Avalanche) - B+LP+LK+motion: She tosses her opponent high into the air and strikes them with a powerful open palm strike as they fall towards the ground

Unique Attacks:

Harae (Purification) – D+MP (In Air): Gouka hits her foes with an downward chop for the apex of her jump. Attacks halts her forward momentum and travels directly downward.

Seichu Nidan Tsuki (Middle Two Stage Thrust) - F+ FP: She strikes her opponent with a two hit elbow strike (Ryu’s SFA3 elbow strike)

Tenshi Hakyaku (Angel Blade Kick)- D+ MK (In Air): Gouka executes a steep angle (70°) diving kick from the apex of her forward jump.

Shinkai Geri (Deep Sea Kick) – DF+MK: Gouka performs an upward crouching kick attack. Forces crouching opponents to stand. Despite appearances, this attack is not a good anti air option.

Senpu Kyaku (Whirlwind Leg) – F+ HK (overhead): Gouka hops forward striking with a one hit whirlwind kick. 70 Damage/100 Stun, 22F Startup -6 on block.

V-Reversal :

Kongoshin (Diamond Body) – F+PPP: Gouka stomps the ground violently while executed a powerful back fist that sends the opponent a full screen away.


Tenshi Shuretto (Angel Vermillion Rending Blade) – MP+MK: Gouka assumes a defensive posture to counter her foes attack. If successful, Gouka teleports above her opponent and attacks them will falling knife hand chop to the head. Resembles a more powerful version of her Harae aerial downward chop . B+MP+MK counters jump in attacks. D+MP+MK counters low attacks. Nullifies projectile attacks but the counter portion of the attack only applies to physical attacks. .

V-Trigger 1:

Hado Kakusei (Surge Awakening)– HP+HK: Gouka shows her foe true mastery over Mu No Hado. All of her projectile attacks are in enhanced. Gains access to her ultimate Hado techniques. The Kagutsuchi Go Hado and Sujin Kouu Hado.

  • Shomei Go Hadoken – 10 Damage/10 Stun buff. Total Frames reduced from 46F to 44F. LP Shomei Go Hadoken travels 10% slower. HP Shomei Go Hadoken travels 10% faster. EX Total Frames reduced from 44F to 42F. LP+MP Travels 10% Slower, MP+HP Travels 10% Faster
  • Zanku Go Hadoken - 10 Damage/10 Stun buff. Can now be performed from neutral and back jumps. LP, MP, HP frame data Startup 10F to 8F and Landing recovery 12F to 10F
  • Tsumetai Hadoken – 10 Damage/10 Stun buff. Startup and Total Frames reduced LP (18F to 14F Startup 52F to 48F Total Frames) MP(20F to 16F Startup 58F to 52F Total Frames), HP(22F to 18F Startup 64F to 58F Total Frames) EX(18F to 14F Startup 66F to 60F Total Frames,)

3-bar V-Trigger Permanent

V-Trigger 2:

Hakai Kakusei (Destruction Awakening)– HP+HK: Gouka unleashes Satsui No Hado without sacrificing her mind. Increasing the potency of all of her physical attacks She also gains access to her ultimate technique. The Raijin Go Shoryu

  • Shakunetsu Goshoken - Damage and Stun out put increased. (20 damage/30 stun). LP Startup reduced 9F to 8F, MP Startup reduced 19F to 17F, HP Startup reduced 25F to 22F. Causes a hard knockdown. EX Startup reduced 16F to 12F. Causes Wall Bounce
  • Kyoushin Jiraiken – Damage and Stun out put increased. (10 damage/20 stun) HK causes a hard knockdown. EX version causes a ground bounce.
  • Fubuki Gorasen – LK,MK,HK versions now hit crouching opponents and are throw invincible Frame 1. EX Startup reduced 5F to 4F, On Block -30F to -25F
  • Kuchu Gorai Senpukyaku – Can now be performed from a neutral and backward jump. LK,MK,HK Startup Reduced from 8F to 7F. Landing Recovery Reduced from from 14F to 13F. EX Damage increased 140 to 160, Stun increase from 180 to 210. Landing Recovery reduced from 12F to 9F
  • Fujin Go Senpu – Can now be performed from a forward and backward jump.

3-bar V-Trigger Permanent


Shomei Go Hadoken (Lightning Strong Surge Fist) - QCF + P: Gouka pulls back her right arm, focuses a sparking chi in her palm, and hurls a one handed horizontal projectile at her foe. Damage, startup, and recovery are the same for LP,MP, HP versions. 46 Total Frames 50 Damage/90 Stun. Button strength only alters the speed of the projectile. EX 44 Total Frames 80 Damage/120 Stun, hits twice, and knocks down.

Shakunetsu Goshoken (Scorching Heat Strong Piercing Fist) - F,D,DF + P: Gouka twists her torso back 180 °, and explodes forward with a left charging palm strike that engulfs her opponent flames. Distance traveled is determined by the strength of the punch button. LP (9F Startup 80 Damage/120 Stun, Point blank, Projectile Invincible Frame 1), MP(19F Startup 100 Damage/140 Stun, ½ Screen, Projectile Invincible after 3F), HP (25F Startup 120 Damage/160 Stun, ¾ Screen, Projectile Invincible after 3F). EX(16F Startup 150 Damage/200 Stun, Projectile Invincible Frame 1, Causes a Hard Knockdown)

Zanku Go Hadoken (Slashing Air Great Surge Fist)- QCF + P: (In Air) Gouka twists her torso back 180 ° and twist forward hurling a one handed wind based projectile from a forward jump. The punch button determines the angle of the projectile. LP, MP, HP versions have 10F Startup and 12F Landing Recovery 35 Damage/70 Stun. LP (60° Angle), MP (45° Angle), HP (30° Angle). EX 7F Startup/7F Landing Recovery(LP+MP 60° Angle, LP+HP 45° Angle, MP+HP 30° Angle, 2 hits, causes a juggle state)

Tsumetai Go Hadoken (Freezing Great Surge Fist)-QCB+ P: Gouka pulls back both of her hands to generate an ice cold blast of ki. The punch button determines the speed, startup, and damage of the projectile. LP(18F Startup 52 Total Frames, 60 Damage/110 Stun, Slowest Speed) MP(20F Startup 58 Total Frames, 70 Damage/120 Stun, 2 Hits, Faster Speed), HP(22F Startup 64 Total Frames, 90 Damage/140 Stun, Fastest Speed, Causes Juggle Corner Only) EX(18F Startup 66 Total Frames, 110 Damage/180 Stun, Fastest Speed, Causes Juggle State )

Kyoushin Jiraiken (Massive Earthquake Landmine Fist) - F,D,DF + K: Gouka jumps into air and slams her fist into the ground at high velocity. The impact of the attack creates a shock wave a short distance front and behind her. LK (16F Startup 20F Recovery, 100 Damage/150 Stun) MK(18F Startup 18F Recovery, 115 Damage/160 Stun) HK(25F Startup 12F Recovery, 130 Damage/180 Stun)EX (21F Startup, 20F Recovery, 150 Damage/200 Stun, Overhead)

Fubuki Gorasen (Blizzard Great Spiral)- F,D,DF+ K: (Anti Air) Gouka executes a powerful rising whirlwind kick that chills her foe to the bone. The initial kick “locks” her opponent into the attack to keep them from dropping out. No start up invincibility, fast recovery, high damage, doesn’t hit crouching opponents, not crush counterable. LK (3F Startup -25F On Block, 125 Damage/150 Stun, 3hits) MK (4F Startup -26 On Block, 150 Damage/150 Stun, 4hits) HK (5F Startup -27 On Block, 175 Damage/200 Stun, 5hits), EX (Full Startup Invincibility 5F Startup, -30 On Block, 200 Damage/200 Stun, 8hits, Hits Crouching Opponents, Crush Counterable)

Kuchu Gorai Senpukyaku (Aerial Booming Thunder Whirlwind Leg) -QCB +K: (In Air) Gouka executes an electric charged horizontally traveling whirlwind kick. LK,MK, and HK versions 8F Startup 14F Landing Recovery 90 Damage/150 Stun. Kick button pressed determines how far opponent is knocked away. All versions cause a limited juggle state. LK (Close) MK (Farther), HK (Farthest) EX (6F Startup 12F Landing Recovery 140 Damage/180 Stun, Causes Juggle State)

Critical Art:

Fujin Tatsumaki Gorasen (Wind God Tornado Great Spiral)-QCFx2 +K: Gouka strikes her foe with a high roundhouse kick to the head and rises into the air spinning at such a speed that she generates a tornado of ki energy .While she rises, her opponent is struck by a rapid barrage of kicks that ends with a powerful spinning back kick that sends them hurtling away from her. 17 Hits 340 Damage (1x100, 15x8, 1x120)

Fujin Go Senpu (Wind God Great Whirlwind)-QCFx2 +K: (In Air) From a neutral jump, Gouka begins to spin at blinding speed rising rapidly as she creates a small vacuum effect. As her foe is pulled towards her, they are struck by a rapid barrage of kicks that ends with a powerful spinning back kick that sends them hurtling away from her. 16 Hits 320 Damage (15x15, 1x95)

V-Trigger 1 Only

Kagutsuchi Go Hado (Fire God Great Surge) – QCFx2+P: Gouka stomps the ground with her back foot and slowly outstretches her arms summoning forth white hot flames of ki in each of her fists. She pulls back her arms combining the two white flames into a powerful sphere of ki that she unleashes as massive Hadoken. On hit her opponent bursts into white hot flames and is sent hurtling away. 12 Hits 340 Damage/170 Stun (1x110, 10x12, 1x110)

Sujin Kouu Hado (Water God Rainfall Surge) – QCFx2+P: (In Air) From a forward jump Gouka channels the power of water into shower of aerial ocean blue colored projectiles. The descent angle of the barrage is determined by the punch button pressed. On the hit of the first projectile her opponent is pulled into the air to absorb the brunt of the remaining bombardment of projectiles before the final blast sends them crashing into the ground. LP (60° Angle), MP (45° Angle), HP (30° Angle). 10 Hits 320 Damage/160 Stun (1x100, 8x15, 1x100)

V-Trigger 2 Only

Rajin Go Shoryu (Thunder God Great Rising Dragon)-QCBx2 + P : Gouka stomps the ground with her back foot and charges her fist with great electric energy. She then hits her opponent with right handed uppercut to the abdomen that creates a shock wave upon impact while electrifying them. Gouka follows up with an two hit electric changed left handed shoryuken that strikes he foe in the sternum before finding it’s mark on their chin. As Gouka and her foe fly into the air, she sails past them and slams her fist into their head from above, driving her fist and their head into the ground at high velocity. As they make impact with the ground a large bolt of lighting strikes her fist electrifying her opponent one last time. If this Critical Art finishes the opponent, they are planted into the ground, head first. 4 Hits 400 Damage (1x100, 2x50, 1x200)

Reasons to be in SFV:

Gouka has trained with her father since he survived his apparent death at Gouki’s hand. His lesson would refine her rough self taught Ansatsuken into a powerful style of her own. To her father’s chagrin, she would not seal off the Satsui No Hado. Gouka has chosen a path of balance, she would wield a style that combined her father’s Mu No Hado techniques with her grandfather’s traditional Satsui No Hado techniques. Her balanced Kinkou Anstatsuken would bring her uncle to his end.


Gouka tracks down her uncle Gouki (Akuma). They face off at the very same waterfall she pulled her father from years ago. Gouken and Kouhana see the pair clashing from a distance. They rush toward the two fighters. Gouken leaving Kouhana behind as he shows surprising speed for a man of his size. Just before he can get to his daughter and brother, Gouken hears “Rajin Go Shoryu!!” and one of the figures goes sailing into the air before falling towards the waters below. A battered and bruised Gouka stands victorious. As the ending comes to a close, a brief time skip is shown. Gouka is standing alone on a large rock formation at Apo Island (Phillipines). She shouts “Shinsai Sokaigen” (Earthquake Disaster Twin Crushing Raise) as she slams her fist into the ground, shattering the rock formation into dust. Her task maybe complete but she still seeks to improve.

Win Quotes:

Ryu “You remind me of my father, it has been an honor to fight with you.”

Chun Li “Your array of kicks are like nothing I have ever seen. Could we spar again sometime?”

Nash “Letting your rage consume you leads to ruin. I sense there is still a honorable man inside of you”

M.Bison “Foregoing all light and embracing only darkness is a foolish path. True power lies within balance”

Cammy “I see why you favor cats. You have their quick reflexes”

Birdie “Despite the clear erosion of your skills, you still posses great power. You would be dangerous with focus”

Ken “An interesting twist on my father’s teachings. Your aggressive style is the antithesis of Ryu’s”

Necalli “So this is the fate of those consumed by Satsui No Hado. No wonder father wishes I sealed that power away”

Vega “How can such a beautiful man be such an ugly person.”

R.Mika “How can you be so energetic? What? No my feud with my uncle is not an angle. What is kayfabe?”

Rashid “Your mastery of wind is commendable, you should try your hand at the other elements.”

Karin “I see that your arrogance is well earned. You are quite the fighter. When you heal from your injuries, challenge me again.”

Zangief “I am not sure what this ‘muscle spirit’ of yours is. However, if it will let me hit as hard as you do, I’m willing to learn”

Laura “Honoring your family art by spreading it around the world. Commendable. I will train at your school. Learning new techniques will make me stronger”

Dhalsim “I am honored by your wisdom and impressed by your technique. ”

F.A.N.G. “Poison? Such underhanded and callous techniques do not belong in this world.”

Alex “Are all Gaikokújin like you? No…I will not be distracted from my mission .”

Guile “You have a daughter? Spend time with her, it means more to her than you can possibly know”

Ibuki “Boys? No I do not know any cool boys. Are you really a kunoichi? You are nothing like what I have been told”

Balrog “A brute with great strength and no technique cannot hope to land a blow against me.”

Juri “Relying on that eye is a crutch. With effort, you would actually be more dangerous without it ”

Urien “You are powerful, strong, highly technical, and truly insane”

Akuma “The pain you have wrought on our family is unforgivable. An enternity in hell is too good for you”

Kolin “It will take more than on element to fell me. The power of Kagutsuchi will melt your ice”

Ed “You do not seem like a bad person. Why do you dress like a villain?”

Abigail “Fighting you is like battling a mountain. Even with your lack of skill, you proved to be somewhat of a challenge “

Menat “Seeing the future means nothing if you cannot anticipate where your foes will strike”

Zeku “Two different forms, Two different styles. I have never seen anything like this. Are you the strapping young man or the wizened old master”

Sakura “You remind me of myself before I met my father. If Ryu will not train you. I will. You have promise.”

Blanka “Unlike that fool with the mask and claw, you have a beautiful soul. It has been a honor to meet you Jimmy”

Falke “For someone that does not like to fight, you train so hard. I hope you defeat what ever pursues you so that you can find peace.”

Cody “I do not know what to make of you. Despite you seemingly apathetic attitude, you have a clear passion for fighting.”

G “Your mastery of earth is impressive, your motives seem pure, but there is something off about you…”

Sagat “Great Emperor of Muay Thai, the rage that fuels you is an anchor not a strength.”

Kage “Oh Satsui No Hado, when will you learn that it is I that have mastery over you. I will die before I fall under your influence”


  • Kouhana means “little flower”, Gouka means “powerful flower”

  • Kouhana knows the basics of Gouken’s ansatsuken style but none of the advanced techniques

  • Kouhana is only 5’4” (1.63m) tall. Gouka has been taller than her mother since she was 11 years old.

  • Gouka is self taught until she was 17. Teaching herself the unrefined Satsui No Hado based versions of the Hadoken, Shoryuken, and Tatsumaki Zankukyaku from Gotetsu’s old manuals.

  • All of Gouka’s special attacks have an elemental property (Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Ice, Lightning etc.)

  • She is 17 years old when Ryu defeats Sagat. Making her six years his junior and three years older than Sakura.

  • She is born the year before Gouken takes in Ryu

  • During the events of SFA through SFIV, she trains with Gouken.

  • Until now, she has only heard of Ryu and Ken. She has never met them.



Out of concern that my previous quick and dirty the 3d model calculation was inaccurate, I went back and tested two of Juri’s SFV models with a bit more care. I found that my first quick and dirty test was way too quick and dirty. This time I also ran the final numbers with Juri’s Battle Outfit, which not only has less obstructive clothing, more of the original body mesh exists under its clothing.

The final, most forgiving tests came up with a bust and hip figures that were a few centimeters above of Juri’s final SSF4 official stats.

Trusting those figures are relatively close to “accurate”, and thus her band size is also theoretically accurate, SFV Juri’s model is in the range of a DDD cup, potentially pushing towards an F cup.

I’ve now spent way too much time trying to figure out cup sizes of 3D video game models, even if I try to justify it as a 3D modelling program learning process.

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Whaaaaat is that and where is it from?! I’d love a bunch of steampunk costumes for the cast (if they skip G I’ll be peeved)

Ooh, these are awesome! Again, something about G’s placement makes me think he’s ominous, future boss material.




The coolest thing about this is that it can be real. Bison could’ve lived through many different historical periods. Badass artwork <3



Capcom still needs to reveal Gill in the SF5 series as a playable character or something.

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I remember in my pre-internet days that seemed to be a speculation among people. Done right it could be cool. I don’t want them to do the typical “So and so is really Cain from the bible” type of reveal or that he descended from him. I remember Cestus and others have mentioned the idea of him being a solider, possibly a nazi being intrigued by the mystic arts and chasing them. Having him being pretty old and changing his identity over the years due to his immortality until finally, in the modern day, being able to literally get new bodies could be cool.

Speaking of the bodies thing. How do we, @Daemos in particular, want to approach that. Has Bison always looked pretty similar to how he is now, or did he look different in the past? Maybe the current looks we’re used to aren’t that much different from his original body, but they’re more idealized. Perfect teeth, square jaw, perfect muscles and so on? Or did he once look totally different?



The Witcher 3 - Hearts of Stone DLC did something which this reminds me of this.

At some point Geralt - the main guy - agrees to be possessed by the spirit of a dead guy for a period. At first it looked a bit off, but then you’d see the whole expressions and mannerisms change, and pretty soon, despite the physical nature of the face being the same, with the new expressions and crap, it looked like somebody else almost playing the same character, even down to a jutting jaw and weird grin.

I guess it’s kind of beyond the scope of a SF game and SF’s tech, but that’s how I’d like to see it handled. Glimpses and hints, then the odd “worm” insult or something thrown in, before “oh fuck, it’s Bison. Run.”



Go see the movie, Replicas



I believe it was me and @Yagamifire, that has there fan fiction on that. I have 2 version one is where I tried to build around with Vandal Savage in DC universe. I’m Bison fan.



Body Fat Percentages start with Cammy . Giving how ripped she is. I say her body fat percentage would be near 12% or at 14% .



So basically m.bisons vandal savage? I can dig it.


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