The Super Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread


I think they simply did’nt put that much thought into this tarots set, at least not the amount you’re giving to it

That said, it has been a nice idea




I believe they added the japanese ROMs… and that’s it. You can see that in the promo video, the character names can be seen both as the jap versions as well as overseas versions (like Akuma, Nash, and the bosses names). All the other stuff remained unchanged, as most of it was already translated to japanese (like the timeline, development and characters in the museum section).

Probably when you change the language to japanese in the options menu, you will get the in-game text in japanese and no censorship (like in Rose’s Z3 ending). I highly doubt that they used the Brazilian (portuguese) and Hispanic (spanish) ROMs for those languages… but, who knows.


Makes sense, thanks for the insight!


Another thing that comes into the mind is that? Are they trying to surprise us that “G” is a good guy and a joke character instead of what the majority perceive? Maybe someone that do over the top in antics?

Meanwhile… OT



Message is from Vega this time.


Another G theory - G controls Gravity. Based on the AE trailer and his image in the Crystal ball flipping) I think this one isn’t too likely but it was posted on reddit just thought I would share it. Pretty sure G is for the Gold. Anyway we should know soon enough!


The tricky part on guessing G path is that i guess it’s going to touch 2 parts of SF universe (Metro City and SF3) that untill now have ever been far from each other

If the AE trailer sequence make sense G may be part of SFV Metro City arc with Cody, Zeku and Abigail (and Menat?)

On other hand his Q costume is not some random thing, it’s a STORY costume, wich usually link to canon events


LOL eventhubs just had to do it

While ignoring many aspects of the tarot thing seem to NOT link to next season or even SFV


I just thought of another theory one why G is The Fool. Since The Fool is card number 0, it can be placed either at the beginning of the deck or at the end. G is connected to Q, who appears both in 3rd Strike, the last chronological game in the canon, and (retroactively) in SFII in the background of Ken’s stage, meaning he’s both at the end of the series and at the beginning. It’s a stretch, but it’s just something I thought of.


The Empress is the mother often represents fertility, creation, and love for family. Karin has pride but she doesn’t love like Cammy loves her sisters trying to get them to begin a new life as she did before them. Cammy also takes in stray cats acting as a mother figure to them too.

Cammy is the perfect fit for The Empress in SF.


G is the seventh letter of the alphabet, seven is a number with many meanings and references: there are in fact seven deadly sins and seven virtues, seven sisters that make up the constellation of the Pleiades, seven wonders of the Ancient World, seven sages from Ancient Greece, seven sages from Ancient China, seven samurai, Seven of Nine from Star Trek, and of course Seven Dwarfs from Snow White.

Now, what is the connection that ties G with Grumpy, the sin of Gluttony and the great Pyramid of Giza? Is the fact that the dwarfs are mining diamonds in the Disney movie a hint that G is gaining his apparent wealth by enslaving and abusing innocent vertically challenged people? Are the references to sci-fi series and ancient people a hint that G can time travel? And if so, is he Ingrid’s granddad?

In my opinion it’s none of that! There is a clear connection that unifies all these findings: each one of these is, in fact, the kind of stuff you can find only by looking up those insane internet theories that pop up constantly to speculate on new characters, and that’s exactly what G is!
G isn’t even a real character, there are actually only 5 characters in this season and G is just a big troll bait put up by Capcom, what’s going to happen at EVO this year is that Ono will get up on the stage, flip the middle finger to the audience, pull down his pants and then run away screaming!

Still a better theory than G being Greg the Gorilla from Bloody Roar in my opinion.


From Zeku.




Maki’s boobs are not well done.


I can’t tell who is who in most of the pics. :confused:


I was thinking, withall the hype i’m getting for him i hope G don’t end up as a shitty “experimental imput” char for newcomers, like some of the new chars

He’s potentially the last interessing/tricky char of the season (i WANT Sagat as icon and style/nation rep, but he’s basic af), i will like to see him get traditional imputs and rich moveset

I wonder if his moveset will have anything to do with Q’s one though, that will be basic lol… but i can see G being a charge char, S3 got only Blanka


I’m with you on the input thing. I really don’t want something out there. I want his odd nature to come from his animations and moves, but inputs shouldn’t be anything out there.

I don’t know how he’ll act like, but even if he shares moves with Q, I can see them having different properties. Q is constantly alternating between being very stiff and being noodley and loose with his movements. G looks like he moves normal in the intro and, with his arrogance, I imagine him to be really arrogant and showy.


Personally i will like AND HOPE for some crazy gimmick as concept, but traditional imputs and rich moveset… both as specials and command normals

Judging by gold skin parts as gimmick i can think is him turning body parts into gold, gaining hardness/weight(and shape?) on strikes

If that end up true will be fun if he get one of the 2 VT being a “golden armor” where he turn incredibly heavy and get crazy high defense, it will link with Q lol

But i’m ready to be surprised, i did’nt saw coming stuff like Abigail 2-Hugos gigantic size, Necalli going super sayan or fucking Zeku being two char into one…

Style wise i imagine it as a brawler-wrestler:

Brawler to counter Cody’s style, if i’m right and they will clash dude need to pack a punch… maybe turn limbs into gold may help at that

Wrestler as he seem to have decent size and we still did’nt got a grappler in S3, plus i will like keep the nation/style SF tradition, G being an american stereotype with old school wrestling will fit.
Plus Lincoln was a wrestler.
Fun thing Lincoln had a story of fight of bullies/thugs with wrestling
G being the leader of bullies/thugs will make him a perfect Evil-Lincoln LOL