The Super Sentai/Power Rangers Thread


everyone is asian in the japanese version and if that was a joke it wasn’t funny…


I watched the Overdrive shit. I’m kinda of turned off by the shitty opening theme. Also, the first ep left little to be desired, but I’ma give this season a shot. Hopefully, it gets better.

Oh, and nothing beats the original theme. Fucking badass track stuck in my head 4 life.

Also, thread title needs to be changed to something more broad, so we can include some conversation on Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and other kaiju/tokusatsu related series/character discussions.

Anyone seen the new Kamen Rider Den-O? How is it so far?


I remember when I was younger and Power rangers first became big, the owner of this anime rental store I used to go to let us rent a tape of zyurangers. The difference between it and power rangers was like night and day. It could give children nightmares.

Operation Overdrive seems like an idea they used before (lightspeed rescue?)


I don’t like it. The whole Kamen Rider hero being a complete wuss should have been left for the secondary characters.

KR Blade’s Kenzaki was as far as it should go. Guy was quite the emo but he knew when he was needed to kick ass.

What really gets to me though, is that for most of the series they could drag the plot for 45 episodes, and then rush the ending.


me neither main character is gay as hell and i don’t like the whole train thing!!!


EP 1 and 2(?) of Gekiranger are on Youtube. GekiRed is annoying as hell. Thier Master is a wierd Lynk/Bunny thing that sounds like Ryuuken from Hokuto No Ken. GekiChangers are badass.


IIRC its got something to do with Rights ownership. The first Disney made PR, Wild Force I believe, brought in a whole new set of guide lines for the series. Somewhere in the series Saban sold the rights over to Disney, and Disney fucked the Dragonzord in the ass.

So if Saban held onto the publishing and distribution rights, then you might see old school PR episodes. If not, then Disney will have to realize that they will make money from it and release them.

MMPR through ZEO = Awesome.


Hmm…the premiere is on regular ABC right now…part 2 is currently on. Rose is the hottest ranger I’ve seen in quite some time. Let’s see…I’d say she’s around the same level as Vida from Mystic Force…maybe even slightly better. Rose = 9.5 at least. The other girl is just mildly “ok”…“blah” status.

Seeing and hearing it again…my opinion has not changed. Operation Overdrive has THE worst intro music in the history of the franchise.


This shit has become horrible now. They should of canned this show after lost galaxy.


what the hell is this!?!?!?!?

really hilarious at the beginning, but the end has WTF written all over it.

and go pink ranger in the skirt…


where u been…that was an srk trend for a moment…we were all rockin avatars from that movie for a bit.


i hate not being included in shit (srk and in real life)… :sad:


Vida was meh…Madion was HAWT. :lovin:


Maddy was indeed an adorable piece of ass…and she looked even better in the last 2 episodes…(a fuller hairstyle), but I’d say Vida was on about the same level. If I had to pick between those 2, I really don’t know…it’s too close for me. I’d probably have to flip a coin.

One of my neighbors here looked strikingly similar to Madison…it was such a likeness…I almost asked her, but came to my senses, and realized that would’ve creeped her the hell out for numerous reasons…so I kept quiet on that issue. Sadly, she moved out a few months ago.

*again, there’s no way they tested that theme music with a sample of the target audience…if so, then little kids really do have the worst taste ever. Damn it man…I’d rather listen to Shakira singing with William Hung and Bob fuckin Dylan(I don’t care if he’s a brilliant song-writer…dude’s voice is TRASH, and anyone who isn’t tone-def should realize it.). It’s really that bad. It’s so bad it actually makes me want to smash something.


Bringing it back from the bottom of the net.

I personally thought Vida looked too gay to be attractive at first but as the show went on, she seemed to get nicer looking. While Maddy (the blue one right?) got less so.


Rose is pretty, haven’t seen the rest of her to make a full judgement tho. Yellow ranger chick looks blah.


I don’t have high hopes at all for this season anymore. The only good things so far are Rose, and the design of the 2 main villains. Everything else is a step down from previous seasons.

  1. Worst theme music not only in PR history, but possibly the worst theme music ever for a tv show, just generally speaking. I can’t even think of anything worse at the moment. There’s english dub One Piece, but at least it’s so bad it’s funny. Operation Overdrive is just pure terror. I wonder how many kids instantly changed the channel this year when that bullshit came on?

  2. The fighting and action. What the hell happened here? This is a big step down from the action we saw in Mystic Force, and definitely not on par with anything in SPD or Dino Thunder. It’s empty…devoid of any kind of style or visual pizzaz. Did they lose the stunt/choreography team that was on previous seasons? It sure seems like it, because nothing about the action has been memorable at all so far.

  3. Plot, and concept —plot really isn’t THAT important for a PR show, but O.O. isn’t really grabbing me so far on this point either. The entire concept for the season is just so “blah”. Compare to past seasons that had magic, future/high tech, and ninja themes…what does this have to offer in comparison? Archaeology? Nigga please.

Previous seasons have had me eager to see what’s going to happen in the next episode. Since ABC Fam lost Jetix, I’d occasionally download Mystic Force because ABC Kids is so goddamn slow in getting the episodes. I’m finding it really hard to care in the same way for Operation Overdrive. It’s not even a priority…I can already see the day when abc kids inevitably drops to several weeks behind TDisney’s schedule, and I’ll think “eh, whatever.” So far, I’m really just tuning in to check out Rose. Shit, just a few hours after seeing Saturday’s episode, I already forgot what happened, or what it was even about in the first place. That’s definitely not a good sign. There’s not much to look forward too either…as some of us have already seen this season’s extra ranger, and he looks silly and stupid. Omega from SPD was possibly the worst extra ranger of all time…but at least he still kinda looked cool. This season’s “Mercury” ranger doesn’t even have that going for him. It’s bad when the normal suit design is superior to that of an “extra ranger”. The “extra” dude is always supposed to be the cool and interesting one that joined later(usually after being evil for awhile and beating the hell out of the original team)

This is terrible…I already want to just fast forward to next season.




Power Rangers would be more awesome if they didn’t do the giant robot bullshit, and people got hurt in ways that “needing to rest” or just morphing wouldn’t fix i.e. broken bones or getting cut or SOMETHING. Even just a black eye.


Damn, I just watched a hour of this today, this has got to be the worst PR cast acting I have ever seen. Granted I missed a number of the PR series after LG, but the corny levels and just overall stiffness is apparently being taken to new levels.