The Super Sentai/Power Rangers Thread


This series is gonna go on forever, like the Energizer Bunny.


LOL, Disney fails at end credits.

As for the opening, at least its still better than One Piece rap, but its at the same shit level as Big Bad Bettleborg’s opening song.


power rangers are still alive? HOLY SHIT :wow:.

Shit’s been around longer then my lil’ sister…



Oh shit, JSG looks hardcore.

This still wins though: [media=youtube]RoXWiH87fFE[/media]


I seriously thought they where gonna run outta ideas after Magiranger.


Shits been around longer than you and me man. I think earliest sentai was somewhere in the 70’s.


word… I didn’t know that. Holy Zombie Jeeezuuzzzz…



So why aren’t any PR season boxsets? That has always bugged me…


this is the gayest thread since gay came to gayville


The yellow ranger and evil chick from JSG are both pretty hot.

Everyone looks so trendy and stylish. Fucking trendy looking Asians with their stylish hair. I hate them. Why can’t my hair be that stylish looking? :sad:


Probably posted in the video thread, but I thought I’d post it here anyway.


THe japanese version is racist. They put an asian in the yellow custome :’’(


Dammit people, keep the old ass PR parodies outta this thread please…


I watched the first ten episodes of boukenger last month.Good shit.I like how the Black one is all rebellious and shit and how the pink and yellow are so FUCKIN HOT! Wat I don’t like though is the gay ass shovel sword thing the megazord has.Anyway I love Sentai.Who ever doesn’t have that 30 years of Sentai tribute video should definately find it!


everyone is asian in the japanese version and if that was a joke it wasn’t funny…


I watched the Overdrive shit. I’m kinda of turned off by the shitty opening theme. Also, the first ep left little to be desired, but I’ma give this season a shot. Hopefully, it gets better.

Oh, and nothing beats the original theme. Fucking badass track stuck in my head 4 life.

Also, thread title needs to be changed to something more broad, so we can include some conversation on Kamen Rider, Ultraman, and other kaiju/tokusatsu related series/character discussions.

Anyone seen the new Kamen Rider Den-O? How is it so far?


I remember when I was younger and Power rangers first became big, the owner of this anime rental store I used to go to let us rent a tape of zyurangers. The difference between it and power rangers was like night and day. It could give children nightmares.

Operation Overdrive seems like an idea they used before (lightspeed rescue?)


I don’t like it. The whole Kamen Rider hero being a complete wuss should have been left for the secondary characters.

KR Blade’s Kenzaki was as far as it should go. Guy was quite the emo but he knew when he was needed to kick ass.

What really gets to me though, is that for most of the series they could drag the plot for 45 episodes, and then rush the ending.


me neither main character is gay as hell and i don’t like the whole train thing!!!


EP 1 and 2(?) of Gekiranger are on Youtube. GekiRed is annoying as hell. Thier Master is a wierd Lynk/Bunny thing that sounds like Ryuuken from Hokuto No Ken. GekiChangers are badass.