The Super Sentai/Power Rangers Thread


Will be rejoining the shenanigans on discord when I’m off work at 7. What arcs have I missed?


new pink ranger, ritas dad upcomming is zeo rangers


SHHH…don’t mention Kat around him.


Met him in 2006. Really cool person.

Also did anyone catch that putty driving a damn car? I never remembered this before. Really funny stuff.


Zeo’s the real deal. Then I can sleep until Space.


how much longer until in space? wtf


A long while. Only early Zeo at this point.


LOL Tommy got dumped by Kimberly, wow… I must ve missed that shit as a kid LOL


Dat Dear John letter… Amy Jo Johnson broke all our hearts that day.


Twitch Chat is DEVASTATED.

Breaking the heart of Power Rangers Jesus should be a Felony.





Before they moved to Zeo, did the Rangers defeat Rita/Zed? Or did they just magically disappear.


Rangers got wrecked and turned into kids, because the actors and writers went on strike.
Enter 10 episodes of Alien Rangers, where the kids seek out the Zeo Crystal.
Actors come back and we have Zeo.
Rita and Zedd got literally evicted by King Mondo.


The funny thing is that i’ve never really watched all of the power rangers before. I didnt have cable back then and power rangers only showed on the weekends. I only watched it from start to the introduction of the white ranger.


Gold Ranger time


Basically when the Zeo arc starts - the Machine Empire starts its invasion on Earth, and one of its first targets was the castle(?) in which Zedd, Rita and co. were committing their evil deeds from. Because the place got pretty much wrecked, they had to move out, and since they had nowhere else to go - Rita called upon Vile to take them into HIS domain/castle. What further becomes of them is unknown until later when they have a cameo of some sort


Nah, they just chill at Vile’s place until he gets sick of 'em and kicks 'em back out. Where they go back to the moon and roam around on a Dragula buggy until they eventually make up a plan to get back at the Machine empire family.


Turbo is here so uh…Everyone has a 16 hour break.


Good thing I’m at work.