The Super Sentai/Power Rangers Thread


Dem twitch chats :lol:

"Shut up Billy!"


I’ll stomach parts of Turbo if I at least see the last five or so episodes when Divatox actually does the unthinkable and hands the Rangers their asses.


Holy fuck I do NOT remember Turbo being so fucking awful

  • The plot is partially omitted if you’ve never seen the movie
  • Ernie, Bulk, Skull, Alpha, Zordon, and Jason disappear right at the beginning
  • Adam, Tommy, Kat, and Aisha disappear mid-season
  • The series changed from giants mechs to plain boring cars
  • The early main villain is uninteresting and recast, also midseason
  • Pretty much every episode resolves around a detonator of some sort
  • Justin is fucking annoying

At least the series is short so there’s not much of a suffering ahead. I keep reading that Operation Overdrive is also garbage, but at least won’t come until next week

Twitch Chat is absolutely killing it this marathon

  • Kimebely or Kat on screen? Incoming kreygasm spam
  • Mophing time or zord summon/transformation? pogchamp spam
  • Billy opens his mouth? Chat spams “NERD”
  • Something really bizarre happens? Chat spams ???
  • Grunts on screen? Cue the appropriate sound clip in text form (like BLBLBLBLBLB for putties)

It’s amazing


Turbo is fucking terrible until the series finale that leads directly into In Space.

Operation Overdrive isn’t terrible so much as it is mediocre and has to followup the godlike Lightspeed Rescue.

Carter still the best Red Ranger not named Tommy.


Operation Overdrive is garbage tier Power Rangers. You’d be better off watching Boukenger (which is pretty good) at TV-Nihon.


Nah, I wanna know just how low can this franchise go


PVL, Turbo isn’t short at all. It’s one of the longest seasons actually. It just seems short in comparison to the previous 4.

Operation Overdrive is nowhere near Lightspeed Rescue, both in quality…and in timeline, OO is like 8 seasons after LR. Also Lightspeed Rescue isn’t godlike at all, it’s carried from mediocrity itself by Carter but he only raises it to average quality.


Shit, was it really 8 seasons between the two? Makes sense, I haven’t followed PR closely since In Space ended, only occasionally catching eps of Lost Galaxy and Lightspeed Rescue when they were on.


Actually I was off. It was NINE.


Tracy Lynn Cruz fans should start tuning in since she just popped up about an episode or 2 ago. Also, I think the upskirt shot on her I remember is the first couple of episodes into In Space…it was a sitting-down shot if I recall.


Chat is just complaining for all turbo episodes lol. #NOTMYALPHA


I’ll be back on the discord around 9 when I get off work. I can’t wait for my 3 day weekend so I can just watch power rangers and chill


Farewell OGs…

…for now.


I’ve never watched any Sentai stuff. Is it worth it?


Yeah, it’s pretty good. People die.


Which series would you suggest?


Start with whatever PR series you like, watch the SEntai variant


A former Power Rangers star is going to prison for murder:


Old School: Jetman (Series directly before Zyu; people die.), Zyuranger (MMPR), Dairanger (MMPR2), Kakuranger (MMPR3), Ohranger (Zeo, my fave.)
Mid School: Timeranger (Time Force), Hurricanger (Ninja Storm), Abaranger (Dino Thunder), Dekaranger (S.P.D)
New School: Gekiranger (Jungle Fury), Shinkenger (Samurai), Go-Busters

Dairanger and Kakuranger are awesome and probably better than their American counterparts by far. Hurricanger, Abaranger, Dekaranger are incredibly better than their US versions. Gekiranger and Shinkenger are absolutely amazing compared to the western series. Timeranger, Ohranger, and of course Zyuranger go pound-for-pound with their Saban shows. Go-Busters is pretty good but will never come to America but is worth a watch. Jetman is funky old-school Gatchaman-esque holy ground; and people die.

To me those are the must see series; the others can go either way imho.

EDIT: Megaranger is good too but it’s one of the rare cases where the US version is all you really need. In Space = GOAT.