The Super Sentai/Power Rangers Thread


Fuckin Turbo’s finally over. God that awful. Its safe to watch again as we head to IN SPACE!


I missed most of Turbo when I was younger and I’m glad I did. Everything about that season was pretty fucking awful.


Had to do some detective work regarding the famous yellow ranger up skirt; yup insta boner :tup:


Hi guys! I’m the new piss break ranger!

Wasn’t Benta the one that stole a banner from a convention ment for a good cause? Going off memory here. I remember hearing about it on rangerboard.






Papa Ecliptor protecting his adoptive daughter.




Yeah, I heard something about that too, wasn’t completely sure about the good cause part though lol


Geeze, I completely forgotten how much the original Magna Defender is such a hard ass.
Yeah, Lost Galaxy definitely deserved the props.


Lost Galaxy is kinda lame compared to In Space tbh


Sadly, I missed the actual moment of the infamous Ashley upskirt yesterday. I was even here and ready to see it but just happened to be looking away at the time, and yes this is one of the reasons I was tuning in for this particular era of the marathon, though* In Space *is generally the best era/season for other reasons. Whatever, I still have that moment recorded anyway. (*it’s the very first episode dealing with Psycho Rangers…she turns towards the camera while wearing the blue/white miniskirt, and yellow panties [or small biking shorts, most likely] are plainly visible…right there in your face. It’s absolutely delicious.)

I think after Lost Galaxy—is Lightspeed Rescue? At least that season has Ms. Fairweather.


I sat through 2 episodes of Ninja Steel. The only redeeming part is the Pink Ranger, completely adorable as a white girl.

How is it that the shows format lasts for so many iterations without the youth being bored?


sheeeeit, I forgot all about Trakeena (Amy Miller) until seeing her again just now…definitely one of the hot villains. In real life she hooked up with Reggie Rolle, who was the Green Ranger at the time.

and on another note-- Karone is wearing the HELL out of this tight leather outfit :sweat:


I just love the fact that even after Karone becomes good - she still wears leather, purely for fanservice purposes. God bless the show creators


Well she had chosen leather even before getting the pure brainwashing. Have to consider that she just likes leather to begin with.


Doesn’t Tracy still owe Johnny Young Bosch money? And this isn’t even a joke.


Don’t know why she would owe him money. He taught her martial arts for the show and inspired her to audition.

Shit though, 20 years later and you still owe someone?


I’ll be back on the discord around 8 tonight when I’m off work.

Where will we be by then? @Saitsu


I have no idea what your timezone is but it’s a guarantee that it’ll be Lightspeed Rescue.


>light speed rescue
>they always arrive in a slow ass train, slowly drive out of said train, and slowly transform