The Super Sentai/Power Rangers Thread


It’s okay, because they have crazy ass Carter.




All these years and you haven’t changed lol …


It’s not until you rewatch as a mature adult, how little you understood about the show as a child.

No 10 year old could have comprehended DA THIRST of Ashley.


I’m watching Dairanger instead of watching the twitch stream.

this shit be weird.


The marathon is too damn good, man… it’s kind of annoying me how this is stealing my attention away from so many other things…like there’s a few Twitch “streamers” I like to check out regularly; I haven’t watched any of them since this marathon started, man…there’s even some shows I normally watch and I’ve put them off until later…because of the PR marathon.

…games too…the only reason I turned on the Xbox 1 today…was to put it on twitch for this PR marathon so I could watch it on my television for a change… no Switch, Vita, PS3 or anything else either… I can’t break away from this… It’s only just now that I started watching something else for a change (Into the Badlands)


ikr… it takes me back to the Justintv days lol. Going forward maybe more shows will be shown to advertise upcoming stuff… maybe samurai jack marathon?


People weren’t ready for Time Force.


Work prevents me from watching the marathon as much as I want to but thankfully the weekend fell right on In Space. The show has aged incredibly well from top to bottom (sadly I overslept and missed the Next Mutation crew crossover. I would have loved to see the chat’s reaction to that). I have the series’ box set as well and could watch that show over and over.





Big flub on Time Force right now…
They went with being politically correct with history.
Katie (black chick yellow ranger) traveling back to colonial period US, and no one’s making a fuss about it, even when she gets into fights. Yeah…


Though admittedly it was a dream, but STILL


This stream opens up so many possibilities; imagine entire episodes of the G.O.A.T Bugs Bunny cartoons or Animaniacs :wow:


2 episodes into dairanger and they alreasy doing sacrifices to satan. sentai is bonkers. lol


@Million any more interesting camera angle shenanigans after Space? For science of course :bee:


I want Twitch to stream JoJo’s or DBZ. The chat reactions to stuff would be fucking bazongas



This season has been great. A real improvement over the last couple.


Time Force is real; we weren’t ready for it back then. Seriously if you enjoy this season please, please, please, watch Timeranger. Naoto/TimeFire (Eric/Quantum Ranger) is BADASS.


Wild Force starts … chat is like : MURDERER !!!

This twitch chat man LOL


I was waiting for this, honestly. :rofl:


Yeah we all expected it. Just wait until Samurai.