The Super Sentai/Power Rangers Thread


I missed the Time Force Finale :sad:

Gonna have to download that shit with the quickness. Easily one of the best Ranger teams by far. S Tier. Vergil was mad hype.


So how would you guys rate the Power Ranger series? From God Tier to Bottom? I haven’t watched anything past Time Force.


S in Space, Time Force, RPM

A Zeo, Dino Thunder, SPD, MMPR Season 2

B MMPR Season 1, MMPR Season 3, Ninja Storm, Lost Galaxy

C Wild Force

D Turbo, Jungle Fury, both Samurais, Megaforce, Mystic Force, Lightspeed Rescue

F Operation Overdrive, Super Megaforce


I’m not mad at it.


That’s the exact same tier list I would make. SO MANY missed opportunities with Super anti pirate Megaforce.


Dino Charge? Ninja Steel?


Haven’t watched either so I can’t tier them yet.


dino thunder and ninja storm are the same tier to me.


Dino (Super) Charge deserves an A. Most of the acting was solid (pay no attention to the Aqua Ranger - terrible ADR up the yin yang…), the story felt cohesive and overall was very watchable for the past two years. Ninja Steel sigh it’s scaring me - it’s a few episodes in and seems rather mediocre. I enjoyed Ninninger much more honestly!


Kyoryuger was pretty cool despite the samba, Ninninger I’m indifferent to since I’ve seen two ninja shows already done better. My daughter on the other hand loves both. Generally I think the dino-themed shows do very well regardless of region since they’ve got frickin’ dinosaurs with lasers.

From the little I’ve seen of Dino Charge I find the character development to be rushed compared to Kyoryuger but they’ve got like 10 rangers to handle so who the hell knows. I think since by comparison the US versions are more rainbow fluff they don’t give enough time to serious development of characters so when we get a PR show with real serious stuff we’re completely blown away but that’s pretty normal in Sentai. Most Sentai shows were/are pretty serious with some wonky Japanese stuff tossed in but the Sentai that are mainly wonky stuff are not that common.

On the marathon front gawd Wild Force is ass. Disney was definitely stretching their legs with this one. Next 3 shows are good, then the next 3 are ass again, then Disney said screw it let’s pull a Zeo with RPM. RPM was so good that Disney was f’ed out of ideas and then we got Samurai, Disney’s Turbo. Which is really shameful because Shinkenger was awesome. I think that Saban/Disney still doesn’t know what to do when a Sentai season is oozing Japanese culture.

EDIT: Proof in motion.

[details=Spoiler]To me overall Sentai is more mature because of scenes like this that show discord among teammates; and not just simple arguing or a difference of opinion but enough where it can come to blows. To me that’s very real and normal and elevates the ability to relate since these things aren’t resolved in one episode but take time. That’s long hard character growth right there. You can see that discord non-existent in the US version because in Disneyland rangers don’t attack each other unless they’re evil which is fantastic to teach the kids morality.

Tommy pushed you because he’s EVIL.[/details]


Kendall/Purple is cute, but I haven’t seen much of it otherwise.


List is still subject to change. I’ve already moved three shows during this marathon alone.


Actually, Disney started to give less fucks about Power Rangers as seasons and episodes went by, to the point that AFTER RPM, their next “season” was a recut and “remastered” version of Mighty Morphin’. With extra CGI mess added and dumb mess reminiscent of Adam West Batman’s flybys being liberally used. They were fully intending on ENDING Power Rangers franchise.

And then Saban got the series back, but was hampered by Nicklelodeon’s mandate of having only a certain fixed amount of episodes per season of a series, hence they’ve been skipping Sentai series just to try to tell the full story of what they started with. Though yeah, Samurai was… meh.


God damn, Time Force is fucking legit. I at the very least enjoyed it as much if not even more than In Space. It has everything - action, comedy, drama, hype, and from what I’ve seen so far - probably some of the best episodes in the entire series. The absurdity of Lucas/Nadira dating and the creativity of the Movie Shooting episodes are two of the highlights of the season for sure. It’s such a disappointment that they didn’t follow up with the planned movie and continuation, but oh well, that ship has sailed a long time ago.

Lost Galaxy is slightly behind the two, partially because it’s a sort of follow up to In Space and they kept with the Sci-Fi setting, though I almost wish they used some of the filler episodes for the galactic/planetary exploration element. The finale was fucking awesome

I think my favourite one so far is Zeo though, simply because it’s MMPR on steroids and still has that 90’s bizareness that MMPR was filled with (it’s also the season where the chat was spamming up ??? in confusion like every other episode, which made it that much funnier), though I do have to admit that the Machine Empire is for the most part a disappointment, and IMO Rita and Zedd were leagues ahead of it

Lightspeed Rescue is kinda average or slightly above. It’s not a bad season, but I hated Dana’s blandness and Joel being such a tryhard when it came to getting in with Miss F
Vypra’s atrocious acting and Carter’s pure badassitude do help it by a large margin. The villains otherwise are meh, and it felt like the rivalry between Diabolico and Impus was a copypaste of Darkonda/Ecliptor rivalry plotline from In Space

Turbo is absolute garbage. The only good things to come out of it were the introduction of Cassie, Ashley and Divatox, and the main theme is one of my favourites among the 10 seasons I’ve watched so far. I listened to the rest the other day and only enjoyed the themes for Samurai and RPM. Everything else is shit

Wild Force is also garbage. Boring story, lame characters, mediocre acting, atrocious CGI. This is why practical effects shouldn’t have been replaced


Cut Wild Force some slack, it was a pretty murderous season.


Taylor got murdered by Eric’s Q-Rex in the crossover.


Well, I went back to that store where I saw the complete season of Time Force on DVD… and of course it’s not there anymore. I did see another 2-disc DVD that I got for cheap-- “Clash of the Red Ranger” and "Super Megaforce Legendary Battle… I really got it for the “Legendary Battle” one, since the description says it’s a team-up with tons of older Rangers (over 100!!!) which include our Lord and Savior Tommy Oliver.

I noticed my local Best Buy also has the complete series of Morphin’… I may get that later. I wasn’t even aware that there was a “complete” dvd set of that…since the normal bullshit for years with this franchise has been them putting maybe 3 or 4 episodes on a dvd like an asshole.


Watching Lost Galaxy again showed a LOT of the flaws I was either willing to ignore, or just didn’t notice the first time around. The Lights of Orion Saga alone was an immense disaster that was nonsensical as fuck for even a Power Rangers season. Really, the season rides HARD on the Premiere, the Teamup/Karone Arc and the Finale. Considering where they land in the season, it’s easy to look back on the season and think it looks better than it is. Truth be told I was tempted to drop Lost Galaxy even further than I did (I initially had it in A Tier before rewatching). And I just might overall.

Lightspeed Rescue is “bad” simply because of one thing. It’s fucking BORING. Yeah, Carter’s a fucking badass but he only gets to show it so often. He benefits a lot more from his appearances away from LR. The only other thing of decency was the small Titanium Ranger arc (and of course, kudos for making an American Only Ranger, that took balls to do). Otherwise it was just a fucking chore to sit through. And it says something that the Demons’ major motivation for half the damn season was being mad that people built over the place they hadn’t used in millenia. Yeah, not out of power or vengeance or anything of the sort. They’re mad because of a fucking palace. Carter doesn’t get to be badass enough in the season to raise it out of the doldrums.


Also to retract on the Power Rangers’ themes - Ninja Storm and Dino Thunder are actually pretty nice. I don’t quite enjoy the vocals on Ninja Storm (prefer the instrumental version tbh), but Dino Thunder’s is HYPE

Also I think Ninja Storm is now my favourite season


SPD took a little bit, but now found its groove.