The Super Sentai/Power Rangers Thread


Agreed. Shits starting to take off finally.



Power Rangers responsible for Mass Effect


Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, and Time Force were all rewatched a few months before this marathon and I have nothing but positive things to say about all three.

Lost Galaxy had a lot of great arcs and Leo is manly as fuck, but it was basically In Space 2, which is not a bad thing given how In Space hype was still fresh at the time but there were times when the shoes were too big to fill. The second half of the show after Mike comes back had a lot of excellent moments and I think it deserves a positive review.

Lightspeed Rescue got a little bit strange when they started talking about wizards and shit towards the final act but I will say that it’s still a lot more entertaining than GoGoV (which I watched for the first time earlier this year and was let down tremendously because it had my favorite OP theme). The story is what it is but the action and choreography is a highlight of the franchise: I love how the Lightspeed Rangers aren’t afraid to fight dirty like playing dead or setting up ambushes.

Time Force had practically everything right going for it. They actually pulled in some quality acting talent and at no point did I feel the show was talking down to me. Time Force was clearly aware that its viewing demographic was skewing older to the teen demographic that stuck with the show after In Space saved the franchise so its plot and themes were meant to reflect that their viewership could understand the shit that went down throughout the season.

Wild Force…the acting was epically bad throughout but after seeing interviews of the other Rangers I’m wondering how much of that was due to the director’s decree on how their characters should talk rather than the actors’ ability to do their job. I thought the actual story was fine and the theme song is Top 5 all-time.

Only fond memories of the Disney saga I have is of SPD. RPM was interesting enough but it still suffered from that awkward Disney aura that all of the series during this time frame have.


So who is going to see the movie tonight?


Debating bringing my Psycho Blue helmet with me when I do but probably won’t. It doesn’t even fit my head lol.

I haven’t hoped I enjoy a movie like this for a LONG time. Reviews from the Toku websites seem really favorable, most of the negative reviews are coming from outlets who have no fucking clue what they’re talking about. The scrub who wrote the Variety review made me roll my eyes so hard: his mom probably banned him from watching PR as a kid due to it being scandalous and he’s salty that he missed out on all that awesomeness while he was still in the target demo.


What did it say?


"Writing for Variety, Owen Gleiberman also criticized the film’s conflicting tones, saying: “…25 years ago, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was launched as superhero fodder for kids, and there was indeed a place for it, but we’re now so awash in superhero culture that kids no longer need the safe, lame, pandering junior-league version of it. They can just watch Ant-Man or the PG-13 Suicide Squad. Safe, lame, and pandering have all grown up.”


I feel sorry for anyone who missed out on Amy Jo Johnson and all her glory.


I think I saw an RT review that said: “It’s hard to take even semi-seriously a pricey romp where the villain is named Rita Repulsa.”

Like really bro?


I think you’re not supposed to take it even Semi-Seriously…


Suicide Squad and “grown up” in the same breath… This must be a parody review, right?


Mystic Force so far:



Saw bits and pieces and was like nope. Sad i missed SPD but from what i saw it was pretty good. Kruger was that Dog Dude that took you down hard.


It’s kinda funny. Turbo certainly wasn’t the greatest season but I still kinda cared about it. I guess partially that’s because of some of the old cast still in the series (namely Kat, Tanya, Rocky and Tommy), but it was still a fun experience due to the bizareness of some of the episodes, like when Justin’s bike turned into Jesus and could drive on water

But Mystic Force? I really don’t care. The setting is nice, I admit, since Rangers are generally set either in modern times or are futuristic, but this was fantasy-themed.
Nothing else interests me about the series. Well, except for the SunBro ranger and occasional upgrades for rangers/zords

Even the waifus this season are all trash (MAYBE Clare)


Ya’ll got a day and a half break until RPM basically. It’s really the only good season left.

Mystic Force makes an enticing concept boring.

Jungle Fury other than RJ (who is concentrated awesome) and an absolutely BRUTAL fight near the end of the season, is relatively forgettable.

Operation Overdrive…no, just no.


He did a rap version as well in 2006. Ron Wasserman goat music composer.


This should’ve been the theme song. Not that low tier trash original theme song.


If I did my math right, we’re around 22 hours away from RPM.


Again going on memory Ron -was- going to do the theme for Mystic Force. But I think he leaked it and disney wasn’t happy so they didn’t use it? Just going off some rangerboard memories here. He did SPD as well.