The Super Sentai/Power Rangers Thread


Not sure if the right place, and without spoilers.

As a Power rangers fan growing up, the reboot movie was good! I really liked it.


Seeing the movie Monday when I finally have a day off. Super stoked


Operation Overdrive looks way better than Mystic Force…


If you haven’t learned to hate it with your soul yet, give it time.


Didn’t realize there was a Power Rangers thread. This past Halloween my fiancee and I went out as the Red and Yellow ranger. Not screen accurate but I think for something done in about two weeks, it came off pretty stellar

I was gonna add the Green Ranger shield, but didn’t have time.

I also saw the movie last night. It was better than I expected. If you liked the show, I’m pretty sure you will walk out of this one pleased. If you didn’t then there isn’t anything here to get you interested.


Unfortunately, Overdrive is still going on the marathon… the one saving grace of this season is the adorable Rhoda Montemayor. (*she actually looks better on this show than in some of the pictures I’ve seen online.)

*it’s funny that the one guy (Blue, I think) got the worst power when they got the unmorphed superpowers… one girl gets invisibility, another gets superhuman speed/reflexes, the black guy got telescopic vision I guess… but Blue got super jumping. Terrible :lol: In Ranger form, people can usually do skyscraper-length super-jumps anyway…it’s quite a basic, default Ranger power…and that’s what he got as his only super power :lol:


The movie didn’t suck. After the abortion that was Turbo almost 20 years ago exactly that I was all I was asking for at this point. The theater applauded when the credits rolled so that’s definitely a good sign.

I would have liked for the actual Ranger fight to be longer with how much they built towards how important the armor was, but I’ll forgive that because it was an origin movie and most of the film was spent building the characters up. I expect to see a lot more Ranger action in the second film.


so im hearing more its pretty ok to good than horrible…good enough for me lol.


Sounds like if you understand the source material, you’ll like it, and if you don’t… Well DC makes movies just for your level of intelligence.


Anything with cars and sentai suck. Might just be my opinion, but Voltron was better with the lions, and Power Rangers needs to stay away from vehicle enthusiast shit. What next, NASCAR Rangers*? Power Rangers Monster Truck Force, trying to capitalize on the Cars and Trucks Pixar movie fans?

*…shit. That one sounds like a good title.


The girl playing Kimberly is half Indian/ halfBritish.

Some of the maisntream reviewers are referring to it as"Breakfast Club" with superpowers and saying Billy is the best character in the film.

Andre of BlackNerdComedy (who is the patron saint of PR) thought it was good.


I’d watch the shit out of Monster Truck Force.


I don’t think it’s the cars issue, it’s just material.
Heck, I don’t see anyone all over the later seasons that were animal-themed (Wild Force and Jungle Fury). Even if Wild Force having such a killer team.

Overdrive had decent concepts, but still came off as… very… eh. Meh. Bleh, even. Felt like it dragged on just as bad as Turbo, though without the extra-silly moments the Turbo rangers were exposed to.
Then that Once A Ranger episode came around and made the entire team bitchmade-tier IN THEIR OWN SERIES.


Anyone get the new mobile game?
It’s a fighting game but with a twist.

Dash left and right… But your attacks are like Clash Royale cards. Really interesting.


Well RPM has what you would expect and one of the best seasons they’ve done so…yeah, that’s irrelevant.


Monster Truck Force would be the fucking shit!

SPD had cars an shit and it was good.


It helped that the Rangers were cops, too.


Ah, the last true S Tier Season begins.


“Moooom! TOYS!!!”


Yo RPM is HYPE. Zords are low tier though…