The Super Sentai/Power Rangers Thread


Blame the Sentai on that one.

But no other PR Season has BEST BROS like this one.


sheeeeit, Power Rangers RPM is on the twitch marathon now… after watching more of it now that I did when it was new… there’s a new #1 for me— Adelaide Kane is THE absolute finest piece of ass in the franchise’s history. I’m not sure I ever figured a formal list or ranking system…or at least not a more up to date one, but for now she’s the Champion… it was still down to her in a very close match with Traci Lynn Cruz though.

Addy has been on CW’s Reign for a few years lately… that show is in the final season right now, so hopefully she appears in another show asap after that…(preferably something NOT set in such an old ass time period, so she’s not wearing 10 layers of clothing :rolleyes: …I feel bad for the voyeurs and pervs of that era since people wore so many damn clothes, but that’s another topic of course.)

*lawd have mercy that little ass when she’s shown walking byyyyy :wow: the girl is SO ridiculous :sweat:


Monster Truck Force should be a thing, get Japan on it. American version can have a sentient Bigfoot and Gravedigger as a Zordon and Zedd role respectively.

Power Rangers Monster Trucks, Monster Truckin’ to the rescue!


Could you imagine the zords in monster truck force? My god


Man, the zords and rangers’ weapons are absolute trash this season…

Everything else though is fucking legit

This is definitely NOT a kids show


Dafuq!? Pewdiepie is the red ranger?


I saw the movie today and it was good. If your a fan of the original Mighty Morphin Rangers it’s great and stay’s true to the core of the series. I wish that the film did more with Zack and Trini as they felt just kinda there most of the time.


Rita getting bitch slapped by the mega zord and sent flying into orbit had me dying.


I also saw the movie today, had a great time. Even non-fans are going to have a great time with the film and will be entertained.


Oh yeah, every time a bitch slap happens, it was a riot. Also Billy, stay true you beautiful autistic bro.


so im watching spd on netflix. but something is def off…like the ratio just doesnt look right at all.


Alright, saw the big-budget movie, here’s a good rundown… may go a bit more in-depth, so some DEFINITE spoilers behind the mess of them:

[details=Spoiler][details=Spoiler][details=Spoiler]I’M WARNING YOU!!![details=Spoiler][details=Spoiler]Movie started with pretty good ancient earth history backstory and getting good look at fleshy Zordon before he initially bites the bucket… after big-ass suicide explosion attack that also knocks out Rita (which makes it obvious from Zordon and her talking that she killed the previous Rangers)

Cue present time with everything else that happens.

…So yeah, after backstory, and some typical dumb highschooler stuff, things start off with a bit of world building of Jason, Kimberly and Billy. Zack and Trini don’t enter the picture until later, and that’s one critique that I agree with Hawkbird about (though it seems later scenes in the movie, including one core character-building one) attempts to make-up for that, so it sorta balances a bit.

But anyways, things do go rather FAST. Not like right in the THICK of it like the first episode of MMPR was, but in movie-time for superhero buildup (with a TEAM), things did go quickly…then stall for a moment due to the kids needing to train and actually KNOW how to fight.
Race-switching of Billy and Zack is a non-issue, unless you’re a dumb stickler for that sort of thing. Some of the traits from the previous MMPR crew are still there, though toned down to teenage levels along with a LOT more angst (to the point that ZORDON… who when got killed, Alpha merged his essence into the SHIP that they found, actively bitched at the kids like an old man.)

Goddamn Rita was psychotic, trying to steal as much gold as possible when she woke up from the depths (thank you fishing boat) so she could make a gold golem called GOLDAR. Yeah, Goldar’s a golem, as some would already know. And the putties are smaller, BULKIER rock golems (but still fall apart when smashed around enough). Her motivation for being a bitch still? Trying to go after the Zeo crystals (yep, ripping things from previous series!) which this time seem tied with either keeping the planet intact or if she got the Crystal she’d power herself up and kill teh fuck outta everyone… eh, movie needed better explanation IMO of that, but her getting more power is bad, as Zordon keeps stressing). And yeah, if the beginning wasn’t enough, here it stresses that yes, she WAS part of the team as a Ranger (obviously Green, though never outright said, though one does get a glimpse at her Green powercoin at the beginning as well).

There were a number of smaller things and shout-outs of both the shows AND the Sentai series.

The fights on the ground were actually brief AFTER the kids get their act together and actually morph (unfortunately no fancy posing and shouting out name of animal zord they’re to control). Funny thing Alpha (who does indeed eventually say his catch-phrase from the series), use the possibility of being able to control said Zords as a carrot to get the kids to train and hurry up and Morph into their armor. Except Zack gets impatient, tries to take off in the Mastadon which has him rampaging around before returning to the others, and leading to Zordon going old-man “GET OFF MUH LAWN” mode at everyone.

Hell, they even start the action in high gear at a ROCK QUARRY (that seemed to have been used to find gold… uh oh). Yeah, that means Goldar gets made here (along with Rita uttering THIS famous lone “MAKE MY MONSTER GROW!!”).

Ground action against putties is actually brief, compared to when they get in the Dino Zords and race to Angel Grove (here imagined as a semi-sleepy costal fishing town) to get rid of the mooks and Rita and Goldar. Yay, the Zords this time come armed with MORE weaponry than the MMPR/Sentai series (seems the Pink Ranger’s Pterodactyl Jet does the most shooting/damage). They of course save the Megazord at the near end to pop up (which IMO they didn’t really build up TOO well. Was made obvious, but at same time they didn’t show any of the fancy how-the-hell-they-slapped-theirselves-together animation… probably would have costed more money). Soon as Megazord is gotten together (NOPE, the Rangers are not in the same cockpit this time, everyone’s near a separate limb they’re controlling), it’s pretty much Pacific Rim from there on out.

All in all, was an enjoyable pop-corn flick. And if familiar with anything Power Rangers, you’ll enjoy it a lot more. And of course, there is one big cameo near the end. Wait, two (Austin St. John and Amy Jo Johnson, OG Red and Pink, respectively). And after the animated credits, there’s a teaser that of course, outright states that there’s a Tommy Oliver around (no one’s shown, however).[/details][/details][/details][/details][/details]

And that’s that. So go ahead and check it out.


Yellow ranger has an Adams apple in that pic. Explain yourself




sheeeeit, I found another one… Walmart had a “Complete Series” of SPD, so naturally I snatched that up immediately…it was about 15 bucks. They also have Ninja Storm… I thought about that for a minute, but decided against it. Even though I enjoyed that season as well… I’m not so sure it’s something that’s a MUST-have for me…

It’s a good thing this movie exists and has boosted the popularity of the franchise again… I seriously doubt we’d see these “complete series” DVDs in stores lately if the movie wasn’t out there making Power Rangers a real household name again… even though it continues with seasons on Nickelodeon, the new ones aren’t as hot as when things started in the early '90s.

The other must-haves that I will pick up immediately whenever I see them are In Space and Time Force. Yeah, I still prefer buying things in person at a store… so I’d only resort to ordering online if I never see those in-store again.

Currently on the marathon – Megaforce. The hotness on that season is Pink Ranger Emma… Christina Masterson

Ohhhhh and if I recall—as of recently Ms. Masterson has some naked pictures out there, folks. :clap:


This movie sounds awesome (haven’t seen it yet), but I hope the following doesn’t cause it to face a 90’s tmnt movie-style slide into shit: there are 5 sequels scheduled.


5 sequels?!? It won’t make it past 3.

Of course, I said this about Transformers, and dumb motherfuckers have helped them get to 5, with three more planned… SMH.



Power Rangers movie is getting a $40 million opening weekend. Not bad considering it had to contend with the juggernaut that is Beauty and the Beast.


I saw it… and holy shit the new Kim is one of the most ridiculously gorgeous girls I’ve ever seen… goddamn it was just stupid levels of hotness whenever she was on screen. Yellow Ranger was a good one too, though I guess they’ve made the character “Trini” a lesbo.



When you see a megazord german suplex a giant monster in a city…it’s just one of those special moments in life, man…

yes yes the shit was AWESOME. My only regret is that I didn’t see it in a crowded theater…there’s some movies where audience reaction is part of the overall experience, and I’d say this is one of them.
*Sidenote-- Elizabeth Banks somehow STILL manages to look hot, even as Rita. Yeah I’d pounce…even while she’s dressed up as that character.

Currently on the Twitch marathon-- we’re still on regular Megaforce, featuring Christina Masterson.

*a clip on Twitch just now-- some british dude yelling “GIVE HIM THE CHEEEEEESE!” while giant rats were running… ok this killed me just now :lol:


Please tell that even if they don’t spend much time in the suits, they at least have fight scenes…


Just wait until the Rangers start picking up weapons Final Fight style in lieu of morphing