The Super Sentai/Power Rangers Thread


Super Megaforce is on the marathon now… all these Style Changes… I’m loving it. This is just the first episode or 2 and they’ve already changed into Ninja Storm, SPD, and Mystic Force Ranger forms…and at one point they all became different Red Rangers… like it was Forever Red Part 2. :wow: Hell yeah I’m on board with this one.

haha in SPD Mode, they didn’t even judge that one monster…they just went straight for the kill.

*annnnd Lovely Emma continues to wear those little pink shortssss :sweat:


Wait, wtf?? In SMF they can use the PREVIOUS series’ costumes and weapons?? What the hell…this some MUGEN shit right here. It sounds broken in all the good ways. Now to start downloading episodes, I guess…


Watch Gokaiger instead.

It’s better in every respect. It was the 35th anniversary series, and the Sixth Ranger is a fanboy both in character and IRL.

His dream as a kid was to be Kibaranger, and he got to live it out.


Even the cast shits on their own season of SMF. There were only 10 cameos because they completely lowballed basically every person they asked to come out, they had to condense what was a 50+ episode season down into 20…it was just all time terrible and 99% of it is due to the absolute shit production that went on. Nick being most of the blame.


Yeah, Troy in particular said he was told to act the way he did.

Also I blame Jason Smith (JF Red/Casey), since he wrote like 4-5 episodes.


Holy shit YES. THE most OP shit ever was going on just now. Silver Super Megaforce Ranger… first he merged 2 with RPM Gold/Silver… THEN this dude gets to a point where he has ALL the 6th Ranger Powers ***active at the same time. *** Goddamn. :wow:


GokaiSilver is so godlike he made three Rangers COME BACK FROM THE DEAD to give him his powers in the first place.


Becky G was a qt Yellow ranger.


Lol, I didn’t even realize that all three of the main “dead sixth Rangers” were all dinosaur-themed until that ep.


I dunno why people are finding her hot. Yeah her face is kinda cute, but she looks like a K-pop star, and bitch is flat as a drawing board anyway. The series as a whole has much better waifus

She looks like a discount Selena Gomez. Also her frontal teeth are fucked up


Yep, his Zord is also an homage to all three (Dragon ranger/Tommy, TimeFire/Eric, AbareKiller/Trent)

He summons it from the future like Q-Rex, it has a dino mode like DragonZord, and a Megazord mode that resembles the main Dino Thunder Megazord.


Starting now: Dino Charge.


That legendary battle was truly shit tier.


LOL, the turtle neck that was used was a little loose, so it dropped from under the helmet which took out the neck seal.


Dino Charge is looking OK - could be a lot worse.


I knew the mid-credits scene was going to be Tommy or Zedd. I really wanted it to be Zedd though.


Haven’t read this thread , just saw the movie.

I don’t care what anyone says or the critics, this movie was lit. 5/5

My favorite super hero movie Since the dark knight .


why do neo saban morphin sequences are ass


I’ll give Dino Charge a low “B”.

The action is fine, the characters are fine, but the acting and writing is barely above the rest of Neo Saban for about half of the cast (Tyler and Chase in particular). Shelby’s performance is great. They’re trying to keep some of the goofiness of Kyoryuger which sometimes works, but the editing and performances get in the way.

Ivan’s suit changing from gold to yellow is worse than Tommy’s Green days.

Calling attacks and full role calls like the Sentai doesn’t work in English, but I can push past that.

Koda, Kendall and Ivan are keeping this in “B” for me, else I’d go C.


It looks like Netflix has all or nearly all of the PR seasons up at this point. They have Morphin, Zeo, Turbo, In Space, Lost Galaxy, Time Force and so on…right on up to Super Dino Charge. I’m enjoying what I see of Dino Charge so far. In terms of the eye-candy, Kendall is serious business, and I like Shelby too…she has incredible DSLs.

I also went back to THAT In Space episode where the Ashley upskirt happens— it is “Rangers Gone Psycho”, the first appearance of the Psycho Rangers; the scene where they are sitting down to eat in that local diner place…the group notices a sound that is similar to their morphers or whatever, but it’s the little girl seated next to them; Ashley turns and speaks to her after sitting back down…that’s when it happens…it is a glorious shot right up those legs to some yellow panties (or most likely; really small yellow biking shorts) :wow: :tup: